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Axel submits to a bondage contest

Young stud Axel Johnson really wants to be the top-dog in the dungeon. He wants to torture and fuck prisoners who are bound and helpless, totally at his disposal. Just the thought of it makes him hard. But first he has to prove he can take it as well as he can dish it out. As a matter of fact, he has to win a contest: He must show he can endure more pain while also being be a more aggressive, more cruel top who cums harder and more often than the much younger Joseph Mathews. Axel is bolted, naked, in the pillory. Jospeh gut-punches and whips him. Who is the better man? We will soon find out.

See the video at Dream Boy Bondage

See the video at Dream Boy Bondage

Title of this video: AXEL – The Contest I – Chapter 1

Dream Boy Bondage video

JD works his slave’s ass before fucking him hard

Alexander Ray has been jerked off, covered with cum and had a steel dildo rammed up his ass, but nothing prepared him for this. He is bent over, his head and wrists locked in a pillory, his legs spread wide, exposing his asshole. His new master, JD Pheonix, naked but for shoes and a harness, his huge cock hardening, gazes with lust at the helpless captive then beats his round ass with a leather paddle as he screams in agony. With his slave now warmed up, JD shoves his rock-hard cock deep into the prisoner’s tight ass then pounds him like a jack-hammer. Alexander moans and begs for mercy as he is brutally fucked until JD finally pulls out and cums all over his back, marking him as a slave who will be fucked like this every day for the rest of his life.

Dream Boy Bondage JD

See the VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

Title of this video:

ALEXANDER RAY – Boy Toy Torment – Chapter 4

JD Pheonix Dream Boy Bondage

Screaming at the top of his lungs, Leon Fox pushes through three ordeals

Here’ a look back at one of the hottest shoots from 30 Minutes of Torment:


The Wall – Chained to the wall, Leon Fox begins his first challenge as he’s warmed up with punches to his torso. Van viciously flogs the bound stud till he screams at the top of his lungs. – The Pit – After enduring his first challenge, Leon stands in the pit as he’s beaten with the crop and his chest covered with clothespins. Weights are added to Leon’s balls as the clothespins are ripped from his flesh, moving him on to his final challenge. – The Gimp Room – Locked in the stockade, Leon’s bare ass is beaten with the crop before Van let’s loose the gimp. Leon endures a ferocious fuck while tormented with electricity until he finally blows his load and receives the gimp’s cum all over his face.

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Jonah’s First Tickling

Jonah is a cute Southern boy with size 11 feet, a sweet smile and an adorable accent. He’s bi and had never done any foot fetish exploration before, but he is completely open and curious about it. He knew he was ticklish, but it had been a long time since anyone “touched him that way.” Watch what happens to him when he gets restrained:

See the video at My Friends Feet


See the video at My Friends Feet

Title of this video: Jonah’s First Tickling

male bondage tickling

A go-go boy gets tied up and passed around


In this video from Bound In Public, a bar full of horny patrons gather round to have their fun with the go-go boy Isaac Hardy, locked in the stockade. They take turns playing with his cock till it’s rock hard. They bring him to his knees to put his mouth to good use. Isaac sucks off the crowd till he gets a load of cum all over his face. After a flogging, Isaac is pushed to the ground as the guys fuck him from both ends. The crowd takes turns blowing their loads all over his face as he’s left bound, dripping in cum. The title of this video is “Ripped go-go boy beaten, fucked and covered in cum”

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Turnabout is fair play when it comes to tickling!

Nathan helped tickle Aiden and now he has to be in the chair to have his ticklish 13s tickled as revenge. Aiden turns out to be a very good tickler and he really has a blast working Nathan over from his super-ticklish soles to his ticklish armpits. Nathan found out the hard way that payback can be tickling hell!

Nathan helped tickle Aiden

See the video at My Friends Feet

Title of this video: Nathan’s Tickling Payback!

Models in this video: Aiden Hart and Nathan Justice

Nathan's Tickling Payback