Leather Cop Enforcement – Excerpt 2

This is an exclusive excerpt from the new leather kink novel by ty dehner

ty dehner male bdsm authorSergeant Kieran Moore is the second in command of The Jackals, a dedicated squad of law enforcement in California’s high desert that has built a dark world of leather and kink while executing their own form of legal justice. The Jackals enjoy service from the submissive men who worship their boots and conform to their powers of control and ownership.

A happenstance meeting while riding dirt bikes brings the Leather Cop in contact with Mateo Hernandez, a blue-collar laborer from the Coachella Valley. This chance meeting leads to both entering a leather power exchange relationship that both men have always wanted in their lives. Over time, both their lives change dramatically, causing them to question the reality they are facing and wonder if they truly can deal with the future they are racing towards.

Leather Cop Enforcement is the second leather kink novel by ty dehner. This epic story has intense BDSM experiences with leather, uniforms, and more. These two men end up finding out more about their emotions, their lust, and how important power dynamics are in their life as well as the need to have each other in their hearts.

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A few hours pass as the two have been lazy, never releasing their touch.  The shadows are getting longer as the sun is moving towards evening.  Cop Boss squeezes his boy’s tits, making him moan in pain.

“We gotta get ready, boy. Tonight is an important night,” the Cop whispers into Mateo’s ear as he cuddles his boy’s head in his gloved hands.

The boy looks at his Cop Boss with question, as the Cop climbs out of bed without saying why the night is important.  Sitting up, the boy moves to the edge of the bed. Boss points to the floor, and his boy slides off the bed, kneeling before his Cop.  In a rare moment, the Cop Boss dresses in front of his boy.

Kieran dresses in The Jackals uniform that consists of leather in the same colors as his duty uniform.  OD green breeches with a yellow stripe that goes down the leg of his breeches into this black highly polished Dehners, which his boy helps Cop Boss slide his socked feet into the boots.  Next, Boss puts on a khaki color leather uniform shirt with all the badges, nameplates, and ribbons that Cop Boss’s regular uniform has. But the department shoulder patches have been replaced by a black patch with the skull and six-shooter design that is part of the ink on Mateo’s chest. There is a difference in the skull on the patch as it is not muzzled or wearing a collar.

The short-sleeve shirt shows off the Boss’s inked arms, with the same design on the uniform patch. Boss takes out a duty belt that is custom made for this leather uniform as it has items that he can use on his property and keep him under his control. Stepping before the mirror, Cop Boss admires how he looks in his Jackals uniform, then looks at his boy.

“What do you think, boy?”

Keeping his gaze downwards as he’s been trained to do, Mateo nods his head that he likes, even though he doesn’t see the completed package.

“Oh boy, you have permission to look at your Cop in his uniform.”

Looking up, the boy is amazed to see the man he serves standing before him in full leather uniform, tall boots, and duty belt. Being in the department colors makes it unique and stands out from the typical black leather uniform that most men have.

“Oh Sir, you look amazing, Sir.” The boy truly admires the powerful man that stands before him.

“Make you proud to be owned by me, boy?”

The boy crawls over to his Leather Cop as he starts kissing the tall and well-shined Dehner boots. Boss looks down and needs to adjust his pecker in his leathers as he is so impressed with his boy’s actions. “Fuck boy, you do know how to make your Cop feel good.”

Reaching down, the Leather Cop pats his boy on his head, the boy nuzzling his Cop’s hand. “Now, my boy, let’s get you ready.”

The boy looks at his Cop with some excitement as to what he will be wearing. So far, when the boy has been dressed by the Leather Cop, it has always been something just right, to make the boy feel owned but look really good to impress others of being the Leather Cops property.

Boss goes to a cabinet, grabbing a metal device.  He motions for the boy to stand then takes his keys from his duty belt to unlocked the chastity device the boy currently wears.  As it is removed, the boy looks down to see his growing cock jump free but keeps his hands behind his back as a good boy does.

Cop Boss slaps the boy’s cock a few times, enjoying the reaction as the boy feels the loose tool between his legs. Bending the boy over at the waist, Cop Boss inserts a heavy metal butt plug into the boy’s ass. The boy winces as it takes a few moments to work the plug in the ass of the boy, but soon it settles in as the boy’s breathing is labored as he gets used to the plug.

The boy is returned by the gentle pressure of the Cop’s gloved hands into a standing position as Boss introduces the boy to the heavy metal chastity device. The boy steps into the device with leather straps on the side that creates a heavy jockstrap.  Gently Boss works the boy’s cock into the tube that holds the cock down, followed by the heavy steel plating that closes over the cock and balls, encasing them.  There is a key that the Boss uses to lock the device up. Then the rear steel plate is lifted that keeps the inserted plug from being expunged and locked to the back strap.  The boy now is locked with both his cock and ass totally useless and controlled by the Cop Boss.

