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Poll question: Would you use a human urinal bound in the men’s room at a leather bar?

This posting is inspired by ty dehner — author of the male BDSM story “Jonas” currently running in the Metalbond Prison Library. He suggested a poll asking the question, “If you walked into a men’s room at a leather bar and found a rubber object bound and ready to be used as a urinal, would you?” Wanting to get at the bottom of this serious matter, I posted the question as a poll on the official Metalbond Twitter feed, and the results are in:

  • 87 percent said that yes, they would indeed piss in the human urinal!
  • 13 percent said no.

human male bondage gimp used as a urinal

Two of the respondents wisely added a comment that they would use the guy as a urinal provided he gave a consent signal such as the nod of his head. Another respondent said that he would like to use the guy as a urinal but that seeing him bound would make him so hard he would be unable to piss.

How about you? Assuming there was consent, would you make use of the rubber object bound as a urinal? Although the Twitter poll is ended, you can leave a message with your response in the comments section below.

9 thoughts on “Poll question: Would you use a human urinal bound in the men’s room at a leather bar?”

  1. Medically speaking how many people can someone drink piss from in short period of time before suffering effects such as water toxicity? Can someone in a restroom realistically take on all comers without becoming bloated or sick?

  2. I would. Providing consent.

    Regarding what Brian asked above, I trust there would be a Dom ensuring that the human urinal would not go over the limit. (Quick bio question : is beer piss more or less toxic than “daily” piss ?)

  3. Since your question says consent has been given, why deprive the urinal from the opportunity to recycle mt piss?

  4. I’m with Bears above. As long as consent was “freely” given and not bullied out of him then fine although the safety measures such as limits of amounts should be taken into consideration by the top just as he would with any situation that has side effects.

  5. If the Master was near and gave consent to use it I would gladly let it recycle my piss. I’d also gladly take its place if the Master allowed me to either after it was full or bound hooded next to it so the Master could alternate the guys using us. Been bound and taken piss for 3 guys over an evening.

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