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Collectors item for sale: ‘The Estate’ illustrated books by Leo Ravenswood

A set of three illustrated books called “The Estate” by Leo Ravenswood (of blessed memory) has just come up on eBay. A friend of a friend is moving and has decided to part with this collection, and pictures from the portfolio are shown here:

‘The Estate’ illustrated books by Leo Ravenswood


The description of this item reads:

“‘An erotic picture story of a young man’s seduction into a secret society of submission and dominance, bondage and total control.’ This is a portfolio done in Three Books by Leo Ravenswood, author and artist. It is a signed edition, number 53 by the artist and the publisher of the portfolio, Bob Wingate. Drawings are all in black and white, total number of pages is 70.”


“The Estate” by Leo Ravenswood


To view this item on eBlay, click here, or look it up by item number — 184143837281

Note: This is an “adult only” item at eBay so you have to verify your identity to view.

A bit more about Leo Ravenswood, who is arguably one of the most important male bondage erotic artists:

Mitchell of the popular Mitchmen site writes, “He covered the more exotic byways of bondage fetish such as pony training, lace up restraints and body bags, head harnesses and suspension … His captives are forced into restraining sleeves and made to adopt awkward positions which are both painful and humiliating.”

You can read Mitchell’s full write-up here.

Also check out the stories Bondage and Two Weeks in a Cage by Quandt, who says he was inspired by the bondage artwork of Leo Ravenswood. Back in the days before Twitter and Tumblr, Leo Ravenswood’s work was featured in magazines like Drummer and Bound and Gagged.

Leo Ravenswood (of blessed memory)

TBT: Bound and Gagged magazine

Those of us who were around before the Internet will no doubt remember Bound and gagged magazine.

Bound and Gagged magazineIn its glory days, it was by far the best resource for anyone into male bondage of any kind. Not only were the stories and photographs stimulating, but the personal ads allowed like-minded men to connect with one another. I remember watching the mailbox for each new issue, which I always read from cover to cover. This magazine certainly shaped my own coming out into bondage, and it facilitated meetings with many others, including my first kinky relationship.

Mitch reads Bound and GaggedBound_And_Gagged_Magazine_01 Bound_And_Gagged_Magazine_02 Bound_And_Gagged_Magazine_03 Bound_And_Gagged_Magazine_04

Bound and Gagged issue 15 Looking at the covers of some of these issues certainly brings back great memories. I was featured in one of the issues with a story and pictures. (It is one of the issues pictured above).

Those who are interested in looking back at Bound and Gagged can visit the website of Bob Wingate, editor of Bound and Gagged. Click here.