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A hairy rugby player gets tied up at BreederFuckers

BreederFuckers 01A happy hetero couple Sean and Judith come into doctor Adrian’s office at BreederFuckers asking for advice because Sean has been sleepwalking naked. His subconscious must be seeking something that his dull little wife can’t give him. Getting a good look at the hairy rugby player, Adrian quickly prescribes bumming treatment. Sean is bent over a table with his arms tied in place so he can’t go wandering off. With his pert ass pointed out his jeans and pants are removed to show off his ripe virgin bum. The befuddled man feels something hard and sharp inserted right up his rectum. His asshole is torn into right in front of his startled wife while he pleads for the men to stop. Dave gags him with his cock teaching him how to suck it properly. The lad is overwhelmed being done at both ends and can do nothing to stop the men from unloading their semen onto him. With his face dripping with sperm he looks at his wife as he’s now been thoroughly ruined.

BreederFuckers 02BreederFuckers 03

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Facefucked until he gags

face fuckedToby has worked hard to build up his new buff manly body. Now it’s put on display at BreederFuckers and used by a pervy man for his own pleasure. He’s strapped to a bench and his tight white pants are ripped off him. He’s spanked and flogged until he submits to begging to suck a man’s cock. He is made to worship the hard dick and facefucked until he gags. His ass is viciously fucked and his sore ass is covered in spunk.

Face fucked

Face Fucked

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Mouth stretcher gag

gagged cocksucker Hot rock star Wayne drifts into Adrian’s bar at BreederFuckers. The cocky party boy is such a tempting sight the pervy men strong-arm Wayne to the floor, where they pin him down and rip his clothes off. Before Wayne can comprehend what’s happening a throbbing erection is shoved into his hole, making him howl and squirm. Dave pounds him into being an obedient cocksucker with the help of a mouth stretcher. He’s rammed from both ends. His hard rock body is put to proper use as a receptacle for horny men’s sperm.

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Total degradation and humiliation

Breederfuckers 01Meanwhile over at BreederFuckers, sporty tough guy Toby is the perfect specimen of a young straight who is ripe for total degradation and humiliation. His tight hetero asshole is screwed deeply by a fucking machine, his sensitive nipples and foreskin are clamped and he’s flogged for good measure. He moans in anger and pain as his oiled body is selfishly used.

BreederFuckers 02Breederfuckers 03

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Get the stirrups

Tied in a medical exam chairAt BreederFuckers, strapping young straight Terry needs to be tied to a medical exam chair to be fucked in the way he deserves to be. He’s stripped naked and his genitals are interfered with. He keeps hollering insults, so his insolent mouth is gagged with his torn underwear and a thick leather belt. His perfect cock and balls are roped up. Then it’s time to pound that tight hole by hammering a dildo into his ass. He’s viciously fucked by his captor, and his asshole is covered in cum that is fed into his mouth.

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Drooling through a ball gag

At BreederFuckers, straight football lad Toby is slowly stripped naked and bent over the pervy man’s knee for a spanking. His dick is so sensitized to cruel kinky treatment that being bound and used instantly gets his prick very stiff.

His tight warm asshole is revealed and rubbed

His tight warm asshole is revealed and rubbed. Adrian slides a wet digit up Toby’s hole and then holds his finger up Toby’s nose so he can get a whiff of the strong animal smell of his own sphincter. He’s trussed up on a block with his bum in the air and penetrated with a dildo on a stick lubed up with his own spittle.


Leaving the dildo firmly up his hole Adrian kicks the block so it slides in as deep as possible and stretches this straight fucker’s ass fully open.

Leaving the dildo firmly up his hole Adrian kicks the block so it slides in as deep as possible and stretches this straight fucker’s ass fully open.


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Artur gets smacked around and put on a leash

Apparently Artur thinks he’s too good to hang around crawling naked on the floor and submitting to dominant men. He’s smacked around and put on a leash to put him in his place. He’s whipped, ballgagged and handcuffed until he offers up his ass to be used by the men who own him. His pristine asshole is fucked viciously and covered in fresh spunk. His balls are clamped in a humbler with his asshole on show for anyone else who wants to screw this hetero.


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