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Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 21

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 21: How Not to Get Rejected

So where was I goin with this?  I got hard again and the story sorta got away from me.  OK, nothing unusual!  I was just saying that I didn’t dare to tell him how I felt, because—here’s the R word coming up—I didn’t want to be Rejected.  It would be really bad to get rejected when you’re, like, permanently locked in a stall with the dude that’s rejecting you!  I mean, locked in with him every day and every night!  Of course, that was good in another way, real good . . . .  But you see how I felt.

Toby did tell me enough about his life so I knew he’d been some big rich guy and he “got in trouble—sort of an accident,” and was sentenced to life in the SLP, and he hated it for a while, because they made him work in some cheap hotel downtown, and that wasn’t great, but then Mr. Sharma bought him, “and after that everything was squared away.”

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Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 20

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 20: Stallion A, Meet Stallion B

The slap in front of me was what I’d call an old guy.  Forty years old, maybe–but he looked older and younger at the same time.  His face was sort of weathered and there were scars on it, like his tools had hit him a few times—not too bad though.  Actually good, if you know what I mean.  But what I mean about young . . . .  He wasn’t one of those slaps that always manages to get issued issued a suit of browns that are a little too small for its Giant Bulging Muscles.  His browns were sorta loose and baggy, but you could tell from the way they fell off his pecs and his arms and his thighs that he definitely had things under control in the physical department.  So that was interesting!  But what was really young about him was just the way he was standing in the stall, leaning one arm on the upper rack, like he was saying, OK, whatever, I’m here, so what?

So what can I say?  He was fuckin made for that stall, and that fuckin stall was made for him.  Question was, how well was I gonna fit in?

“OK,” he said, “I’ll show you how it goes in here.”

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Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 19

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 19: We Have Lots of Room for Storage

You may be wondering what I thought of that conversation.  I was wondering what I thought, myself.  I knew I wasn’t, like “hurt” or “humiliated,” which is probably what I was supposed to be.   I did know I was happy to get to see the Owner, no matter what he said.  After all, he was the Owner.  I was wearing his clothes on my back and the name he gave me on my chest.  He paid 90 thousand dollars for me!  And he gave me exactly the kind of job I wanted.  I was gonna be a grunt.  I was gonna be doing mindless labor!  No problems!  No worries!  And it was gonna be for the rest of my life!  “What I buy, I keep.”

I guess there are two types of people.  One type, if they hear somebody talking about them, and it isn’t all perfect and wonderful, they’re unhappy.  They’re upset.  They try to figure how to forget it or get rid of it or get an apology for it.   The other type, they’re interested in what they heard.  They feel good that somebody’s actually talking about them.

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Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 18

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 18: Where Nice Guys Finish Up

When you’re standing in a slapholder, everybody on the street can see you, which I guess is supposed to be very shameful and humiliating.  A lot of people looked at me and laughed, but I didn’t mind that much.  In fact, I thought I was lookin pretty good in my new browns.  Also, you can see stuff when you’re hangin in one of those things, which was great because I’d seen practically nothing of the city before, and lots of it was really beautiful, especially the part we were going to, which turned out to be an ultra-rich part of town.  It was like one palace after another.

When we slowed down, I saw one that had “Alcazar” on the gate, but we were just slappies so we didn’t go in there.  We had to go down and around to the back.  Then they let me off the truck and hustled me into this big ugly brick building that you could tell was just for the servants, and right away I was standing in front of a boss slap with NAT on his shirt.  “My Name is Nat, How May I Serve You?”  But he was actually wearing long sleeves, and pants rather than shorts!  All brown, of course, but I was beginning to get the impression that this was a place that was tryin to be, like, over the top when it came to luxury items.

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Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 17

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 17: Reclaiming Errant Youth

So that helped a lot, and I got back to enjoying all the exercise and being chained up and getting to sleep every night in a place that was NOT like a resort at all and trying to do everything right so I wouldn’t get punished.  I marched past the pillory every day, and I did NOT want to go in there!  Although I did think it was fun to see the other dudes gettin it—especially seein them squirmin around when the beam came down on them, like maybe they could squirm enough to get out of the thing!  It was just funny, that’s all.

