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Shirt and Tie Bondage

By bound2tie

Mark York was a good-looking guy on a budget-airline flight from Britain to Hamburg.   He was one of only two passengers to be wearing a suit and tie, and the check-in operator had put the other suit in the adjoining seat.

The other guy commented on their being the only two formally dressed, and asked what York’s business was in Hamburg.   York laughed and said he wouldn’t believe him if he told him.   In fact York didn’t need to be dressed like that.   But he was a homosexual with shirt’n’tie, bondage and other fetishes, and was on his way to stay a few days with a Hamburg guy, Reinhardt Schmidt, who shared his kinks.

York had never met Schmidt, but had photos of him, in formal clothes and/or bondage.   York couldn‘t spot Schmidt’s cute face when he emerged from Arrivals at Hamburg, but was surprised to see two goodlooking uniformed men waiting with a notice showing the name Mark York.   They were both wearing dark sweaters with epaulets, and v-necks showing white shirts and neat, formal ties, one with a clip-on tie and the other a real tie in a great looking wide Windsor knot, a perfectly symmetrical knot wider than it was long.

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Jonas – Part 3

By ty dehner

It took a while but eventually the guys started showing up and needing to use the urinals. I think most were afraid to use an object like me, so it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Eventually a few guys did use me, one got off on kicking my balls and I ended up choking on his piss. Another poured his beer down the spout and into me. That started to give me a slight buzz. Sometimes a few guys must have been in line as the piss was flowing constantly, other times it was a long time between my use.

Eventually, I felt a pat on my head, and I heard Jonas voice. He let me know that I have been locked up as the urinal for 4 hours. He was going to release me so that I could enjoy some of the gathering. He mentioned it was a good crowd and he thought I would enjoy seeing all the guys in their gear. Slowly he undid the restraints and then removed the tape from the eyes of the hood. He helped me stand and all the sweat and piss in the suit ran into the boots. He then removed the straightjacket. I motioned my head wondering if he was going to remove the hood.

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Iowa Cowboy – Part 06

By Atlanta Stud

After Dave led me (Jake) back to our room, he went back to Brody’s room to find him still standing in front of the mirror, tugging a bit on the cuffs locked through the ring on the transport belt. Standing directly behind him and putting his hands on Brody’s muscled shoulders, he leaned in and quietly said, “Yeah, that’s it stud, keep tugging on that metal you’re locked up in. Ironic that all that muscle you’ve worked so hard on can’t help you right now. But you like this, don’t you, not being in control. I could tell that first day you tried on those cuffs we bought. Bet you’re in ROTC for the same reason, so you can have someone telling you what to do. Am I right? Tell me I’m right, Brody.”

Brody turned to face Dave, swallowed hard and kept silent.

“Yeah, just what I thought, big boy. So here’s what I’m proposing for the week, and when I’m done with the proposal, you’ll have until morning to give me your answer as you’re locked to your bunk for the night. First, I’m the Warden around here and you’re the inmate. This week you’ll be wearing that jumpsuit that you seem to like so much, or you’ll be in your fatigues, boots and your new ARMY T or shirtless if the weather dictates. You’ll see what’s been issued to you each morning after you shower. At all times while indoors, at minimum you’ll be locked in legcuffs, but for now get your ass on that bunk.”

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