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Tons of tickling fun

It turns out new arrival Ryan knows a thing or two about taking control and giving a tickle master like Matt a very interesting time. With the big guy strapped into the chair and his feet in the stocks, hairy Ryan gets to work, and he has Matt writhing around and giggling like crazy in just moments! He’s soon using all those special tools to drive Matt crazy, including electric toothbrushes on his pits, feet and cock bulge!

VIDEO at Ticklish Chubs


VIDEO at Ticklish Chubs

Scene Title: Ryan & Matt

Scene Short Description: Ryan Goes Crazy With Matt!

VIDEO at Ticklish Chubs

Tickle training with the coach

Ever since his coach gave JB a tickle training session, the muscular athlete has been using the technique to train his guys. Today Drake is in the tickling chair and is going to get worked over by Coach JB. Drake is a great candidate for this method of training because JB knows he’s ticklish all over. Drake’s laughing and squirming from JB’s touches get his heart rate up for the entirety of the session. Another successful tickle training session!

Tickle training with the coach


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Scene Title: Drake

Scene Short Description: JB Tickles Drake

Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich

Tickle training with the coach

Scott Ambrose and Sebastian Keys switch things up


To see this video from Bound Gods, click any of the pictures shown here:

scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_01 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_02 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_03 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_04 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_05 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_06

This video from Bound Gods is called “Mister Keys Meets his Match with new Switch, Scott Ambrose.

Scott Ambrose is a mountain of muscle, and a total switch, looking to get in touch with his kinky side. So he seeks out the BDSM master Sebastian Keys. Sebastian takes him back to his dungeon and introduces Scott to the flogger before giving the muscled hunk a turn. After a ruthless flogging, Scott is locked in the stockade, his huge muscles beaten down before a row of clothespins cover his chest. Sebastian ties his balls up and adds a bucket of weights to give him a good stretch. Scott’s screams fill the dungeon as Sebastian beats him down with the crop. Scott then gets a taste of electricity with a butt plug shoved up his ass before taking all of Sebastian’s hard cock. The two switch things up as Scott fucks Sebastian in the stockade before showering him with cum.

scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_07 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_08 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_09 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_10

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Models: Scott Ambrose, Sebastian Keys

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scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_11 scott_ambrose_and_sebastian_keys_gay_bondage_ad

Bondage R&D

Experimentation never seems to stop at Serious Male Bondage. There always seems to be gear — and willing test subjects — at their disposal. In a video titled “Vertical Stocks Test,” rubber guy Rank is locked into rigid stocks. Dalton uses black leather straps to further enhance Rank’s helplessness, although the rigidity of the stocks is more than enough to keep Rank in place.

rubber guy Rank is locked into rigid stocks

See the VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title: Bondage R&D

male bondage video rubber guy Rank is locked into rigid stocks

Ex-con locks co-worker in metal wrist and ankle stocks

Cody Winters is curious about prison, and he’s about to get a first-hand experience. This is a male bondage porn shoot from the men of Bound Gods.

Click any of the pictures to go directly to the video:


Here’s a description of this update from Bound Gods:

Getting a job is hard enough as an ex-convict, but luckily Ruckus was able to land a gig working in the wood shop. When his co-worker Cody keeps harassing him with questions, Ruckus decides to show him just what being a prison bitch is all about. Cody is shoved to the floor with a boot on his back as Ruckus beats his ass red. Painful clamps are placed all over Cody’s chest and on his tongue to shut him up. Heavy tools are tied to his balls as Ruckus orders him to crawl over for some deepthroating. The tatted up convict lashes out with an intense flogging before locking his bitch up in a wrist and ankle stock. Cody’s pale ass turns nice and red after enduring a caning before having his ass violated by his new master. Ruckus finally blasts a load in Cody’s mouth and has him taste every drop off his raging hard cock.

ruckus_and_cody_winter_02 ruckus_and_cody_winter_03 ruckus_and_cody_winter_04 ruckus_and_cody_winter_05 ruckus_and_cody_winter_06 ruckus_and_cody_winter_07

Title of this shoot: “Convict Series – ‘In Prison, You’d Be My Bitch!’”

Models in this shoot: Ruckus and Cody Winter

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