ImmobileRestraint – Chapter 07

By Nitro

Nitro gay bondage stories

Jake left his sweating muscle toy to stew under the lights and headed back upstairs, locking the dungeon door behind him, his thick cock pointing the way to the bedroom as he stripped off his sweaty tank and took a deep inhale. “FUCK, I smell damn good today!” he said, walking into the bedroom and straight for his closet. He took his time pulling his gear together, watching the monitor on the wall showing his muscle toy straining against the taut restraints, unable to move but still trying. He pulled his bulldog harness, leather jock with removable codpiece, chaps, socks, boots, armband, gloves and Muir cap and laid each item out on the bed, stepping back to review his selections.

While listening to Ian groan in his bondage, he started getting dressed, taking his time to enjoy the process. Jake loved his leathers, they were a second skin to him. Putting them on always made him feel sexy and powerful. Picking up his leather jock, he worked his cock through the hole in the codpiece before adding his metal cockring and snapping the codpiece in place.

Next he sat on the edge of the bed and put on his socks followed by his lace-up, well-polished jump boots. He took a few minutes to look at himself in the mirror and flex while sniffing his sweaty pits. With his boots laced up snug, he wrapped the waistband of the chaps around him and buttoned the nine snaps located at the front of his waist, and then bent over and started zipping the legs up tight. Next came his black leather bulldog harness. Sliding the harness on, he loved how tight it gripped his thick hairy pec muscles. Next came his armbands and gloves, fitting each in place, then watching himself in the mirror as he put on his black leather Muir cap to top it all off. He stood there admiring himself in the mirror and had to admit that Ian has been helping him tremendously in the gym. Time to thank him properly…

Jake walked back down to the playroom, stomping his boots loudly as he approached the door and slowly unlocked it. He had turned the heat up in the room earlier today, so his piece of fuckmeat was sweating heavily.

Ian was straining his eyes to try to see SIR without being able to move his neck in the slightest. He could only barely see SIR’s shape in the doorway, between his head not turning and the blinding lights over him. He heard the door close and lock and then heard the loud bootsteps. His dick throbbed with every one, and he could see SIR’s outline getting closer.

When SIR finally got close enough that Ian was able to see him clearly, he thought he’d died and gone to heaven. The man in front of him looked like he walked off of a Tom of Finland drawing.


“Well hello, meat, enjoying your comfy bed?”


“Very good to hear, meat. I’ve been enjoying watching you from upstairs while I got ready…”


“Oh yes, I have a security camera that I can watch you from my bed. It will come in handy when you’re down here for hours and hours at the time with no contact.”

Jake laughed to himself when he saw Meat’s cock throb again at the sound of that. “Oh someone likes that idea…” He leaned forward and rubbed the rock hard cock and enjoyed how excited his boy was. He moved the well-worn jock off of the Meat’s face, and he reached over to a shelf and grabbed a bottle of water and slowly tipped it to the boy’s mouth. Knowing lying on his back he would have to concentrate on swallowing, he poured slowly but wanting to make sure that his Meat stayed hydrated.

When the bottle was empty, he put it back on the shelf as he kept rubbing the Meat’s body, and enjoying the control he had over this immobile piece of muscle.


“You’re welcome, Meat, don’t want you to get dehydrated, its going to be a long day for you.” As he said this he put on a rubber glove on his right hand, and out of the Meat’s eye line he put a large glob of icy hot in his gloved palm and then started rubbing his swollen cock and balls, coating them in the process. The smell of menthol was filling the air, and his own cock was throbbing in his jock pouch as he saw Meat’s eyes start to get larger.




Ian felt the burning start slowly but it rapidly built up. He was struggling not to beg and scream, afraid it would result in more punishment. He was in heaven and hell simultaneous, and he knew this was only the beginning, but he has wanted it for so long.

Jake kept stroking and enjoying that the more it burned the more his toy throbbed. He knew that by now the meat’s balls were killing him. They have been slowly stretched for days now, but he had been inspecting them to make sure no sores had arisen. The meat just thought he was playing with his balls, but he was doing much more than that.

He added an extra layer of IcyHot to the package, stopped stroking, and discarded the well-coated rubber glove. Walking over to his well-organized toy chest, a large red Craftsman wall toolbox that is an OCD kinkster’s wet dream. Opening the tit clamp drawer, he perused his collection and grabbed the perfect two pair. Walking back over to the table, he started rubbing and pinching the meaty nipples to get them even more at attention. Once they were standing hard he applied the Japanese clover clamps deep at the base of the nipples and elicited a groan from his toy. Now that the meaty nubs were poking up above the pads of the clovers he applied a pair of sharper adjustable clamps right to the center of the nubs. They were opened up a bit so that they weren’t biting too hard… yet….


Reaching up above the table, Jake pulled a cord down and connected it to the chains of the two pair of tit clamps and slowly pulled the slack out of the one-way pulley.

Meat was really sweating now from the pain in his cock and balls and meaty nipples. Struggling not to speak, Jake’s dick was now straining inside his jock. “You’re starting to realize the depth that you’re in now eh…?”


Leaning right over his face and looking into his eyes, Jake slowly tightened the sharp clamps, enjoying his sharp intake of breath.


Beads of sweat were forming on Meat’s brow now and Jake could tell he was fighting not to speak. It was time for Jake to test Meat’s resolve before moving to a gag. He reached up and pulled the cord so the one-way ratchet pulley tightened another notch, pulling his tight nipples skyward.


“What’s wrong, Meat?”

He stared into SIR’s eyes as the sweat rolled down his face, with sheer resolve in his eyes. He was in a very happy place, that’s for sure. Jake reached down and tightened the clamps a little more.


“That was close, boy…”

GRUNT *pant pant pant*

Jake felt the precum filling his jock pouch and decided it was time to sit back and enjoy the show. He stepped out of Meat’s line of sight to his humidor and grabbed an Assylum 13 cigar, cutter and lighter. He sat in his leather chair and propped his boots up on the ottoman to prep the cigar. He thinks to himself that later tonight he will replace the ottoman with a piece of meat, but for now its time to watch it sweat.


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  1. Great surprise today to open this website and see another chapter to jerk off to, after edging through reading it first. Thanks. Looking forward to more of Jake’s masterful ideas, knowing exactly what Ian craves and needs.

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