Houdini gravesite in Queens NY

I left a pair of engraved cuffs on Houdini’s grave

engraved handcuffs on Houdini grave

Houdini died on this day today (Halloween, Oct. 31) back in 1926, in Detroit, and this afternoon (Halloween day, 2018) I paid a visit to his gravesite in Queens, New York.

houdini handcuffs

Houdini rests amongst his relatives in an elaborate family plot at Machpelah Cemetery in Glendale. From Manhattan, it was an hour-long trip on the subway and then a 20-minute hike.

engraved houdini handcuffs

As a tribute to Houdini, I left a pair of police-issue Smith and Wesson Model 100-1 handcuffs that I had specially engraved with his name. I made sure to double-lock the cuffs before leaving them.

MetalbondNYC handcuffs for houdini

Houdini engraved handcuffs

4 thoughts on “I left a pair of engraved cuffs on Houdini’s grave”

  1. What a phantastic gesture, Metal!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am a liftetime admirer of Houdini, and I borrowed his name not because I would want to try to live up to his standards – when someone lets the cuffs klick on me or ties me up professionally, I know that I have no chance to escape! But because he definitely deserves that his name remains remembered by followers, admirers and enthousiasts around the world for decades to come. I pay tribute to this great escape artist but now also to you for this generous – and the same time humble – gesture!

  2. If you’re wondering where his wife is, her Catholic family refused to permit her to be interred in a Jewish cemetery.

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