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The SeriousMaleBondage research and development department is at it again. Their latest restraint invention consists of solid steel struts, rigid metal clamps and a padded bottom cushion, making this rig very comfortable for long-term confinement yet completely inescapable. Large steel plates on both sides of the subject’s head ensure no cranial movement. The subject is cocooned in a full-enclosure heavy rubber suit and laced thigh-high leather boots that provide the utmost in fetish stimulation.



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Title of this video: LOCK DOWN


Sebastian and the Ass Master

This is a video from the men of Butt Machine Boys

9 15 Sebastian Keys Butt Machine Boys

Handsome boy next door Sebastian Keys wakes up in the Ass Master’s dungeon. Sebastian refuses the voice’s initial requests but eventually gives in to his sick little game. Sebastian inserts rubber and metal toys up his tight ass. The machines are dragged out and he straddles the Crystal Palace at full speed. The large dildo attachment is pumping his hole like a smoking piston. The loud banging Hammer machine relentlessly fucks his wet ass. It literally milks his cum load from his unwilling cock.

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The hardest spanking Wes has ever had

At Spanking Straight Boys, Wes gets locked in the spanking tower. Going into this spanking, Wes had never seen or heard of the spanking tower, so it’s a complete surprise for him. Tom orders Wes to strip down and locks him into the spanking tower. He then sets about spanking Wes with his hand, a riding crop, wooden spoon and a leather belt. He also uses the riding crop on the captive’s feet. Wes struggles with the spanking. He breathes heavily, jerks about (what little he can) and cries out here and there. Overall, Wes takes it like a man. He is obedient and accepts correction well. At the end of this session he explains that this is the hardest spanking he’s ever had.

The hardest spanking Wes has ever had

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Title of this update: Wes In The Spanking Tower

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Locked in an isolation box

In a video available at Serious Male Bondage, Thorben is secured in a box with ten inserts, and virtually all his movement is removed. He becomes extremely helpless and vulnerable, which is the experience he’s seeking.

Here’s a video of the isolation bondage


Here’s a video of the isolation bondage:


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Title of this video: Germany In September – Part 5

Here’s a video of the isolation bondage

Patrick on the Spanking Rail

Here’s another episode from Spanking Straight Boys. Patrick is a muscular, hung straight guy. He has no idea that Tom plans to lock him into a fully bent-over position with his wrists and ankles bound to a spreader bar. The “spanking rail” ensures that the captive locked into it will remain upright and largely immobile while he endures his spanking. Tom uses his hand, a leather slapper, wooden spoon, hairbrush, leather belt and a perforated wooden paddle on Patrick. Patrick struggles throughout this spanking. He tries to move around in an effort to avoid the onslaught of swats, but cannot. As his butt gets redder and redder, he can only cry out to make his discomfort known

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Patrick on the Spanking Rail

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