Milking It (For All That It’s Worth)

By RotherhamMan

“That one there.”

Frank looked up to where Luis was nodding. “The one with the cap?”

“Nah, next to him, the one with the shorts on.”

Frank wasn’t subtle as he looked the guy up and down, taking in his clothes and how they fit him and speculating on what was beneath, “Oh, yeah, not too bad.”

“Nice lips,” muttered Luis. He could tell even from this distance that they were full and pouty lips that were rare for a guy. He was as open as his friend was in checking the guy out but more so when he palmed his erection. “I’d like them on my cock.”

Frank snorted as he finished a swig from the can of beer. “You’d like any lips on your cock.”

“Nah, I like a pretty face and lips. I have standards.”

The guy and his friends had noticed the two young men staring at them and after a few moments of shifting, clearly uncomfortable, moved on somewhere else. Luis rolled his eyes, couldn’t they take the compliment of being checked out? Probably straight, a waste of good lips in his opinion.

This is a teaser to the full story, which is available for download (for a small fee) from the Author’s kindle store.

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male bdsm stories by RotherhamMan

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One thought on “Milking It (For All That It’s Worth)”

  1. Bravo, RotherhamMan! I really enjoyed this. This had, for me, the perfect balance for a mind-control story. The victim remained alert and aware just long enough to understand and be horrified by what was about to happen to him. Then it happened, and he was gone. Great pacing, believable characters, creative technology ideas… a very well-crafted story. Thanks for sharing it!

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