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A Metalbond reader wants to be tied under a pendulum

As in Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Pit and the Pendulum’

Does anyone else fantasize about this?

Bondagecaptive from Recon does — big time. He wants to know if someone would be willing to actually build such a contraption. Holy fuck!

“What I’d like to get across is basically a plan on how to construct the pendulum,” bondagecaptive writes. “How to make it swing and lower by itself, either by a power source or its own motion. I’d like it to lower as little as possible to prolong the experience, and be able to use it by myself. Also what kind of parts I would need and how to connect them. I’d like to use the least expensive parts available and have some kind of plan as to how to put it all together. Also, this is just for roleplay fantasy, no actual razor-sharp edge on the blade. Not into being hurt. All I’m looking for is someone with knowledge of the mechanics of how to do it. Am willing to take any ideas.”

You can check out this guy’s profile on Recon (bondagecaptive) to learn more.


Here are some pictures of the pendulum:

MetalbondNYC_Pendulum_03 MetalbondNYC_Pendulum_04

frank_pendulum[1] (2) MetalbondNYC_Pendulum_05 MetalbondNYC_Pendulum_06


Also you can see a video clip here.

And listen to a complete reading of the Poe classic here.


Dr. Mad Max and his 7-point rigid metal bondage torture device

Check out the images and text below, from Dr Mad Max. (He put me in this contraption once, and it is every bit as nasty as it looks!)



Dr. Mad Max writes:

I designed the 7-point in 2005 or so with the idea that a hog tie should be inescapable and immobilizing from head to toe. Redneck Mark made several of these devices for me.

The collar attaches to the long thin metal bar in order to restrict the limbs and head movement. In most cases the collar will be locked to a floor ring to complete the immobilization. Trying to move is going to be painful and difficult and hence the predicament feature of the 7 point: don’t move a muscle and no pain, but after awhile the spasms set in, try and move – it hurts – pure pleasure at the thought.

The biceps and wrist bar are attached as are the ankles to the single thin adjustable bar spine running up the centre. The spine allows legs to be attached at different angles and wrists and biceps can be adjusted for arm length. Typically we add some means to keep the ankle bar from digging into the shins now that is not nice. For me I like to use an overhead point to tie off the wrists and ankles overhead to further limit movement, or in the words of the famous Engineer Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe “Less is More” mine is “More is More” There can never be too much restraint and immobilization.

Depending on the agility and endurance of the prisoner it is usually an experience of 1 – 3 hours maximum although I have managed 4.5 and took a couple days to get the soreness out after.

I am Dr. Mad Max, Max Cita


MadMax_03 MadMax_04 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA MadMax_05

Oh fuck! If he struggles, the straps automatically tighten!

Check this out from SeriousMaleBondage.com:


Computers and advanced image recognition systems provide continuous monitoring and evaluation of patients during their bondage therapy. If the patient struggles, the system will automatically tighten the straps! Seriously though — guys like to see themselves in bondage. In this scene they rigged up a video monitoring system so the subject can see himself, and they can monitor the same video feed in the other room.


Check out the video coming soon on SeriousMaleBondage.com.

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