One Year – Part 29

By Taurus

Part 29 – “Debrief”

James awoke with a start, opening his eyes to see nothing. 

Today was his last day here at this facility. Despite the fact that he had been stripped of his humanity, he wanted to stay.

So this was Stockholm syndrome. Maybe this was not the right term to use; his captors never really caused him much harm at all, if discounting Arnold that is. Though Russell in particular, he gave him the time of his life, and showed him what perfect love could feel like.

Speaking of Russell, where was he? 

The night prior, Russell had slept in the cell with James again, upholding his promise to stay by his slave’s side for the rest of yesterday. This morning, he seemed to have gone.

The lights were all off, but James felt a distinct absence. Gingerly, he shuffled around, and found no one by his side. After confirming no one was on the mattress, he splayed himself out as he usually did, but knocked into a certain something with his right shoulder.

Inspecting it further, he felt leather, chain and an unlocked padlock.

This was the collar his master wore yesterday, and now he was gone.

The necklace-keychain was taken away as well.

Unable to fall back asleep, James clutched at this memento.

It was all a flash in the pan, insignificant and forgettable as far as the rest of the world was concerned. Yet for several months, he had lived in a world where there was no one but him and Russell, where every second was worthy of poetry.

It was significant to him.

Even when separated by thick concrete walls, he still kept Russell in his mind, and ceaselessly prayed for him. James was an atheist, but he liked to think that if he wished for someone to receive his blessings hard enough, they would eventually. Through the tapestries of the world, they would subconsciously know.

And so he prayed, for his master’s health, happiness and fortunes.

By coincidence, as he finished his prayers, the lights turned on, though for once it was a gentle arrangement – yellowed, and only the ceiling lit up. Sam, the doctor was at the door, wheeling in a small cart of equipment, and he brought along a guard with a toolbox.

“Good morning, slave James.”

“Good morning, sir.”

Sam took James’ temperature and blood pressure to confirm that he was healthy, and signaled for the guard to work on the cage, laid out on the sink counter closest to the door.

“You wanna see what you’ve worn for a year?”

Without waiting for a response, Sam wrapped his arm around James’ shoulder and led him to witness the intricate handiwork in his chastity cage.

Firstly, several screws were undone from the panel at the base of where his cock would be. The screws were so small that when they were stuck to a magnet for safekeeping, they looked like mere bumps.

Thus revealing a square compartment of side length one inch, half an inch deep, and it contained some of the most breathtaking engineering he had ever laid eyes on.

To start, the compartment had waterproofing done – a decent feat in itself. Closest to the ring was a typical lock with a solenoid actuator. Moving further away, a circuit board lined the bottom, with a GPS tracker and button battery – long since dead – filling the rest of the space, being stuck directly onto the circuit board.

A set of tiny tweezers was produced, and the solenoid was disconnected from the lock, rendering the cage no more advanced than a traditional one. Then, the guard slowly pried at the insulating glue between the bare metal chassis and the circuit board to eventually get it dislodged.

Finally, a new dollop of glue was injected into the cage, and a weighted insert was stuck in. The job was done when the panel was replaced.

“Thank you, sir,” James said, amazed by the sheer amount of efficiency hidden in his cage, to which the guard responded with a grin and reminder to head up to the director’s office.


“Not yet, sir.”

James went back to his mattress and picked up the bright red collar with the leash connected to it. After contemplating for a moment, he steeled his nerves and fastened it back on his neck.

“I’m ready now, sir.”


There he was, Director Daniel Felix Preston.

“Hello, Mr Leonard! Had a good time here?”

“It was a very good time, thank you, sir.”

“No need to be so formal – ah, I see, I see.”

Daniel smiled an unreadable smile after seeing the dog collar around James’ neck.

“It’s what I’m used to, sir.”

“It’s fine. No matter, shall we meet the people who’ve aided you in your journey?”

“Yes, sir.”

With that, James was turned to face a wall, along which stood a small line of people.

“This first gentleman is our head chef, Mr Renard. Not a fancy title, but he keeps us all fed well, and that’s something to thank him for.

“This next one is the leader of the janitorial team, Mr Yves. Again, not a fancy title, but thanks to him we live in beautiful cleanliness.

“As for this one, he is the one who led the team of men to kidnap you. Ex-spec ops, Mr Turner.”

James recognised him as the person who “tenderised” him when he first arrived.

“And obviously you should know Mr Grayson, the doctor who keeps you alive, and sane.”

James bowed his head and spoke, “Thank you everyone for helping me have such a good time.”

The men chattered among themselves, astonished at this multi-millionaire’s meekness and humility.

“You’re still missing one person, Mr Leonard. The one who changed your life.”

“Mas – I mean, Sir Russell.”

Daniel guffawed at the stammer, and he got up from his desk.

“Don’t be stupid. When he told you to lead him out on a leash, everyone knew what was going on between you two – just pure, mad love, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

“Besides, there’s a thing called the Internet. News spreads quickly. I’m not nearly inept enough to be oblivious as to the people in my facility.”

It was at this moment, Daniel tilted his head to one side, and raised his voice significantly, “Russell! Come in and see your slave!”

As Daniel’s social omniscience predicted (or rather, determined), there Russell was, eavesdropping from behind the doorway. He entered and, having given in to the magnetic draw of James, quietly closed his hand around the leash.

James could see that he had retrieved the keys to his chastity and his collar, and were hanging from his neck. Putting his face up against Russell’s, he felt the faintest stickiness of dried tears.

“You like your slave, don’t you Russell?”

“You know perfectly well I’d fucking die for him. Stop this stupid drama, just give him his shit and send him back home, then we can talk about what to do next.”

“So I’ll stop,” Daniel said as he produced a tablet from his desk, with the screen displaying a document – “Severance Policy for Russell Anne Dennis”.

“Mr Dennis, there will be no talk of what to do next for you.

“You are not suited for this facility anymore, because of your inability to disconnect emotionally from our clients. Which is why I’ve decided to let you go with your slave, along with all the items you’ve procured for this facility over the years, which includes your barber’s tools, the dog collar currently worn by Mr Leonard, among other items. My verbal list is not exhaustive; refer to your severance policy.”

Reading more closely, Russell noticed that despite getting “fired”, he was also getting lots of benefits with it, including his share in the facility being sold off for a large profit.

Most importantly, of course, he now had no strings attached and he could go with his slave.

There was just one last problem.

“I need to talk to James, alone.”

“Heh, gentlemen, we’ll leave this pair of lovers to their business.”

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  1. Have to admit that for the first time ever.
    I am actually worried that this might not have a happy ending.

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