Event Urinal – Part 02

By Nitro

Nitro gay piss pigTo recap where we left off – the urinal of our story is locked into full rubber, waders, and urinal hood with a built in gag.  He has a thick XL plug in his hole, and his dick which has been coated in numbing cream is sealed inside an external catheter.

All of the gear is padlocked on with 12 locks that have been tossed into a time safe for 12 hours.

“I don’t know why you’re making such a commotion – you practically begged me for this didn’t you?”  SIR said with that damn grin on his face as he pressed his body against mine.

“MPPHHHHH” i tried to get out thru the gag holding my mouth wide.

“I’ll make a deal with you.  I’m going to get ice to make a drink, and I will be back in five minutes.  If your hardon has gone down by the time that I get back then I’ll see about making you more comfortable.  However, if it hasn’t…. well… then you clearly need more.  Now don’t fucking move a muscle until I return.”  He said with a sneer as he headed towards the door.

My mind is running a million miles an hour taking inventory of my situation.  He can’t possibly expect me to stay this way for 12 hours, there’s no fucking way.  My hole clenches around the fat plug, and I swallow the spit that has gathered in my mouth from the gag.  I can’t even tell if my dick is hard because of that DAMN cream he put on it.  I start taking deep breaths willing my dick to go soft if it isn’t already, but my hole clenches around the plug again and the wave of pleasure from my prostate makes me groan.  I hear the key in the lock, it can’t have been five minutes already, fuck what if I’m hard?!?!

I hear the door open and the ice bucket sit down on the table before he walked back over to me.

“Good boy – you did as you were told and didn’t move a muscle, including your dick I see.”  He says

“MPPHHHH” I try to protest

“What’s wrong?  You do realize your dick is hard don’t you?”  He says leaning down and stroking the external catheter.

“MMMMPPPPPHHHHHH”. I grunt through the gag

“Well I did tell you that if it was still hard when I got back then you clearly want more.  You should really work on your dick getting you into so much trouble.”  He continues stroking my dick but i can’t feel a thing, i just see his cold stare through the tinted lenses of the hood.  SIR stands up and walks over to his bag and comes back with a tall posture collar.

“I left the cable collar loose enough just in case we needed this.”  He maneuvers the tall collar underneath the steel cable collar and starts strapping it tightly around my neck forcing my head up high, then he runs a finger between the collar and my throat making sure that I will still have enough room to swallow and breathe before locking a padlock on each of the three straps at the backside of the collar.  “There we go – that looks much better – and yes those locks use the same keys already in the safe, so don’t worry its nice and secure.  What do you say boy?”

“MMMMPPPPPHHHHHHHPPPHHHHHHH” I try to beg through the gag – he has to know that I can’t do this all day.

“More?  Already?  You really are a greedy urinal, but as you wish.”  SIR stands up and unzips his pants pulling his thick cock back out and taking aim before he lets loose.  Clearly he had not given me his full load earlier.  At least this time its not quite as strong from his afternoon coffee.




I keep swallowing it down, jesus how much can this man piss, seriously.

“Your cock is still throbbing – so clearly I made the right decision for you.  Good – I’m glad.”  Is all he says before standing up and walking over to his bag to grab his leather vest and putting it on over his naked muscled chest leaving me kneeling on the floor of the hotel room.  I hear him rattling in the ice bucket and ice dropping into a plastic cup, before I hear the splash of something (presumably whiskey) into it.

“Stand” is the only instruction, and I slowly start to rise, which for the record is NOT easy in this position.  Between the waders, the chains keeping my ankles close, and the chains holding my wrists just high enough that I can’t use my hands for leverage.  After a few stumbles I manage to get up onto my feet and I stand and wait.

He crosses across the hotel room taking a sip of his cocktail and stands in front of me looking coldly into the tinted lenses of the hood.  I know that he can’t see my eyes behind them, but he knows that I’m locked onto his cold blue eyes.

“We still have one change to make before we head out to the lobby to have some fun.” He reaches down and I can tell that he is maneuvering something near my cock, but I can’t feel a thing.  The one thing that I do finally feel is that he stuffs my still hard cock back inside the rubber suit and zips it closed.  The one fucking place on me that isn’t padlocked, but maybe that means that my dick will have some fun at some point.  I try desperately to look down to see what he is doing, but the posture collar keeps my head pointed straight forward.  Next I see him bring a tube up in front of me and he clips it into the side of the urinal hood’s troff.

“There we go – now you don’t need to interrupt me when you need to piss.  Just go as needed, for now.”  He says with a grin.

Fuck this is going to be a long day for sure.  My hole clenches around the thick plug and I groan into the gag.  The pressure in my bladder is already building from the two piss loads he has already had me drink, but I am fighting to hold it off for now.

“Ok faggot its time to head downstairs, I’ve got my cocktail ready but you won’t be able to carry one it seems so here enjoy.”  He pours a shot of whiskey into the funnel and it burns my throat on the way down.  “I was really struggling on whether or not to plug this up for the day” he says as he presses on the thick plug inside me causing me to groan.  “Afterall I will need a hole to fuck later, but I suppose even I have to sacrifice from time to time.”  He gives one last push on the plug making me groan again before walking towards the door.

“Follow” is all he says before opening the door and having me follow him out. It’s hard to keep up with his steps because of the chains, but I dare not disappoint him.

We get out in the hall and I am doing my best to keep up with him, but i swear he is taking long strides just to make it difficult.  We finally make it to the elevator and I see my reflection in the mirrored doors and I let out a long deep groan as my cock burps out precum into the tube of the external catheter.  I know that I will finally be able to taste it later when I flush the tube with piss.  While we wait on the elevator he is talking to me in his devious calm measured tone and I am hanging on every word.

”Faggot listen closely – tonight is going to be a lot of fun for me, I have been planning this for quite some time.  You are going to get to a point where you want out, you want a break, you NEED a break.  However, that won’t be happening.  I know exactly how the cogs in your brain work, and I know what you truly need.  Rest assured that the keys in that safe are in fact the keys for every lock that is currently sealing you inside your prison.  Now answer me if you understand.”

I turn my body towards him as I am unable to turn my head, and I slowly manage to kneel down at his boots and lean forward until the forehead of my hood rests on the toecap of his highly polished jump boots.  After a moment I begin the arduous task of standing back up , and even though I can’t feel my cock itself, i can feel it against my abdomen throb.

“Good boy – Now lets go and have some fun.” Just then the elevator door opens up and he follows me as I shuffle inside.

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2 thoughts on “Event Urinal – Part 02”

  1. Really glad to see one of my favorite authors has returned with a very hot continuation. Love the attitude of the Dom and how more gear and toys keep getting added. PLEASE don’t wait 2 more years for more!

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