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Luka gets tied up and power fucked

Slave Luka, a chain and collar holding him in place on his knees, can feel a dildo poking his asshole as he whimpers in fear. “Oh, fuck!” he shouts when his master, Nicholas Greystone, places the tip of the dildo in his hole then switches on a fuck machine. The virginal slave moans in agony as all 9 inches pummel him. Although his ass is fucked raw, he doesn’t even think of pulling away, moaning and gasping and exclaiming “Fuck!” as he is violated nonstop. Nicholas finally crawls up on top of him and spews a huge load of cum all over his back, then turns the machine back on and leaves him to be fucked like a cheap whore all night.

Dream Boy Bondage

a chain and collar holding him in place on his knees


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Title: LUKA: A Model Slave – Chapter 10

a chain and collar holding him in place on his knees


Patrick in the Spanking Tower

Patrick is a blond, muscular straight guy. He failed to pay a parking ticket, which resulted in it going to collections. What could have been $50 is now several times that, and he needs to pay it off. He agreed to do another video, so he is effectively being spanked for parking illegally! Tom chose to put Patrick in his spanking tower. The tower puts you in a position that nobody wants to be in. Lying on his back, legs spread with hands and feet above him with his butt, balls and all on full display, anyone in the tower is completely exposed and vulnerable. It is in this position that Patrick receives a long, hard spanking that includes Tom’s hand, a leather slapper, two straw birches, a wooden spoon and a hairbrush. Patrick struggles and groans as the spanking continues, his butt getting more and more red. By the end, Patrick is solemn and subdued. He’ll be able to pay off his ticket, but nothing more. If only he had paid it off when he first got it!

Patrick in the Spanking Tower

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Title of this episode: Patrick in the Spanking Tower

male bondage and spanking video

Dominic Pacifico is tied up and fucked by machines

In this video from the Butt Machine Boys channel, The Ass Master has Dominic Pacifico chained up in his dirty prison cell.

After a long period, Dominic is ready to give in to the twisted Ass Master’s wishes. Dominic is made to stretch out his hole over the toilet with the metal balls and a huge black dildo. There’s nothing like having a Scorpion (machine) up the ass in prison. When Dominic’s hole is nice and wet, The Ass Master completely ties him up for the Annihilator machine. First, it fucks him doggie style. Then, it fucks him on his back with his cock and balls tied up. Will Dominic be set free after this torment or will the Ass Master keep him for more sick games?

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The SeriousMaleBondage research and development department is at it again. Their latest restraint invention consists of solid steel struts, rigid metal clamps and a padded bottom cushion, making this rig very comfortable for long-term confinement yet completely inescapable. Large steel plates on both sides of the subject’s head ensure no cranial movement. The subject is cocooned in a full-enclosure heavy rubber suit and laced thigh-high leather boots that provide the utmost in fetish stimulation.



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Title of this video: LOCK DOWN