Boss then goes to his closet and brings out a set of leathers.  Laying them on the bed, the boy wants to look but keeps his eyes to himself.  Cop Boss stands before his boy, lightly touching his boy’s body, stroking the ink on his chest.

“As property of The Jackals, you are given a special uniform to wear that will denote your position in our squad. Tonight, I am excited to present you with your uniform, boy.”

Reaching over to the bed, Boss lifts a pair of OD green leather trousers that have a yellow strip down the side. They are the same colors as the Leather Cop’s breeches but in a standard-issue uniform slack style.  The boy looks and is a bit taken with the presentation of the leathers.  He is instructed to take the trousers and slides them up to his legs. As he pulls them around his waist, they fit perfectly, snug but with a tapered cut and seem to account for the steel chastity he is locked in.  The smell of the leather that they both are wearing is filling the room and making the boy hard while his cock is trapped and unable to perform.

Next, the Leather Cop hands the boy his leather uniform shirt.  It is a long sleeve in khaki color leather, matching the uniform colors his Leather Cop wears. As the boy puts it on, he notes that the patches show that the boy is a K9.  A special badge is shaped like a K9, and the named place says “K9 Property.” The shoulder patches are black like his Cop’s, but the skull has a muzzle and collar, just like the ink on his chest now covered by the leather.

The shirt zips up, then has buttons down the front.  The boy is proud to be putting on the shirt as he tucks it into his trousers.  The boy is handed a black basketweave leather belt that he puts on. There is only a handcuff container for cuffs that the Leather Cop might use on his property during the evening. As the boy buckles his belt, there is a post for a lock which Cop installs and locks.  The boy is now locked into the leather pants.  The boots come next, which are lace-up black leather and canvas Under Armor duty boots.  There is a thin steel cable around the top of each boot that the Cop locks, then the trousers are pulled down over the boot tops. The boy is beginning to realize that he will be in this uniform for as long as the Leather Cop wants.

The Leather Cop then lifts up a leather dog hood that is the same khaki color as the uniform shirt with department patch and K9 Unit on both sides of the hood.  The accent color is black as the hood is fitted over the boy’s head and worked down his neck, tucking under the shirt’s collar. The boy feels that it is heavy leather, not thin cheap stuff often used in hoods.

A small metal cord is threaded through the base of the hood after the zipper is pulled down the back and locked.  The metal cord connects the hood to the uniform shirt, which is then buttoned up to the neck, where there is a post that holds a large lock that is clearly visible to any that would care to look.

Leather Cop smooths the leather on his property, enjoying the sight of his leather K9. Beneath the hood, the boy is smiling as he feels the ownership.

“You look like the perfect dog for a Cop like me. You’re making my cock hard, and I want to ram it into your ass, boy.” The Leather Cop pauses for a moment, “Dog! Yes, you’re a dog, fucking awesome!”

The Cop strokes the side of the dog’s head as he thinks about his property as an animal. “Yes, dog, I want to fuck you hard. But it is going to wait until we get home.  Something to look forward to, huh, boy?”

The dog smiles behind the leather snout of the dog hood, nodding his hooded head. Leather Cop then adds a heavy 3-inch-wide black leather collar with spikes that protrude out of the stiff leather, with a metal plate that says “K9.”  The collar is locked with a large stainless lock, then a heavy chain leash is locked to the ring in front.  The chain weighs down the dog’s neck some. Next, the dog is locked into black leather fist mitts that are designed like dog paws.

“You must remember that tonight you do not speak unless you are given permission to. If you don’t think you can remember to restrict yourself from using your voice, I can insert a nice big gag into your mouth. Will you remember K9?”

The dog nods enthusiastically that he will remember, but the Cop Boss attaches the gag to his duty belt.  Now the dog stands before his Cop, a fully leathered sheriff K9.  Head to toe in leather, the dog is handcuffed behind his back and led out of the bedroom.

They make their way to Leather Cop’s Harley. A beautiful older Police Electric Glide that Kieran bought off of surplus sale from the California Highway Patrol. He did some alterations to it, adding a bitch seat for one. The gas tank has a subtle graphic of The Jackals skull on it. Kieran smiles as he fantasizes about going riding with his bitch leather dog.

The dog looks at his Leather Cop, having not ridden together on the bike so far. Kieran goes to a cabinet, grabbing helmets for the both of them. The dog is put in a black open-face helmet with yellow digits on the side, K9. It will leave his face exposed for all to see. The Cop straps up the helmet since the dog is in the fist mitts and cuffed. The Leather Cop slides on a matte black full-face helmet with a dark shield. He steps behind his dog, removing the cuffs for the ride.

