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Displayed – Part 03

By Pickle

~ Chapter 11 ~

Once secured tightly in the front seat of the SUV again, I was only half-listening to Hernandez and Gunnerson discussing how screwed I was going to be today, and that it was going to be chest day at the gym, and that Hernandez was going to put me through that.  The half of my brain that wasn’t listening to their constant banter was wondering exactly what shit they were going to do to me.  I was beginning to think of it as “extreme hazing” and I had to admit to myself a small dark and twisted part of me was liking the masculinity, toughness and brotherhood of what these macho behemoths were putting me through.  Even in as much pain as I am, I realized I was starting to look forward to them roughing me up, and having their sadistic fun with me.  I guess I was even beginning to realize these guys maybe even liked me a little … maybe they just enjoy knocking the crap outta me though, who knows?  Oh well, whatever, it’s now obvious to me that I don’t have a choice, and that this seems like it’s going to be my life for a long time.  It’s like being in a bondage prison but so far I get to go home at night.

I’m knocked out of my reverie when the truck rolls to a stop outside the barn and Gunnerson says, “Hey Pick!  Just got a text from “The Boss”.  He says to take it a little easy on ya today.  Just scarecrow you, take you to the gym, then bring you back here and put you on the rack to get two more years out of you.  We drew up the new contracts last night before we left, Dill.  We’re gonna enjoy breaking you again.  Hell, maybe we’ll even dislocate those shoulders for ya today, and let you suffer for a few minutes before we put ‘em back in for ya.  That’s actually part of the initiation for our Tier 1 Seals.  I know we’re not making a real Seal outta you, but there’s no harm in toughening you up like one, Pick!

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Displayed – Part 02

By Pickle

~ Chapter 6 ~

Day Two –

I wake up barely being able to move.  Even getting dressed in jeans and the red and black shirt that Gunnerson told me I had to wear today, “So you’ll be more noticeable when we “scarecrow” ya tomorrow, Bo”, was all I could do.

I grab a fast coffee and a banana before picking up my gym bag, and heading out the door to the driveway.  By my phone it’s 5:55, but Moore, with one of the other guys I met when I was leaving the “Farm” yesterday afternoon, was already there.  I had learned he was Sergeant Sutherland by checking out the various sections of “The Country Boy Punishment Club” website last evening.  I had been able to view not only my own punishments from the day, but also a lot of shit the other “Recruits” were being put through, ranging from a number of different tortures, but also being put through rigorous PT, and running several different obstacle courses set up to be even tougher than any of the Tough Mudder courses I’d seen.  They were all covered in muck by the time they made it to the end of the courses, IF they made it all the way through these sadistically designed obstacle courses, at all.

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Displayed – Part 01

By Pickle

~ Chapter 1 ~

It was a pretty typical late June morning, sunny, blue sky and the temperatures were just beginning to warm up now.  It felt like long awaited Summer was actually arriving.  Lately it had been hovering around 15℃ when I left the house, but by 10:30 or 11:00 it would have warmed up to 20 or 21.  I tended to hit the gym around 8:30 am, so I’d lose the “before work” crowd.

I was listening to my playlist and absent-mindedly trotting away on a treadmill when a couple bulked-up, camo-wearin’, macho-looking thugs come up to me while I’m working out, and tell me they think I’m not sweating hard enough.  I’ve seen them training a few other young studs in the gym, making them yell out “Sir, One SIR!, Sir, Two Sir” etc. as they do their reps, as if they were in the military … kind of embarrassing to have to do in a civilian gym, but I have to say, I kinda got a kick out of hearing these other fellas having to vocalize like that, and the thought of the slight humiliation of it even made my cock twitch now and then, especially when the “victim” screwed up his form and the big guy putting him through his paces would make him start over from one. … They really pushed these poor bastards to absolute exhaustion.  I’m thinking “Oh fuck! There’s no way I can say “no” to these brutes, or I’m gonna look like a pussy.”

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