One Year – Part 28

By Taurus

Part 28 – “Go Home”

He slapped his own face.

And he had not yet awoken.

After a while, Russell crawled by, and suggested that they go eat.

“Shouldn’t you put on some clothes and take the collar off, Master?”

“No. Before we go, put the cage back on me, and don’t lock yourself back up.”


Through the corridors of the facility, the pair eventually arrive at the canteen for lunch, with Russell in tow, his leash held by his most faithful slave.

This elicited comments, to say the least.

“Didn’t know you were into this, Russell!”

“We should fuck you sometime!”

Thunderous laughter rang out across the canteen. Despite the humiliation, Russell was collected, and smiled generously.

“Slave, choose something for the both of us,” Russell whispered gently, after approaching the one who held his leash.

“Master, order the one you have most often, please.”

Russell asked for two plates of spaghetti bolognese.

The canteen was not a big place. It could seat comfortably 16 people, 24, if you tried hard enough. Russell being led on by his slave with a leash, naked and submissive, became the centre of attention.

Naturally, this prompted lots of teasing and groping, but Russell focused on talking to his slave.

“Tie the leash to the table leg and get our dishes.”

James complied. The leash was too short to allow Russell to sit on a chair comfortably, so he chose to sit on the floor.

James stepped away reluctantly to witness his master thoroughly humiliated. He even meekly sucked someone off at their command!

Returning with the spaghetti, the crowd finally dissipated, with Russell’s beard stained with precum, and his cheeks red with embarrassment. James hugged Russell, confused and defensive.

“Master, why did you do this?”

“I wanted to know what you felt, what you went through when you gave yourself to me.

“…I’d have a panic attack if I got punished like I did to you. Sorry.”

“Master, you’re such an idiot,” James laughed gently.

James alternated between eating and feeding Russell, taking care to make sure the spaghetti was cool enough to eat straight away. This took much longer than James’ usual allotted lunchtime, but there was very little on this day that was usual.

Russell leant against his slave’s leg, absent-mindedly rubbing his hairy body against the equally hairy leg. Having fallen into a submissive headspace, he decided to kneel instead of sit.

Russell felt his head spin and a gushing warmth in his chest.

What the fuck was going on? This felt like a fever dream, and yet the food, the smells, the sensations on his body, the pain in his cock – they were all real.

Did it matter though?

“Of course not, just keep eating your meal, boy,” Russell reminded himself.

After the meal, Russell returned with James to the cell, now cleaned. Russell, still with a cage over his cock and a leash around his neck, kicked his clothes into a corner and held his slave in his arms, who was truly naked.

Regardless of how many times he had embraced his slave, it always felt perfect, like puzzle pieces clicking together, forming a total greater than the sum of its parts.

It never mattered that this would be his last time imbibing in this once-in-a-lifetime luxury; you cannot improve upon perfection.

“Promise me, stay quiet.”


“You’ve been a good boy. I don’t think I need to explain more. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted but a billion times better, because you’re real, not just a dream.

“Now I’m telling you how you’re gonna wake up from our dream and leave tomorrow.

“You’re going straight home the way you came here. We’ll have a debrief in the morning with you, and then you’re going home in that truck, locked back up. You’ll be unloaded in your bedroom in rigid irons with a key to your chastity, but you won’t be able to get free until you wait 30 minutes for the lock on the irons. With the training I’ve given you it shouldn’t be much of a problem, right?”

James shook his head, and buried it straight back into Russell’s chest.

“Do you want your cage weighted or unweighted? We have to take out the dead electronics in your cage, but we could maintain the weight.”

“I want it weighted, master.”

“Any more questions, my boy?”

James thought long and hard.

There were nagging questions, questions about the minor stuff, regarding failsafe measures, emergency contacts, his lockbox of stuff, and a whole host of other small issues.

But one thing tore at his sanity in particular. He had to ask that dreaded question, and hear the already known answer come from the man who held him.

“What about ‘us,’ Master?”

“I want to keep you forever, I do. But I can’t.

“We’re from different worlds. I was born poor, still poor, and this job is the last one I can get, at least from what I can see anyways. So I’ll have to stay.

“As for you, boy, you’re the young CEO of your great company. Even if you don’t mind this place, if you don’t go back, the people who work for you will suffer.

“Go home. Take a drive in that beautiful blue Porsche I hear you have. Go to the beach.

“Go talk to the people who work for you. Find a day, tell them all that you value each and every one of them, no matter what wrongs they’ve done before.”

“Forget about Russell.”

James lay cradled in his master’s arms, biting at the leash around Russell’s neck that had been redirected to the front.

“It’s been a long year, slave, have a nap. You’ve earned it, and much much more.”

“Please stay with me, Master, just for tonight. I wanna remember.”

“Yes, my slave.”

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