Rex: A James Story – Part 07

By Rex

Based on a true story.

The towel was cold as it moved down my shivering chest. I felt so exposed, hairless as I was, I had never shaved my underarms. My chest I shaved just once or twice to see that six-pack better but this was completely different, I haven’t been this smooth since I started looking at boys differently.

I hadn’t resisted when he had unlocked me and gently picked me up. I hadn’t resisted when he made sure I saw myself in the mirror, smooth and collared. I hadn’t resisted when he pointed out that I had a veritable waterfall of pre-cum leaking out of the cage and I certainly hadn’t resisted when he scooped it up and held it up to my face and yelled, “clean dog.”

I cleaned, I could have sucked the chrome off a trailer hitch. I was so horny, course I didn’t know what horny was yet, I would have l given anything for him to fuck me then and there.

I felt a cool sensation on my asshole, was I going to be that lucky? No. Firmly and with some resistance he pushed a dog tail shaped butt plug into my hole. I yelped for a moment, shocked by the sudden intrusion but kept quiet. I indulged in a momentary wave of bliss as the plug hit my prostate. This, however, wasn’t designed for my pleasure and without taking the plug out and pushing it back in I wouldn’t get much stimulation from it. No, this was to keep me available for my trainer, my owner. “This stays in dog; this falls out and we have a problem. I’m not going to worry about you playing with your hole, the mitts I’m locking on ya will prevent that. This will be in your ass in the AM or I’ll tan your hide. Got it, dog?”

I woofed at him and whined a little. “The collar is staying on, the battery will last a week so don’t worry about talking anytime soon. Let’s get you in the rest of your uniform, dog.” True to his word he had quite a collection waiting for me. I became a mix of metal and leather. The cage, collar, and plug were joined by locking ankle and wrist restraints, a hood, locking mitts, and some heavy-duty knee pads. Chains were run through each wrist and ankle restraint, held in place by master locks.

I wasn’t blind but I wasn’t going anywhere fast. He grabbed a leash and went for my collar before stopping and reconsidering, he fasted the rope to my balls. I started walking I guess, on all fours toward the exit when he gave a hard tug filling my vision with pain.

“You don’t lead dog, here you’re not even a beta, both of the totem pole. You’re going to learn that real quick.” With that, he strode into the darkness, no care at all to the pulling of my nuts. I kept up as best I could but I wasn’t used to moving this fast on all fours. Very quickly I was covered in a thin layer of sweat, on my now smooth body the sensation was jarring.

Just as I was about to collapse into the dirt. We reached another structure. Todd pulled out a key that had been dangling off his belt and unlocked the building. With a light but firm tug, he motioned me inside. There were no lights I could barely see the mask was preventing my eyes from adjusting. Todd moved to one corner of the room and with another key opened up what was definitely a cage. This one was more spacious than the one in the vehicle but not by much. Todd grab me by the collar and lead me in before locking the cage.

“Night well dog, do try and get some sleep, tomorrow the real training begins.” The door slammed behind him and the distinct sound of another lock sliding into place echoed throughout the room. This cage was quite a bit larger than I was expecting. I had enough room to stretch out, there were no blankets but the room was quite warm, I did have a small puppy-sized pillow that would support my neck. The setup was a far cry from the bed I shared with my Master but I had to remind myself that those days were over. I did my best to get comfortable but without Todd to focus on the plug made itself known. If it had been shaped for the prostate I’d be in great shape but it was clear that all pleasure was going to have to come from my Sirs, either through serving or freely given by them.

I sighed, a small puddle of precum trickling out of me.


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