But finally I got it.  It was for stealing one of those sporks that they give you to eat with.  I didn’t need it; I just wanted to steal something, and I did.  But I guess the real thing was that the boss thought I was gettin cocky, cuz everything I did seemed to be right.  So he was watchin me and as soon as I got back to the barracks that day he grabbed me by the ear and made me take the spork out of my undies and he told me I was gettin the pillory tomorrow.  Only what he did, he put me into it right before chow that morning, and he let me out right afterwards, “so you woan miss you day on thee chain, boy.”  But actually I think it was because he liked me.  Like I think I said, they all sorta liked me.  That’s why they were all yellin at me and cursin at me when he put me in, and sayin stuff like, “That teach you not to fuck you momma” and “Hey boss, he still gotta spork in his pants!” and “Never mind—that too small to be a spork!”  Because I had this raging hardon.   So they had fun. Yeah, I guess I had fun too, mon.

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Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 16

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 16: Customer Satisfaction Remains High

Next morning, I wake up, my browns are hangin there on the bunk post, just waitin for me to get into em, and everybody’s runnin around in their shorts, doin stuff, and light’s comin in through the bars, and now I’m gettin ready for the first full day of my life as a slappie!  And I’m excited again.

The latrine was lots easier this time.  Smelled worse, but no problem about squattin down, and the shit came outta me so fast that the other dudes were callin me “Speed Ho” and some other obnoxious things that meant they were definitely gettin to like me.  Way down the line, I saw the dude that was talkin to me that night, and he was lookin at me with sort of a smile on his face—I guess it was a smile, but whatever, he was tellin me to remember what he’d told me.  One of the slaps even came over to me and showed me how to use those clunky little shavers that are attached to the wall.  Hate those things!

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Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 15

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 15: Would You Recommend Our Accommodations to Others?

Actually, I was wondering if this was gonna turn out to be another P and D thing, which probably was just my confusing how hot I thought I was in my first suit of browns with what those dudes must’ve had in mind when they were doin the stuff about bossing and killing and laying out the rules for the uppity new slap.  But I didn’t get a chance to find out.  The back door opened and immediately the room was filled with the body of a huge black man in a slappie suit.

“You finish with thee newbie,” he said, and it was more like an announcement than a question.

“Yeh boss,” Jojo said, and for once there wasn’t that little bit of sarcasm in his voice.  “Jus finish.”

“OK, I take em now,” the black man said.  “Cmere boy.”

I was the boy.  I came, and without saying anything else he walked out the door with me trailing behind.  “I’m Churchill,” he informed me.  “I’m thee barn boss.”

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Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 14

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 14: A Brief Introduction to Our Personnel Policies

And fuck!  There I was!  The total package!  Brown boots, brown shorts, brown shirt, brown cap—an SLP servant from head to foot!  I’d like to say, “I didn’t even recognize myself,” but too bad, I’d need to change that to “almost didn’t”!  Still—HUGE change, even from the way I was, back at my brief visit to Patrick’s browns.  I’d been putting on some weight, I mean muscle, but most of it was attitude.  That  SLP on my chest was yelling “watch out for this dude!”  And of course the collar—“this bad boy needs to be collared!”  SO cool!  I couldn’t stop repeating: I’ll be in SLP gear for the rest of my life!  It wasn’t one of those remakes that happen when you visit the mall and decide to get with the trends.  What I saw in the mirror was me–the permanent me.

I put my hands on my hips and turned this way and that way, raising my arms and flexing my muscles like you see dudes doin on Mashbook or whatever, just likin what I saw.  I grabbed the brim of my cap and pulled it off, wondering what I’d look like without it.  Still good!  I mean, who is this tough guy with the bald bald skull?  Can it be Slappie Number 24250, the former Joel Barlow?  Wow!  It definitely changes you!  But I think I liked it better when I was wearing my cap.  I liked the all-brown look.

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