A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 02

By R8080

The farmhouse was nestled at the end of a very long road. A collection of outbuildings surrounded the main building, a large two storey stone building. Perimeter lights kicked on as they approached, the heavy duty flood lights illuminating everything around the inner courtyard.

They pulled up alongside a tractor, the yellow and green shining brightly in the artificial sunlight, and Alex lost sight of the driver as he got out of the car. A few minutes later he returned, opening the passenger door and looking at Alex’s motionless form. Finally he ungagged Alex, letting the rubber wedge escape Alex’s lips with a wet plop.

“Have you learnt your lesson boy?”

“Yes sir,” Alex said.

“And if I let you out, will you do what I say?”

“Yes sir.”

The driver released the strap from around Alex’s chest and the seat, but left his hands secured in the two loops. As he helped Alex out of the car, Alex had his first proper look at the farmyard. The gate to the road looked sturdy and even from here Alex could make out the heavy padlock. But the fence to the side was low, Alex reckoned he could vault it and escape through the fields. How far was it back to the road, a mile? Maybe two?

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Drake Jaden is super ticklish all over his sexy body

Drake Jaden gets tied up, jerked off and tickled at My Friends Feet


Drake Jaden is super ticklish all over his sexy body. After being captured in his business clothes, he gets tickled non-stop until he is ready to go crazy. After being driven to hysterics he even ended up being stripped naked and jerked off until he shot a thick load of cum. It would appear as though Drake loved being bound and tickled after all!

Drake_Jaden_tickled_02 Drake_Jaden_tickled_03


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A Rubberboi on the Farm – Chapter 01

By R8080

“You lost kid?”

The car pulled up alongside Alex, a big 4×4 with the dirt marks to show it was used by a local and not some rich mother dropping her kids off at school.

Alex leant on the frame of his broken road bike and tried to make out the drivers face in the shadow of the car. Alex had taken the Friday off work and spent most of the day out on his bike so he could recover the rest of the weekend.

“Broke some spokes and my battery’s dead,” Alex said.

“Where you going?”

“Kings Forest.”

The driver whistled.

“That’s a long way to push a bike,” he finally said. “Hop in. I’ll take care of you.”

Alex began to protest but realised it would be gone midnight before he made it back. A double century, what an achievement he thought it’d be, cycling two hundred miles in a day only to get wrap a wheel around a fallen branch the far side of the turnpike.

“Come on boy,” the driver said impatiently. “Put your bike in the boot.”

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Picture and letter from a Prison Library reader

fnor from Recon sent me this picture and a short note.



Hi Metal,

Stories I have wanked to and ejaculated without permission:

  • Edge Device
  • Cop and Dom
  • The Motivator
  • Chastity Game
  • Tied Up and Edged in a Hotel
  • The Yogis
  • Crime and Pubishment

This is just the start of the list.


Thanks, fnor, for the picture and list! Good to see you are in chastity as you explore further.

Always remember, guys, that it is highly recommended that you be locked in something, like handcuffs or leg irons or a chastity cage, like fnor is demonstrating, while reading stories in the Prison Library — or have someone else locked in. Further information on this guideline can be found here.

I am curios to know from other Prison Library readers: Which stories are your favorites, and why? Full alphabetical list of stories here.