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Partygoers beat and skull fuck a big-dicked stud in bondage


Josh West takes CJ to a party. CJ is made to strip and serve drinks to the horny partygoers. They tie him down and pull on his fat, nine-inch cock. CJ endures a heavy flogging, electricity play, suspension bondage fuck and countless loads of cum from everyone. This is a vintage shoot from Bound In Public.

josh_west_gay_bondage_01 josh_west_gay_bondage_02 josh_west_gay_bondage_03 josh_west_gay_bondage_04


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The Sex Addict fucks with an innocent security guard

Here’s another vintage shoot from Bound Gods:


It’s the usual middle of the night in the psych ward and Josh West is the new security guard. CJ the sex addict is all chained up for the public’s safety. Josh reads CJ’s file and he’s extremely curious about the strange prisoner. He approaches the stud in bondage. It’s not long before CJ uses his sick psychic power and makes Josh pull out his raging hard 10-inch cock. Josh resists sucking CJ’s nine-inch cock and hits him repeatedly, but it’s fruitless. Josh puts the psycho in the electric chair and uses electricity on him. He beats CJ with a belt and fucks him like an animal in bondage.

Josh_West_gay_bondage_02 Josh_West_gay_bondage_03 Josh_West_gay_bondage_04 Josh_West_gay_bondage_05 Josh_West_gay_bondage_06 Josh_West_gay_bondage_07


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