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Josh West gets tied up and suspended in the woods

Josh West gets tied up, flogged, dildo fucked and jacked off while fully suspended

Josh West gets tied up, flogged, dildo fucked and jacked off while fully suspended

He’s been a top on Kink Men, renowned for his massive cock. Now Josh West comes to Men on Edge to be bound, flogged and fucked. Tied to a tree, Josh gets hard beneath his underwear. They tease him with the vibrator and give him the nipple clamps.

He’s manhandled and edged before being suspended and left begging in the forest. After a hard flogging, they fuck Josh’s ass. He is fully suspended and edged continuously. Unable to take more, he blows his load … but even then, his massive cock must still endure the post-orgasm torment.

Men On Edge - Josh West

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This is a vintage shoot from Men On Edge

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Male BDSM porn: Super hunk Jessie Colter meets Josh West


This is a vintage bondage porn shoot from Bound Gods. Josh West ties up super hunk Jessie Colter and fucks him with his giant cock. Click any of the pictures below to go directly to the video:


If Jessie Colter wants Josh West’s huge cock, he has to earn it. Josh ties him up in his playroom and rips his clothes off. Jessie endures the electricity on wooden pegs while his ass gets beaten with the flogger.

16762_p_04 16762_p_06 16762_p_07 16762_p_11

Josh binds Jessie on the metal horse with leather straps. Beating the stud’s exposed ass with the cane, he pounds the living daylights out of him with his fat cock. It’s still not over. Josh straps Jessie to the rotating metal rack and puts the fucksall to his ass. As the fucking machine jackhammers away, Josh milks the screaming captive’s cock

16762_p_21 16762_p_23 16762_p_24

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Josh ties him up in his playroom and rips his clothes off

Man Sex Dungeon

In this vintage gay porn shoot from Bound Gods, a muscle daddy suspends a muscular captive in the dungeon and then fucks him. Click any of the pictures below to go directly to the video:

17877_p_08 17877_p_11

Josh West is horny in the dungeon and wants to see what studly Mitch Vaughn can take. He finds the captive tied to the boiler, arms up with his muscular chest completely exposed. Josh works over Mitch’s nipples as Mitch’s cock gets harder and harder. Josh can’t help himself and peels off Mitch’s latex jock and fucks his ass hard right away. Josh holds back from cumming and suspends the stud by his ankles. Josh flogs the hell out of him upside down while Mitch endures the butterfly clamps up and down his ripped body. The man still hasn’t earned the Sir’s load and so he’s tied to the “Y” with his huge thighs spread wide so that his hole can take the electric butt plug. Mitch’s whole body squirms as his physique endures the electric shocks in his hole and on his legs, shaking his hard dick left and right. Finally satisfied Josh puts the captive on his back and pours hot wax all over his torso and cock as he fucks him into submission. A huge load on the prisoner’s broad chest earn him the Sir’s compliment.

17877_p_04 17877_p_05

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BG20091119-6628_BG_660x125Man Sex Dungeon

Drake Temple and Josh West at Bound Gods

In this vintage shoot from Bound Gods, Drake Temple gives in to Josh West’s humongous cock. Click any of the pictures to see the video:


Drake Temple is bound as a prisoner in Major Josh West’s office after sneaking around the army base. Drake is a smart-ass, so Josh strips him and tortures his balls. He edges Drake as he questions him, but Drake doesn’t give in. Blinded and shoved in a cramped room, Josh invades Drake’s mind. The unwilling prisoner endures relentless mind control. Josh convinces the straight prisoner that he loves cock and makes Drake suck his huge dick. When Drake resists he gets electricity on his cock and thighs. Josh pulls Drake out of the room and ties him to his desk giving him a hard ass caning and an even harder fucking. He fucks Drakes load out of him and cums on the prisoner’s face, finally making him say he loves the cock.

19861_p_00 19861_p_01 19861_p_19

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Drake Temple and Josh West: Mind Control

Male BDSM porn: The Ass Master

Two studs with monster cocks fuck and fist Kyler Rouge in bondage at Bound Gods. The title of this video is “The Ass Master


Josh West is the Ass Master, and he has his gimp with him. Both have monster cocks — and they are ready to use and abuse newcomer Kyler Rogue. The Ass Master stuffs wild toys up Kyler’s ass, and he’s delighted to hear as Kyler screams and submits. Kyler endures a full bag of enema, and he is made to hold it in while Josh flogs the hell out of him. After Kyler’s ass is cleaned and stretched, Josh stuffs his hole with his fists while the gimp fills the other hole with his freaky fat cock. Kyler is tied up and fucked by Josh and the gimp relentlessly until he begs for their loads.

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50 horny men use and abuse Leo Forte at SF Citadel

This video from Bound In Public documents a play party at SF Citadel, featuring Leo Forte. The title of this video is “Play Party at SF Citadel”


Leo Forte is taken to the famous SF Citadel for a play party. Walking by 50 horny men in the playroom, Leo tells Josh West that he has a lot of pent-up energy and he’s ready to go hard. Josh orders Leo to present his ass to the crowd, but Leo acts like a wild puppy. To punish the prisoner, Josh flogs him on the wooden cross. Leo calms down some and the crowd is able to inspect Leo. They slap his ass and pull at his cock and balls. The horny men shove their hard cocks into Leo’s mouth and finger his hairy hole. Josh suspends Leo in full bondage and fucks the living hell out of him. The used up captive is dragged to the middle of the playroom, and men take turns fucking and cumming on him. Leo is exhausted but he’s one happy man!

14152_p_05 14152_p_12 14152_p_13

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Bryan Cole is fucked in front of 100 horny men

At Bound In Public, Bryan Cole is zipped up in a body bag and brought out for horny guests to enjoy. Thrown on top of some guys’ laps, they suck his cock and feed him their own. Sebastian throws him down and fucks his ass on the floor in the middle of the room. The title of this video is “Bryan Cole is fucked in front of 100 horny men”

26484_0 26484_2 26484_17 26484_27

The guys then bring him up and tie him between two posts with a zipper connected to a bowling ball. Bryan is edged before the crowd and ends up dropping the ball giving himself the zipper. He’s dragged around searching for cock to suck and then thrown in the fuck swing to be fucked by total strangers. In the middle of the room he’s given a final fuck by Josh West’s huge cock and guy after guy runs up to the bed to cum all over his body.


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