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Self-Bondage Camping Trip

By surfbot

Author’s note: This is not a story, it is a true and accurate report of how I spent four interesting days last week. Ever since reading a book in which the hero gets kidnapped and handcuffed naked to a tree, I have wanted to try that myself. (Dick Francis, _The_Danger_; yes, this is a mainstream mystery novel.)


As usual, my camping trip starts with loading gear onto my bicycle and riding to the campground. This time it is 48 pounds of gear and 70 miles — a fine day’s ride. Remarkably, I had a strong favorable wind and made excellent time. This is the Midwest and wind is usually more important than hills.

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One Fine Weekend

By surfbot

After spending a glorious week in bondage at my buddy’s place in the city [“One Fine Week“], while driving home I had a better idea than mailing him his chastity keys in a week: I realized I could come back next weekend. So I called him and we agreed on the details. I suggested he get theater tickets for Saturday evening. He complained that while he was in enforced chastity, I could remove my device any time once I got home. So when I got home, I went straight to my workshop.

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One Fine Week

By surfbot

I have always loved handcuffs. Since buying my first pair in college I have spent more time in handcuffs than the most hardened criminal. And leg cuffs, too, which I got a week later. A few years after that I discovered chastity devices, which are a great way to be in bondage without the restriction, and without anybody else knowing. Cuffs and chastities have always played a major role in my jack-off fantasies, and for years my nighttime “pajamas” have consisted of handcuffs and leg cuffs, often with a chastity device, sometimes with a combination lock holding me captive until sunrise.

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