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Get ready for even more male bondage stories to beat off to in the Metalbond Prison Library

Hey Prisoners,

I hope you guys are ready for even MORE male bondage stories to beat off to — or strain in tour cock cage while reading — because there will be lots more gay BDSM fiction coming to the Metalbond Prison Library in the coming days and weeks! The upcoming tales include a brand new series by longtime contributor Slavebladeboi, the return of BootBoy27, a multi-part SEQUEL to A Left Turn at Albuquerque by Hunter Perez, plus the debut of a brand new author named Shket36 who will be making his first appearance in the stories section tomorrow!

male bondage stories to beat off to


Oh, and speaking of Hunter Perez, keep in mind that if you enjoyed “A Left Turn at Albuquerque” you might also want to consider his eBook The Friend Request, which is available for purchase on Amazon.

Object Permanence – Chapter 04

By BootBoy27


The night continued; I recycled piss like it was the only thing I’m good for.

(What it’s good for) echoed in my mind.

After the fifth load I had calmed down a bit. I had no idea what to think of about the sleepsacks in the tree, but for my mental sake I just focused on my own situation.

I had no sense of who was around me. I was only ever approached as a utility and only realized it was happening when it flooded into my mouth. Sometimes coarse chunks were guzzled down in the process. It seemed to be ash.

Every so often, one of the men would adjust my chair from kneeling to sitting and back again with the next one before draining into the gag. A benefit of that was that I could rest my knees on the chair. I think they were adjusting me more for height convenience than my comfort.

Someone pulled my caged cock out of my catsuit at one point, and it wasn’t until then that I also realized that my bladder was full. I instantly started to drain through the urethral tube.

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Object Permanence – Chapter 03

By BootBoy27


The truck ride wasn’t long but went a slow pace most of the way. After They parked, My Owner turned and pulled me out of the truck. He got behind me and buckled the collar attached to the jacket.

“I like doing that part Myself.” He moved His hand to the back of my neck from my shoulder with a firm grip before stepping around in front of me and started walking. A length of chain, extending me to the palm of His hand, pulled me along.

I was led through a thin level trail of light-colored rocks surrounded by tall grass and trees. It was dark enough my range of visual awareness was limited to the line of contrast made by the rock meeting the grass. I concentrated on it as hard as I could without endangering my balance and stride, until I noticed light stretching out from ahead of us. A harsh orange and yellow light danced across the ground.

It grew brighter and allowed me to see the firepit as its source. A picnic table with some candles to the left of it and a tree just beyond that with flexible strands of light wrapped around the base and part way up the trunk. The lowest branch was long and thick, about 7 feet off the ground. It was an unexpected sight, and I stood there mesmerized by it until I felt the chain leash pull down on the collar.

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Object Permanence – Chapter 02

By BootBoy27


Disassociating from time is easier when you can’t look at anything that measures it. But that didn’t stop me from trying by counting the number of intermissions between the panic attacks.  After adjusting to some soreness for what felt like hours, I was able to adapt to the stimuli that I was being subjected to: the tension in my ass, the restricted breathing, the restricted limbs.

The presence of smoke disappeared allowing me to put more focus on my respiratory rate before my arrival.

I only pissed about two more times, the fullness growing with each load drained from my bladder, before I felt the truck stop, and the engine turn off.

In the following silence I was trying to keep my thoughts at bay. Praying that we had finally arrived, and I would be let out of this position soon without setting myself up for emotional disaster of it being another truck stop with hours still to go.

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