Remembering Mr. Bratman

The leather community has lost a kind-hearted Old Guard Master.

Mr Bratman


Mr. Bratman was a true bondage enthusiast who dished out plenty of restraints, discipline and protocol — and lots and lots of love. He grew up in Baltimore and lived in New York City and San Francisco before moving to North Carolina, where he frequently hosted play parties at his facility.

“He died peacefully of complications from his heart condition. He was alert and socially active up until the end,” wrote Dan in an email.

Richter says there will likely be a memorial in the fall.

I spent an entire week with Mr. Bratman in San Francisco back in the early 1990s. He took me out in public every day with a fresh mohawk and a VERY big collar. The picture of myself in front of my then-employer’s corporate headquarters that I posted recently, was taken by Mr. Bratman on that visit! Each night it was a different form of bondage. I’ll never forget those experiences.

I am sharing this with love and respect for Mr. Bratman. There will never be another like him.

— Metal, June 9, 2021

5 thoughts on “Remembering Mr. Bratman”

  1. He, wat sad news indeed.

    I met Mr. Bratman 1st in 1995 during Folsom and was allowed to spend some time with him in SF during the millennium NYE in full Rubber and bondage. Even my flight from NYC (stopover) rubber was mandatory.
    Caring with a big heart and his every changing ideas when we went out for lunch ..of course then bondage of some sort was of the order.

    My current husband and Dad visited him again for his Birthday in 2002.
    He will surely be missed by many.

    In memoriam Matthias. (London and Holland)

    1. Very sad news. I met him a few times on short trips in sf. Spent time in his jail and being taken to the eagle in a straightjacket. I wish I had kept up contact in recent years.

  2. I spent a very enjoyable week with him in Raleigh in 2008. I slept in bondage every night, and he required me to arrive and leave in full leathers, travelling on Amtrak, and of course be in leather whenever we went out to eat. He helped me overcome many of my inhibitions. Really sorry to hear of his passing – one of the greats!

    Ian from Brighton, UK

  3. I started chatting to him online in 2019. Sadly never had a chance to visit. He definitely had big bondage ideas.

  4. Had the privilege of being invited to His home a few years ago. It was a few days before His New Years party. His dungeon was remarkable. Got to try many things including the infamous floating coffin. Highlight was when He and my Master shared cigars with this slave at Their feet.
    Feel very honoured to have known Him.
    RIP Mr Bratman.
    s tom

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