Event Urinal – Part 07

By Nitro

Hey y’all – I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has reached out to me lately to give me feedback and support for my stories. You have helped inspire me to get back into writing, and I have some fun stuff coming.

I have had a whole lot going on in real world land lately that has needed my focus, but now I’m back! Let’s do this! Please feel free to reach out to me and tell me what you think of my stories.




To recap where we left off – SIR and Dallas had just finished an intense 69 skullfuck with one another on one bed and spit their loads down my funnel gag. Shea and Tom were fucking Bill from both ends in the sling. Bill has been locked in self-inflicted chastity for eight weeks. Then that just leaves me—the gimp. I am sitting on the floor with my feet pulled in toward my ass and pressing the heel of my wader boots into the base of a huge plug up my hole. I’m in head-to-toe rubber with a funnel gag in place and restraints on my ankles and wrists. A thick catheter is lodged in my cock which has a tube connected to my funnel gag. Twelve padlocks are holding everything in place and the keys are all sealed in a time safe with one hour per padlock. We started with 12 hours… I have no earthly idea what’s on the clock now, but it feels like it’s been DAYS already. My nipples are on FIRE from the clover clamps at their base and the talon clamps at the tips. The numbing cream on my cock has long since worn off, which tells me it’s been at least a few hours since we started, but I can’t move enough to get friction on my cock to even think about getting close to shooting.

Alright, now that you are caught up, back to the hell. I mean action…

No matter how hard I try I just can’t quite seem to get enough friction on my cock to pleasure myself anywhere near what I would need to cum. Every time I move it just manages to press on the plug, which then pushes a bit more piss out into my gag. I’ve downed like 10 loads of their piss so far and I’m basically pissing constantly into my own funnel at this point. Any slight movement that I make also causes the talon clamps to move which immediately sends FLAMES thru my chest. God dammit I’m so horny, but even the tiniest movements have consequences.

After the insanely horny fuckfest that I had front row seats to – the five studs were all WIPED out. Meanwhile I am hornier than I have ever been in my life. After spitting each other’s cum in my funnel gag, SIR and Dallas go over and fall onto the bed, and Tom, Bill, and Shea immediately join them. All five of them are still slowing their breathing and drenched in sweat from the marathon fuck they have each done.

“Damn boys – now THAT is how you do it right there. That is the best way I’ve ever spent a Thursday afternoon in my life,” SIR exclaims.

“Thanks for inviting us to play with your toy over there, Greg,” Shea says while he reaches over and pinches SIR’s nipple.

“Damn right – that is the way to kick shit off,” Dallas says while absent mindedly fondling his own cock.

The group continues to chat off and on about the hot time that they had. Talking about me like I’m not even in the room, and definitely not paying heed to the fact that my nipples are on fire and I’m in my own personal hell just a few feet away. From where I am chained up on the floor beside the other bed I can see the hottest pile of man meat that I’ve ever witnessed, and god what I would give to climb up in the middle of it and start servicing them. Instead all I can do is keep drinking my piss that is recycling constantly thru my funnel gag. My brain keeps bouncing back and forth from the pain in my nipples which has finally started to scale back, to the giant plug i’m sitting on, to the constant flow of piss down my throat and then cycles over and over making me groan in my gag.

Bill, having not cum yet with his eight-week-locked-up cock, is the first to make a move. He leans over and puts SIR’s cock in his mouth and starts slowly sucking on it, immediately making SIR groan. This one move seems to have started a machine chain reaction in the others. Dallas gets up on the bed on his knees behind Bill and lines up his reinvigorated hardon to Bill’s hole and slides it in. It’s still nice and lubed from the load a bit earlier. This has put Dallas’ ass right at the edge of the bed so Shea, not one to pass up an opportunity, stands up and gets in place. Dallas hasn’t been fucked yet today, but the fingers during the 69 certainly helped. Shea lubes himself up and starts to push his hard cock in the tight ass. Tom follows suit and gets right behind Shea and spits on his cock as he lines up with his target.

I’m stuck here watching five of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen all geared up and fucking one another in a train while SIR lays back and enjoys the best blowjob ever in the process. It takes a few minutes but then the guys all get into a rhythm together. They all pull back slightly and then when Tom pushes into Shea the dominos fall into place and they all end up balls deep in their targets. In almost orchestrated unison they repeat this over and over while they start working up a sweat and each of them is starting to growl and snarl like they have all gone feral from fuck lust. At this point I’m almost grateful for the monster plug up my hole because it means that I’m not getting tag teamed by all of them. I start clenching my hole in unison with their thrusts and am immediately groaning into my gag.

The pitch and intensity of their groans is slowly increasing over time as they are now fucking at a feverish pace. Since they all (well except Bill) shot a load just a little bit before, I am sure this will take a bit longer than last time. I’m still clenching my plug and matching their pace and now I am absolutely desperate to cum. I’m even slowly twisting my torso as much as I can to get movement on the Talons which has me trying desperately to scream into my gag. The sounds from a few feet away seem to only spur on the fuckfest I’m witnessing.