The Leather Cop mounts his bike, motioning for his dog to jump on. The dog does as Kieran starts the machine, a low rumble filling the large building. Mateo can feel the vibration through the leather of his pants, adding a feeling to the steel that holds his cock and balls, along with the plugin his ass.

As the garage door rises, Kieran reaches around, takes his dog’s paws, and wraps them around his waist. He firmly places them there to signal the dog is not to remove them. Heading out into the desert night, the Leather Cop enjoys the feeling of his leather dog behind him, holding on to him, bringing them ever closer.

They arrive at the home bar of The Jackals, an old dive bar called the Prospector Inn just off Highway 247 that heads north to Flamingo Heights. There are several trucks and a nice sportbike as Kieran rides his Harley into the parking lot. After parking, Kieran lowers the stand, nudging the dog to dismount the bike. As the dog does, the Leather Cop turns off the motor, turning to look at his K9 standing, his arms behind his back in the fucking hot helmet that so proudly states that his property is a dog. Kieran wonders what people must have thought of what he was hauling in the bitch seat when they passed or saw them at a traffic light.

In Mateo’s mind, he was getting comfortable in his new position in the squad. When the idea of him riding on the back of the motorcycle with his dog face exposed, the dog was nervous. But he quickly overcame it as he realized no one would even know who he was, and most importantly, he was the K9 to this powerful Leather Cop. There was nothing more essential in his life at this moment.

The Leather Cop removes their helmets, placing them in the side bags on the bike. Moving in close to his dog, the Leather Cop strokes the head of this leather animal; only his brown eyes are visible behind all that leather that has been locked on. Kieran can tell that his dog is warming to his position. “You doing ok, dog?”

The dog nods his head quickly, very comfortable in what he is wearing and how he is treated. He is impressed that his Leather Cop has given him this opportunity; never could he have ever thought of himself being an animal. But being a dog to a cop just makes a lot of sense, as cop dogs are very loyal to those they serve, and that is just how this cop dog feels.

Kieran smiles, “Enjoy yourself dog, you make me proud and will be an example for all the other submissives in the unit. Let’s go.”

Leather Cop leads his new K9 toward the entry as the dog wonders what awaits him inside. He is not recognizable with the dog hood, but it clearly makes a statement about his position to the Cop that holds the heavy chain leading him.

As the Cop and his K9 enter the old bar, the lighting is dim, the fixtures weathered and the bartender aged like fine leather as he stands behind the bar drying some glasses. As the dog’s eyes adjust, he sees many more members of The Jackals in their leather uniforms.  There are fifteen or so gang members, most with their partners, slaves, or dogs. Only two of the slaves are in the owned property version of The Jackals leather uniform; they don’t wear leather shirts, only harnesses on their torso. Those not owned by their Cops or The Jackals are in rubber, casual leather, jeans, and cowboy boots. Taking all this in, Kieran’s dog stands a bit taller as he sees how special he is as he is the only leather K9 in the bar with the best-looking Cop in the group.

Leather Cop leads his dog into the saloon and then points toward the bar, releasing the chain, where the dog immediately makes his way to the bar, ordering through his K9 hood a beer for his Cop.  After receiving the beer from the older bartender, the Cop’s K9 struggles a bit to grab hold of the beer, then returns to his Boss, handing the beer to the Leather Cop. After providing the bar service, the K9 takes his proper position at attention a step behind. Kieran puts his beer on the stool, then lifts the chain leash.  He wraps it around the wood post and then takes a large lock from his belt to secure the dog to the post.  Then he leaves his dog to be alone as Kieran mingles with his fellow members. Occasion he takes a glance to appreciate the sight of his leather K9 standing and waiting.

As Kieran turns to his dog, smiling and nodding, “Fuck, you sure know how to make me look good!” Kieran reaches up with his gloved hand, patting the K9 on his leathered cheek, then unlocks the chain, taking a good grip, so the dog is reminded that he is owned and treasured.

“You’ve been a very popular dog; I’ve received nothing but positive comments. In fact, a few slaves have asked their Masters to earn the K9 uniform that you are currently in.  That has a few of these cops pissed at me but fuck them,” leather Boss strokes his boy’s leather-covered head gently with his gloved hand. “You doing ok, dog?”

The K9 nods his head to the affirmative; this makes the Cop Boss smile.

“Speak for me!” commands the Cop. This embarrasses the dog as he never thought of himself as an animal. The Cop repeats his command, “Speak, speak, boy!”

The dog catches the green eyes of his Cop, seeing that the Leather Cop is serious. So the K9 gathers his courage, barking. Some of the members in the bar hear this, turning to see Kieran and his K9. There is some light chucking, but the K9 looks at his Cop to see that he approves.

“Fuck, damn nice. Just what I wanted to hear from you,” the Leather Cop says as he pats the K9 on the side of his face, then turns and heads back to his fellow officers with the K9 now following him around the bar.

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