Bound on the gurney for some ass strapping

Meanwhile at, a prisoner is face down and struggling to writhe under the control of the tight bondage belts. He tries to squirm away from the cold sting of Sir’s reaver as it traces his body. He lets out stifled moan after moan, his voice dampened by the bondage tape secured around his head. Sir takes a welting ball off the wall, a promise for a future deep and penetrating sting, and a leather strap, which slaps the captive’s ass without mercy.

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Cruising for Sex with Ethan


A sexy stud ends up being manhandled, bound, suspended and gang fucked, when he goes to a public restroom to service the horny men cruising there.

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Big dicked stud Phenix Saint drags sexy Ethan Hunter to a grungy public restroom for a few hours of sucking cock. But Ethan gets more than he bargained for when the group of sex starved bathroom cruisers rip his clothes off, grope and manhandle him, and make him take turns sucking their cocks.

Ethan endures some heavy flogging, a painful double zipper and is made to lick the men’s boots clean. After sucking some huge cocks through the glory holes, Ethan is bound, gagged, and suspended inside one of the stalls where the horny men take turns fucking him.

Completely spent, he ends up on the filthy bathroom floor where he takes load after load of hot cum.



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I love these guys

Check out Daddy Tony and Mikey


When I was in San Francisco a few years back, I had the pleasure of meeting Daddy Tony and his boy, Mikey. They are both into serious bondage — and they are EXTREMELY perverted, so we had lots to talk about.

Check out some of the action these guys got into a while back involving a flight suit, a gas mask, industrial rubber gloves, duct tape and the infamous BONDAGE CHAIR at Serious Male Bondage:

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Daddy Tony and Mikey are now living in Seattle, and you can find them over at the No Safe Word site and podcast.