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Darren is going to spend the rest of his life naked and subservient


Darren thinks he can walk out whenever he feels like it. But he’s going to spend the rest of his life naked and subservient to the desires of the men who own him. When he demands to go he’s stripped of his tight white pants and brought to his knees. After fetching us a couple of brews he’s brought to his knees to worship boots. Darren is made to understand how lowly he really is. When he fails to lick properly his rump is given a swift caning. His big round rear makes too tempting a sight so he’s laid out on his back to get fucked up the arse.



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Fitness instructor Jamie gets taken down and tied with ropes

New at BreederFuckers, incredibly toned fitness instructor Jamie is making a health food video in the hopes of becoming the next online star, but he keeps fluffing his lines. The arrogant stud doesn’t know how to take directions and brushes off the crew who try to assist him absolutely refusing to even let them touch his temple of a body. The guys render him harmless taking him to the floor and binding him with ropes so he can’t resist their greedy invasive fingers.


He’s strung up to show off his perfect chiseled six pack and broad hairy chest. Some swift punching to his toned stomach makes the whining fucker more submissive. His shorts are yanked down to show off his sexy jock strap, the outline of his cock and balls bulging temptingly. Rather than whipping them down themselves, the men want Jamie to do the final reveal. They play a cruel game delivering swift lashes to his back and bare arse until he slides down his own jock strap.

The men demand this sex object pleasure them by using his restrained hands to stroke their hard cocks over their jeans. They take his cherry prying apart his hairy reddened cheeks and shoving fingers up his arsehole. The dirty fucker may be moaning angrily but his dick tells a different story as it rises in response to being penetrated. The men peg his sensitive nipples, cock and balls so that any pleasure this proud straight fucker feels will be under their control.

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George is put through an S&M session that will be seared on his mind forever


When hetero George first arrived at BreederFuckers, he was full of confidence and swagger, bragging he could do anything in order to make as much money as possible. He fancies himself as the supreme ladies’ man. Today he’s put to the ultimate test as he’s put through an S&M session that will be seared on his mind forever. He’s tied and shackled in place so he can’t get away while being pervily groped all over. His shirt is shredded to reveal his manly hairy chest. When the men grab for his cock, he angrily twists away. Dave angrily wrestles him in place and the men aggressively kiss him sliding their wet tongues all over his lips and bristly face.


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Daniel is tied up and presented with two erect penises to service


Sporty Daniel makes a tempting site, stripped down with his muscular, tattooed body on show and his big cock bulging out from his jockstrap at BreederFuckers:


The pouch is pulled aside to reveal his silky, uncut dick, which is aggressively wanked till his cock is a bit stiff. But this isn’t about his pleasure. As part of this straight man’s submissive training, he’s presented with two erect penises to service. His head is pushed down so he has to deep throat. He’s barely given time to take a breath before another dick is rammed in his mouth. His oral services just aren’t good enough. Daniel is spread naked on a bench so Dave can jerk off directly onto his shamed face covering it in big thick gobs of sperm. His arse is spread open and his hole prepared for a deep hard fucking with the cock he so recently sucked.

012 017



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Darren has his ankles roped to the wall, allowing full access to his anus


Married straight man Darren should be displayed in the way BreederFuckers demand. With legs akimbo, his ankles are roped to the wall, allowing full access to his anus. The round curves of his bottom look tempting in his tight blue jeans. His backside is given a flogging that makes the bound man writhe in agony. His feet are uncovered so that invasive fingers can gently tease the soles of his feet, causing Darren to get excruciatingly angry and thrash against his bonds. After a good hard lashing Adrian’s handiwork is revealed as his clothes are sliced away, leaving Darren’s hot pink anus totally exposed. He’s given a beating and his hole is invaded with a deep fingering. His hole is opened further with a vibrating dildo planted up his rectum. He’s ordered to keep it in but finds it impossible when his feet are given a sharp caning. The jerk of his body causes his anus to constrict and the instrument pops right out! His hole is now widened and clear for a good hard fucking with a real cock. Darren moans pathetically as he’s screwed and his asshole is covered with a spray of semen.

002 007


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Daniel on the bench at BreederFuckers

Tied flat against a bench at BreederFuckers with his sporty ass pointed in the air, Daniel’s hole makes a tempting sight.

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Dave plants his face between his big round cheeks to moisten his hole with his tongue in preparation for a fucking. Proud hetero Daniel is disgusted to have his asshole lapped at by another man. If he can’t take nice treatment then he’s going to get it rough. To prove he can’t just get through life on his good looks, Dave plays a wicked game with Daniel by quizzing him and when he gets answers wrong it’s a sharp electro shock to his sensitive pink hole. To keep this straight fucker’s genitals under control Dave secures them to the bench. Next he makes him watch the straight porn he loves so much while having his ass fingered harshly and spread open. Now that his hole is loose Dave shoves a massive dildo on a stick up his rectum and hammers it in so it nearly splits him in two. Daniel howls in rage and pain. He won’t ever be able to jerk off while looking at straight porn again without recalling his ass being fucked so deeply.


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Scotty the swimmer at BreederFuckers

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Scotty’s sleek muscular swimmer’s body was made to be naked. He’s collared and brought to his knees like an obedient slave to service angry men’s desire. It’s important for an athlete like this to learn good breath control for the pool, and what better way to train him than jamming a big stiff cock in his mouth to make him hold his breath. The men’s shafts are soon covered in this straight man’s gooey saliva. He gets them so hot and bothered they flip him over to use his ass, which has been stoppered with a buttplug till he’s ready for use. His warm and moist hole is eaten out. The scent of this hot sportsman’s horny hot hole fills the room as the men spread his legs for a good long harsh fuck. Dick is rammed so far up his anus he groans in agony and his skin flares a violent shade of red. The men fuck him at both ends and fill his gob with fresh loads of creamy sperm so this hetero fucker will be tasting it for months to come. It’s not enough that his mouth has been turned into a cum receptacle. He must clean the freshly milked cock clean and swallow every last drop.


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Rugby player gets anally probed


Daniel awaits his performance review at BreederFuckers while in his full sports kit. He’s ordered up on the table and tied down so the big dumb stud can’t buck or pull away during his examination. With clinical detachment his superiors excruciatingly embarrass the sportsmen by discussing his sexual habits and asshole resistance all the while prodding and handling his genitals. They cut away his tight shorts to reveal his big hairy arse perfectly framed by a sweaty jock strap. Upon consideration his asshole is far too tight for a rugby player. They want him to be ready to receive a fucking from even the biggest lads on the team. First they slide bare fingers up his smooth sphincter yanking and pulling until the resistant muscle gradually widens.


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