Event Urinal – Part 06

By Nitro

Event Urinal story by NitroHey everyone – it has been a while since I’ve added to this story, and I have had several people ask me about it. I hope you enjoy the update, and please feel free to send me feedback/ideas etc. Pics of you in gear reading my stories go to the front of the line.

SIR walks over and starts rubbing my sensitive nipples thru the suit making me groan loudly into the gag. He knows that my nipples are hard wired and drive me up the fucking wall. He starts circling both nipples with his finger over and over again. I instinctively clench around the huge plug in my ass, which in turn makes me start to piss again right thru the tube into my gag.

“Good gimp – it’s getting quite the workout today already, but the day is a long way from over. Let’s get you a little more comfortable,” SIR says, still teasing my sensitive nips. He starts tugging at the chain connecting my wrists behind my back, and I start backing up toward the pull. He pulls me back farther until I can feel the edge of the bed behind me. He puts a pillow on the ground (I simultaneously think that is gracious but also means I’m gonna be here a while.) “Sit flat on your ass, gimp.”

I precariously lower myself down to sit on my butt, groaning as the plug makes itself even more well known from the added pressure. I feel him start to secure the chain from my wrist restraints to the leg of the bed behind me, then he pulls my feet closer to my butt, making me draw my knees in a bit since the short chain is still in place between my ankles. Without wasting time, he starts securing the ankle chain to the bed as well, and I’m now stuck in place. I can see the other four guests are all fondling one another and making out – and this has the making of an orgy in no time at all. SIR unzips the suit over my nipples and wipes my nips down with a cloth. “Don’t need any slick lube leftover on there now do we, gimp?”

“MMPPHHH,” is all I can muster as a response as I watch him thru the dark tinted lenses of the mask. He squats down and looks straight in my eyes as he starts focusing his energy on the meaty nipples.

“I remember when your nipples weren’t as sensitive don’t you gimp? Now thanks to all the work and attention over the years they drive you wild and they are nice and plump for extended work,” SIR says as he alternates between squeezing them and rubbing circles around the flesh. He reaches over to the table and picks up a pair of clover style nipple clamps and sets them in place at the back side of each nipple, leaving the nub exposed and making me take in a deep draw of breath. The scene unfolding has the room’s undivided attention, and I see the guys starting to get closer and stand around.

“Alright boys, line ’em up – this one is on me, well in it to be clear,” SIR says as the guys all start pulling their cocks out.

SIR stands up and pulls his cock out and aims it at the funnel gag. “Now just remember, don’t drown it.” He starts to piss into the funnel, and Shea starts without missing a beat. Now both of them are pissing at the same time, and I start swallowing quickly. Not needing any more prompting, Dallas and Tom both start letting loose as well. Thankfully they are each holding their flow so I don’t overflow. I start groaning into the gag as I can’t help but clench on the plug – this thing is a fucking beast right now. Bill starts his flow too and now all five of them are pissing at the same time and the funnel is quickly filling to the top. The guys start taking pauses to give me a chance to catch up, but FUCK this is a lot of piss to chug. I keep swallowing over and over again, and before long my own cock starts adding to the flow. It feels like I’m pissing just as much as I’m swallowing.

“Look at that – it can’t even help itself – it can’t get enough.” The guys each start and stop their flow thankfully as I’m swallowing, but it feels like it is never going to end. I am looking back and forth among the group as I see them start to make out with one another while they are still pissing into the urinal.

Finally the flow from the guys starts to slow down, but my own is still going – it feels like the piss is just running thru me at this point and there’s nothing I can do about it. I feel my own cock throbbing in its rubber prison, and I can’t get enough motion to get friction on it. The clamps are keeping my attention on them as my nipples throb from the tight pressure.

SIR grabs Dallas and shoves his tongue down his throat as he gropes at his dick hanging out of his cod piece. “You owe me something don’t you pig?” he says with a grin as he pulls him toward the other bed and pushes him down on the bed on his back. SIR climbs on top of him and turns around, lining up in a 69 position simultaneously taking Dallas’ cock into his mouth while shoving his own into Dallas. I can hear them both immediately start to groan from the service they are both getting, and I’m just grateful I can see the action from this angle.

