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Two twinks, a wooden bondage vice — and a watermelon!

Here are a few scenes from ‘Perverted Summer House’ at MyDirtiestFantasy.com:

the captive definitely has no escape

Peter, enjoying the sun, is about to be molested by Ron, who has some kinky ideas in mind for this fine summer’s morning! After locking his hands and cock together in a wooden vice, he throws the key into the pool, so the captive definitely has no escape! Having that in mind, Ron now has his plan in motion! With a few whips on the prisoner’s body, he’s quick to get sucking and playing with his cock, with a few whips every now and then Peter is soon moaning in pleasure! Ron isn’t going to be too hard with the prisoner, he removed the restraint and now gives him a slight wrap before getting the watermelon, after a few thrusts and the captive about to cum, comes a food-fetish video!

Video here

male bdsm

Slave with a giant cock submits to Connor Maguire

Check out Connor Maguire and Mike de Marko at Bound Gods:


Connor Maguire orders Mike De Marko to his knees as he removes his clothes. With a boot on his back, Connor inspects Mike, slapping his ass red before stringing his hands up to the ceiling. Mike endures a flogging as Connor pulls on his cock as he viciously whips him. His arms locked in the stockade, Mike’s ass is wide open for Mr Maguire’s pleasure. He rams his cock down his sub’s throat before beating Mike’s ass with the paddle. Once it’s nice and red Mr Maguire fucks his ass before having him suspended on the dungeon bed. Connor plays with his and Mike’s cock as the bound stud dangles above him. He flogs Mike’s ass before climbing on the bed and railing his sub’s ass once more. Connor milks a load out of his cock before having Mike sucks every drop off.

Here are more pictures:

34010_0 34010_1 34010_9

Free video preview here.

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Connor Maguire orders Mike De Marko

Tickle torture video: Diesel In Stocks

Meanwhile at Tickled Hard, Diesel immediately erupts in crazy laughter as Franco begins tickling his size 11 feet. Franco tickles Diesel between his toes, first with his spit-moistened finger, then with lots of lube. Diesel thrashes around so much, it looks like he might break the table! But it’s not just Diesel’s feet that are super-ticklish. He squeals and bounces around madly when Franco moves up to his armpits and tickles his bellybutton. Franco tickles Diesel’s knees and thighs before returning to his big, pretty feet. Franco tickles him roughly with his fingers, then the rubber soap saver and sonic toothbrush. It all leaves Diesel breathless and dripping with sweat. To reward him, Franco releases one of Diesel’s hands so they can jack off together. Franco shoots his big load first, and Diesel follows shortly after. Then, for good measure, Franco re-cuffs him and goes in for one last tickle of his feet.

Here is a free clip:


The complete video is available here

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severe tickle torture

Video: Bondage sex in the bareback barracks

Captive Zak Bishop struggles against the cuffs and rope that ties him up in a standing position. He’s clad in black leather harness, dog collar and lace-up jockstrap. Dominic Pacifico enters to ask if he’s ready to be a good slave and chews on his tender nipples, slaps his smooth pink body from chest to thighs. Dominic clamps on a pair of screw-tightened tit clamps and roughly yanks them off. While he stares hungrily at Zak’s pale pink ass, Dominic unzips his jeans to let his dick pop out free. He jams his fingers into Zak’s pretty hair-lined hole, spanks him with a leather gloved hand till the prisoner’s butt is rosy pink.

Bondage sex in the bareback barracks

Dominic thwacks his captive with a stinging cat o’nine tails, kissing him between smacks to show who’s boss. Zak sticks his ass out for Daddy Dominic on cue, but still gets the sharp crack of the whip. Pulled down and free from his standing position, Zak is locked hands and head into a pillory, where he sucks “Daddy’s fat cock” for mercy. Nearly gagging, he tries valiantly to swallow the hard uncut meat. The cock-hungry captive drools a thick string of saliva, then licks Dominic’s big heavy nuts.

Zak Bishop male bdsm

Immobilized in the pillory, Zak sighs with relief and gratitude as Dominic gnaws on his hungry hole and coats it with thick saliva. Daddy stands with knees bent just a little as he rams Zak’s hole. Raw bareback cock slides in deep and Zak revels in each hard stroke. Eager to test his limits, Dominic gets out a giant toy and punches it into Zak’s ass, demanding that he thank Daddy for the anal invasion. Hole stuffed and stretched to the max, Zak’s entreaties finally get through to Dominic, who sets him free and plows into his loose slick ass.

Zak Bishop gets fucked

Zak’s body bounces and recoils from each hard smack of Daddy’s cock and balls. He begs for more “just like that” and begins stroking to the edge. Zak can’t hold back, splatters cum over the wooden box below. Dominic slams in roughly and pumps his seed into the quivering ass. Zak squeezes the load out of his throbbing open hole for Dominic to lick it up.

Here is a free video preview:


Title of this shoot: BAREBACK BARRACKS

See the whole thing at dominicpacifico.com

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