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Video: Corey’s Tickle Fantasy

He secretly fantasized about being restrained and tickled until he couldn’t take it anymore. Ever since the hot guy across the street, the one he had a crush on, moved away, nobody tickled him. Then he met Chip ,and his fantasy came true. Corey is 6-foot- 2, 24 years old and straight. Pretty kinky for a young, straight dude!


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Title of this video: Corey’s Tickle Fantasy

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Male tickle torture: Not the feet!

Meanwhile at My Friends Feet, Joey is one of the most ticklish guys on earth – and he just happens to be one of the hottest muscle daddies too. Casey Cooper is an excellent tickler, and he drives Joey practically insane with his merciless strokes. He does an especially good job of making Joey plead, “Not the feet!” before utterly destroying the bruiser with feathers and fingers on Joey’s big soles and sensitive armpits.

Casey Cooper is an excellent tickler

See the video at My Friends Feet

Title of this video: Joey Tickled By Casey

Models in this video: Joey J and Casey Cooper

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Male bondage: Adam Herst captures Dakota Wolfe at Bound Gods


Bound by belts and blindfolded in a dark workshop, Dakota Wolfe can only whimper as Adam Herst finishes polishing his favorite riding crop. Adam gropes and torments the prisoner, using his handyman creativity and tools to rearrange ever more intense positions for his plaything. He sets Dakota in an inverted suspension and then doles out a vicious flogging. The stud gets placed in a stockade bed, his ass caned and mouth gaped with a spyder gag. Adam feeds Dakota his cock before pounding his ass into the night. Dakota blows his load first, while fucked on his back, legs tied to the bedposts behind his head as the crop whales down on his thighs. Grateful for his treatment, he readily accepts Adam’s hot cum and swallows it all.

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Models in this shoot: Adam Herst, Dakota Wolfe

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Locked in stocks

Getting the captive into the stocks, the Master uses a variety of toys to get the prisoner’s back nice and warm. Noticing the prisoner’s mouth is at a convenient height, he makes use of his mouth by throat fucking him as he whips the captive’s back.

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Video available at BoundMuscleJocks.com

Title of this shoot: Chained for His Pleasure, Part 4

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Boung Muscle Jocks

Coach Killian gets tickled

JB Iceman found out that his track coach Killian Knox has been testing out a new unauthorized tickle-training technique on him. Not only that, but JB learns that Killian has never even gone through the tickle training himself! Having been through this tortuous tickling training himself, JB knows how it’s done. He puts Killian in the stocks and tickles his muscular coach on his armpits, sides, thighs and ticklish feet. Killian is gasping for air through his laughter by the time it’s finished, but at least he has some credibility now.

JB Iceman found out that his track coach Killian Knox has been testing out a new unauthorized tickle-training technique on him

See the VIDEO at My Friends Feet

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