Bill reaches down and starts pinching my sensitive nipples just as Shea comes up behind him and starts teasing his hole with his fingers. I hear Bill groan and notice him subtly spread his legs for the invasion he knows will come. Standing over me, I can see Bill’s cock throbbing in the cage above his now swollen balls. He keeps teasing my sensitive nipples while I continue swallowing the piss that feels damn near constant at this point and is driving me crazy.

Shea continues teasing Bill’s ass, and he is groaning like a mad man having been pent up for so long. “There ya go fucker – open up nice and slow,” Shea says in his deep voice in Bill’s ear. I have an obscured view, but I can tell that Shea is working his fingers in and out of Bill’s ass slowly but with purpose and it is driving Bill up the wall. The hornier he gets the more focus he puts on my nips, making me groan into the piss gag like a whore in heat. Instinctively I start clenching around the huge plug in my ass, which makes my own dick throb inside my rubber suit. FUCK I don’t know what’s worse, when my dick was numbed, or now that most of the feeling is coming back and I still can’t get to it. Bill starts to spread his legs wider and leans forward over me slightly to give Shea better access to his vulnerable and horny ass.

Thru all of this Bill never slows down on working my meaty nips – the clover clamps on the back side of them now have the area on fire and my entire brain seems focused on them. The clenching of the plug provides some distraction, but the center always comes back to the aching of my nubs. He keeps alternating between rubbing the tips, to squeezing with pressure, to using his fingernails ever harder, then the cycle starts over again. He is clearly a master at bringing a gimp’s universe to center on its nips. Just as Shea starts to add a fourth finger to his ass, Bill grips both of my nubs and applies constant pressure increasing as the finger works in. “FUUUUUUUCK man you can keep that up all fucking day. I’ve been needing it so damn bad,” Bill growls as he keeps squeezing. The pressure keeps building, and I am now squirming and groaning non-stop in my bonds, unable to get away or lessen it at all. Just as the pressure crescendos to a peak I hear Bill let out this deep guttural groan, and I can only imagine that the fourth digit is now fully embedded up his hole. As the fingers start to withdraw, Bill lessens the pressure and then increases it as they slide back in. He is now tormenting my nips in time with his own stretching, and it is driving me mad.

None of them are even acknowledging me at this point – I am just a piece of meat for them to use while they have their fun, and it makes my cock throb again – I am starting to taste the salty sweet of precum mixing in with the piss that keeps sending up to my funnel gag. I keep clenching the huge plug and just wishing that I could get fucked right now, but all I can do is look up at them and over at SIR locked in his 69 embrace with Dallas. I am stuck in such a dichotomy because while I am loving being an object for them, I also wish I could reach up and feel their bodies and beg to suck some cock.

Over on the bed I can see that SIR and Dallas are both enjoying each other very much. They are both still in their gear but with their cocks out. SIR is in full leather with a codpiece style pouch on the front of his leather breeches, and a pair of high shine patrolman boots on. Dallas is in a harness, codpiece leather jock, and shiny leather jump boots on his feet. They are in a cycle of swallowing one another to the base and pulling back up to tease the tips of their swollen cocks. The two of them are working like a machine in rhythm, and it is so fucking hot to watch. I see SIR push his weight down and bottom out in Dallas’ throat just as he lowers his own throat to do the same – then they both freeze and hold position. After a few seconds I hear Dallas gag first, but he doesn’t move. After a few seconds I hear SIR gag and still they hold position. I’m willing to bet they are both flexing their cocks trying to get the other to tap out first. A few seconds later I hear Dallas gag deep in his chest and see him tap SIR’s leg just as they both pull off slightly and catch their breath. The cycle continues, and I see SIR’s hand move between Dallas’ legs and I already know what he is doing. He starts using some of the spit as lube and begins teasing Dallas’ exposed hole around his leather jock. Without missing a beat Dallas blindly reaches up and opens the zipper on the back of SIR’s leather pants and his finger starts teasing SIR’s asshole. The two of them continue their mutual throat fuck and the gagging goes back and forth between them but neither one ever pulls off the fuckpole lodged in their throats. I hear both of them groan, and I’m willing to bet that each now has two fingers lodged in the other’s hole pressing on the prostate.

