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Shawn Andrews is tormented with electro and fucked in suspension

At Bound Gods, Jessie Colter has a brand new slave to torment, flog and fuck. Shawn Andrews struggles against his restraints, but to no use. He cannot see, move or speak.

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The house doesn’t grant such privileges to new slaves, especially not defiant ones such as Shawn. Luckily for this slave, Jessie Colter will teach him his proper place in the house — total submission. Jessie rips the clothes from Shawn’s lean body and starts slapping sense into him. He binds the captive on his knees between two pillars and weighs down the slave’s balls. With the heavy weights pulling his tender balls, the slave gags on Jessie’s massive dick and takes a mean flogging. The slave begins to submit as he finds himself in a suspended 69 with his master. Jessie inserts an electric butt plug into the slave’s willing asshole and makes him squirm in his ropes as he intensifies the current. With his slave’s hole conditioned by the electricity, Jessie pounds him mercilessly. The slave gratefully accepts a hot load all over his face and is brought to his knees to bust his own on Jessie’s boots. With long licks, he dutifully cleans his mess as his master admires a job well done.


Models in this shoot: Jessie Colter, Shawn Andrews

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Phenix Saint shocks Gianni Luca and fucks him hard in suspension bondage

Check out this vintage shoot from Bound Gods:


Hanging by his wrists, Gianni Luca is waiting in agony for his dom to arrive. Phenix Saint is a no-nonsense dom, and he gets off on tormenting his sub. He shocks Gianni with electricity to see if this man can take it. To his delight, Phenix hears Gianni’s screams but the man begs for more. Gianni is made to suck Phenix’s electrified cock. With a rope to his head, Gianni takes a hard flogging. For his torment, he is rewarded with an even harder suspension bondage fuck. This though man is used up and spent, but he doesn’t want to leave his subspace.

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Connor Maguire male bdsm

Outdoor electro torture

When Dean Daniels sees the electrodes come out, he starts to beg before it even starts. Undaunted, Preston Lee, lights up his nipples, cock and asshole. In between whimperings, his back is forced up from the current. See video of this scene at BadBoyBondage.com by clicking here.

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Keywords: restraints, outdoors, twinks, bondage, tattoos, flogging, leather, electrodes, nipples, Preston Lee, Dean Daniels

Important note from Metalbond: Guys, remember this is a fantasy porn shoot, not “real life.” It is not a good idea to apply electro above the waist. It’s OK to watch and beat off, but don’t try electro above the waist at home.

Metalbond gay bondage

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