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Two hot football players go balls to the wall on Sports Gear Smackdown

Here’s more Super Bowl inspired male BDSM content to check out! This is a football-themed update from Naked Kombat:


Abel Archer is pissed at his teammate, Connor Halsted, for dropping the game-winning pass. The two argue and things get heated, so in full football gear, they go at it. From a three-point stance, shoulder pads clash as they grapple for supremacy. Helmet to helmet, they smack ass and try to gain the upper hand. The fight continues as their cocks swell in their jockstraps and they begin to strip down. With raging hard-ons, they grapple naked, making each other suck cock and finger each other’s asses. In the showers the loser of the bout gets back in the pads and fucked. His cock gets hard under his cup as a hard cock gets slid up his ass. After a hard gear fucking, the loser takes the winner’s cum on his face and has to lick up his own load off of the ball he dropped during the game.

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The Onyx and The Redz Series at Bound Gods

Check out these shots from “Onyx Recruit – The Onyx & The Redz Series” at Bound Gods


Onyx recruit Connor Halsted awaits on his knees as Jaxton Wheeler enters with crop in hand. Painful clover clamps clamp down tight on Connor’s nipples, squeezing harder the more he jerks from the crop beating against his flesh. After receiving a flogging, the recruit finds himself strapped down on the table as Jaxton shoves his hard cock down his throat. Connor is then bent over, his hands and feet locked in chains, as Jaxton rams him from behind. On his backside, with bit gag tightly in his mouth, Connor receives a final fuck before Jaxton blows his hot load all over the recruit’s face.

36931_6 36931_8

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Male bondage: Connor Halsted shoots a load into his own mouth while tied up

Here’s more from Men On Edge:

37062_1 37062_2 37062_11

Uncut hunk Connor Halsted joins Men on Edge. They start him off bent over the horse as they tie him down tight with a blindfold across his eyes. Moaning in ecstasy, Connor’s uncut cock throbs the closer they get him to the edge as they use toy after toy on his sensitive head. His legs are tied up in the air so they can better examine his pink hole. After giving him a vibrator up his ass, they milk a load of cum right onto Connor’s face.

37062_12 37062_16 37062_19

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Male BDSM: Bondage stud Connor Halsted gets tied and tortured

At Roped Studs, J.J. and Anthony couldn’t be happier because they have finally landed porn star Connor Halsted as a sub – and Connor has no idea what he’s getting into. He thinks “A little kink play, a little flexing against some ropes, and I’ll walk away with a nice check.” Instead he’s subject to long and painful rope bondage by two true sadists. Wearing a mesh Aussie Bum jock and a muscle shirt, Connor is roped to an inclined X-cross. J.J. rips the stud’s shirt open and flogs his smooth chest, then rings his pecs with two-dozen tight-packed clothespins. You can see the pain on helpless Connor’s face. He has bitten off way more than he thought – and it’s about to get much worse.

Bondage stud Connor Halsted

VIDEO at Roped Studs

male bdsm Timarrie Baker gets tied up

male bdsm Bondage stud Connor Halsted

Video: Porn star Connor Halsted at Dream Boy Bondage

Here’s another video clip from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. This one features porn star Connor Halsted being worked over by Jared:


Connor Halsted, a muscular, young porn star, is shocked so often his strong, lean body shuts down and he just shakes involuntarily, silent. Some time later, he comes out of his daze to discover he is strapped to a cross – with Jared hovering over him, naked, his erect penis just inches from his mouth. “The client wants to see you suck cock,” Jared announces with a smile, then shoves his dick in Connor’s mouth. Connor sucks hard as Jared fucks his face, then busts a huge load of cum all over his chest. “My client is very pleased with your cock-sucking skills; so pleased in fact, he says we won’t crucify you if you show us more cum,” Jared says, cutting off the prisoner’s briefs. Connor nods enthusiastically, hoping against hope that he can please these men and end his torments. He works his cock hard, flexing and showing off, then covers his abs with cum, only to discover how cruel these men really are.

Connor Halsted

Title of this update: Connor Halsted – Porn Star Torture – Part 2

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