Tom is standing off to the side taking in both shows, and quite frankly I think he has the best seat in the house so to speak. He catches my eye because I see him walk over to the gear/toys table and that makes me nervous. He is idly stroking his own cock, which is now hanging out of his leather chaps having popped off his own jock’s codpiece. I can’t tell what he picks up, but the devilish grin he has makes me shiver.

“Take a pause, boys – I have an idea, but first let’s make sure that our fucktoy down here is well focused,” he says as Bill stands up and groans with the retreat of the probing digits in his ass.

He steps over to the counter and picks up the bottle of whiskey and pours a shot down my funnel. “You’ll probably need this, gimp.”

The burn of the whiskey is both sudden and welcomed as it changes the taste of the constant piss I’ve been swallowing. He crouches down in front of me, and now I can’t help but see what is in his hands. OH FUCK he has picked up the talon clamps. These are nasty clamps with metal prongs that come out and grab their target like an eagle preparing to carry its prey. He opens the first one and lines it up with the tip of my overly sensitive nipple and lets it slowly close on the meat causing me to thrash about and try desperately to beg into the gag. Without a pause for the wave of endorphins he repeats the process on the second meaty nub.

“MMMPPPPHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGG,” I make as much noise as the gag will allow (which isn’t saying much) as the waves of pain ripple thru my entire body. The clover clamps at the back of the nipple now combine with the sharp pain on the front and 100% of my universe is now focused on those two meaty torture zones. I’m trying with all my might to control my breathing and ramp down the fight or flight response, seeing as how one is off the table anyway.

“There we go – that will keep it occupied. You two come with me,” Tom says as he leads Shea and Bill over to the sling in the corner. “Hop on up, fuckpig,” he says, patting the sling and looking directly at Bill.

Bill climbs into the slings as Dallas and Tom help him to situate his ankles in the stirrup straps hanging from the chain. He settles in with his head on the attached pillow, and I can tell that the back of the sling is lowered to give access to his mouth.

Tom steps around to the head of the sling, and Shea takes his place between Bill’s legs. Almost in choreographed tandem they both slide their cocks into Bill at each end as they both give a cheesy high five above their conquest in the most cliche eiffel tower pose they could muster, and then immediately lean in and start making out with one another as they start to fuck.

My nips are on fire – my hole hurts – and god damnit I can’t stop pissing into my funnel, and now to top it all off I am stuck here watching everyone fuck and can’t get to my cock. I have finally gotten my breathing under control and am riding a fucking endorphin high like a tidal wave coming into shore. Fucking hell how long is left on that timer anyway – It has to have been a few hours by now, right? I start clenching my hole again around the monster plug, and I’m now groaning in my cocoon of pleasure and pain when I hear SIR and Dallas both start to grunt deep in their chests and I look over to see their fucking motions picking up a fever pitch pace. I see both of them push in balls deep in their 69 as they both keep groaning and sucking. I’m now trying with all my might to bounce on the plug and get enough sensation that I can be the next to shoot a load, but I know he hasn’t left me enough room for that. It is maddening!

SIR and Dallas detangle themselves without a word and both walk over to stand above me with their hard cocks dripping cum and spit. In unison they both start to piss in the funnel just as they open their mouths and spit out the cum they were both holding.

“Thought you’d enjoy a treat, pig,” SIR says as they both keep pissing into their object. “Looks like you’re in a hell of a spot now,” he says with a grin.

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Metal would like to thank Nitro for this story!

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  1. What a hot way to wake up this morning – seeing another chapter from Nitro and his wonderfully imaginative kinky brain. Love all the nipple work and gimp’s awakening dick and he can only get more frustrated by it. And of course, the continuous cycling of piss just adds to the hardness of my dick reading all this. Thanks, Nitro.

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