Tom is starting to tense his entire body and I know he is going to be the first to blow. “FUCK!” I hear as Tom slaps Shea’s ass making him clench down in response. This sends a ripple effect through the group and one by one each of them is starting to tense their back muscles and their groans all get suddenly deeper from the animal lust. Tom keeps driving the train and then I just here.

“Are you ready boys? Let’s DO THIS!” Tom drives in fully and pushes the entire group deep into their targets. Suddenly in unison they all let out guttural yells as they unload into their neighbor (except Bill of course who’s cock is steadily leaking under him). SIR is still holding on tightly to Bill’s head and I know what is coming. I hope Bill is ready for it. SIR starts relaxing his pelvic muscles so he can piss down Bill’s throat. Just as the flow starts and I hear the unmistakable swallowing sounds. Dallas doesn’t miss a beat and starts pissing up Bill’s ass making Bill groan from the unexpected addition.

One by one the members of the train dismount as they are wiping the sweat off their faces — truly fucking spent at this point. As Bill gets up, I can see that his cock is absolutely straining in his cage now and he has so much precum dangling from the tip that it looks like it could fill a shot glass.

SIR is the last one to stand up off the bed as everyone is stretching their muscles out. He walks over to me and starts rubbing my rubbered head. I had been wondering if they even remembered I was over here… oh fuck I don’t know what’s worse… cause now I know they REMEMBER I’m over here…

“How was the show, boy?” SIR says as he crouches down in front of me and barely grazes the tips of both my nipples protruding thru the claws of the talons.

“MMPPHHHHHH GULP GULP GULP,” is my only response.

“Listen to me very closely, boy. Can you hear me?” SIR says.


“Take a deep breath on 3 and hold it. When I count to three again SLOWLY release that breath,” SIR says slowly and firmly.

Fuck, I know what is coming… this is gonna be bad…

“1…2…3… Deep breath in and hold. Good boy. 1….2…..3…….,” SIR says.

When he gets to three, I slowly begin to exhale as he very slowly disengages the talon clamps immediately bringing the fire of hell to my nipples and I scream into the gag. With the talons clear he removes the clover clamps as well — and then immediately places both palms over my burning nipples.

“Good boy — very good boy — now slow…shhhh…slow deep breaths… shhhh calm yourself. Breathe in and out slowly,” he says calmly and methodically.

He begins slowing his own breathing to set a cadence for me. I try desperately to focus on his breathing, but fucking hell, the fire burning in my nipples is mind shattering. After a few seconds I am able to bring myself back to center and I start slowing my breaths to match his. In and out…In and out… In and out…

“There we go — good boy. You did a really good job today so far,” SIR says.

SIR starts to remove the bonds that are securing me to the bed frame and helps me slowly stretch my legs out in front of me. Which is great… but this now puts more weight on the plug under me and makes me groan again.

“Give me a hand, boys.”

Tom and Shea reach over and help support my shoulders as I slowly stand. SIR has his chest pressed into mine and his arms wrapped tightly around my back clutching me. The three of them help support my weight as I slowly stand up and stretch my muscles as much as I can.

SIR slowly guides me over to a chair in the corner and has me slowly sit down on it. Thankfully there is thick padding on it to help buffer the plug under me.

Bill having just come from the bathroom steps over with a bucket and sits it beside me.

Dallas has pulled his singlet back up now and has quite the wet spot on both the front and back, there’s no way anybody is going to miss those that’s for sure. He walks over with a couple of bottles of gatorade.

SIR reaches up and unclips the tube from the catheter and drapes it down into the large bucket on the floor. He takes the the gatorade from Dallas and starts to slowly pour them into the funnel gag.

“Gotta replenish some of those electrolytes cause I know you’re sweating like a fucking PIG in there. Five guys in a fuck train makes a room fucking HOT, and holy FUCK does it smell good in here!” SIR says as he slowly feeds me the sweet drink.

I never thought I would be so happy for a gatorade in all my life, or for something other than piss for that matter.

While SIR is getting started with the second bottle I feel my ankles being secured to the chair with straps. This has pulled them tight against the chain still connecting them together. Followed by my thighs, waist, and chest all being strapped to the chair. My hands still in front of me can’t exactly go anywhere and I can’t come close to even thinking about reaching any of the straps. Fuck.

While this has been going on, all of the guys have been getting their gear back in place, cocks away, and getting presentable for public consumption again.

SIR glances over at the time safe (which is of course out of my site line) and snickers. “Oop… Sorry boy… You still got a while to go… The rest of us have dinner reservations downstairs. Don’t go anywhere while we are gone,” SIR says with that fucking devil grin of his that will make me follow him anywhere.

One by one the guys file out of the room and SIR flips off the lights on his way out, leaving me in the dark, strapped to a chair, filled with a massive butt plug, and so fucking horny that I would do just about anything at this point to cum.

To be continued…

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Metal would like to thank Nitro for continuing this story!

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2 thoughts on “Event Urinal – Part 07”

  1. What a welcome surprise to see Nitro is back continuing this very hot story! I love the way our gimp has to suffer watching the other 5 guys enjoying themselves while he just gets more horny all the time. And now he has to wait bound and in silence for the guys to get back from dinner to get any more action. Let’s hope his imagination will be as sexy and hot as what will really happen next. More please, Nitro.

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