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Ass Pounder

Greg Riley is cuffed and chained in a leather vest and jock when Dom muscleman top Travis Connor, bearded, hairy and in a baseball cap, strides in to inspect his new plaything. Yanking the sub’s tender nips and smacking his chest, thighs and butt, Travis asserts his ownership. “Look at those bitch tits! Are you MY fuckin’ bitch today!?” he growls, and helpless Riley moans out “Yes, SIR!” Open -hand spanking turns to flogging ass with a flogger, and Greg is digging every sharp thwack! His meaty butt gets further tenderized with a long wand whacked across every sensitive area. Greg dangles over Travis’ hot hairy muscle torso and plants a boot next to each side of his waist. Slowly lowering onto Travis’ stiff raw cock, Riley obediently grinds down onto every rock-hard inch. “You want that dick? You my fuckin’ SLUT?!” Travis demands, and Riley assures him, “Yes, yes Sir!” as his ass is pounded full of bareback hole splitter. Then cuffed hands to the bench with ass wide open, Greg gets his throbbing anus licked and sucked by the horny top till it’s pulsing and dripping wet with spit and lube. Travis slides in balls deep and starts thrusting. Every third or fourth thrust is accompanied by a sharp slap to his firm ass. Riley’s butt reddens as Travis pulls out and whips it with a crop and a couple paddles. He smears oil across the rosy-red cheeks and into the crack, then plows the horny bottom with a small then a huge black dildo.

Greg Riley is cuffed and chained in a leather vest and jock

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Title of this video: Ass Pounder

male bdsm Greg Riley is cuffed and chained in a leather vest and jock

Captain Jack and the Race to Redula – Chapter 11: Kappa Redulans


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There came a day when the routine changed.  By Sam’s count they were at nineteen strokes per minute when the first hint came wafting through the oarlocks: the smell of gunsmoke.  This was different but not different enough to merit Sam’s attention and so he remained focused on his rowing, pushing and pulling the long wooden handle back and forth.  But then there came voices: loud, shouting voices bellowing words Sam could not make out.  Louder they grew, and then other voices joined in, fainter and  more distant.  Fuck!  The Royal Navy had caught up with them, despite all their efforts to keep ahead!  Sam leaned into the oar even harder but after only a dozen strokes a great blow struck the side of the ship and suddenly there was no weight in Sam’s arms.

He stared dumbfounded at the stump of oar for long seconds before realizing what had happened: something, probably a cannonball, had blasted off the other end, leaving just the splintered wreckage in his hand.  Sam turned to his oarmate – whose name he still did not know after all this time – to see if he had any idea what to do, but the man was slumped over in his seat, leaning against the outer wall which, Sam suddenly noticed, had also taken some of the impact.  Cracks and fissures appeared where there had been none before.

Cracks and fissures in an ocean-going vessel’s hull were not good.  Not good at all.

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Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 05

By AlphaMetal

Trey was back in his room after a long day of class. It was time to change into gym clothes for his afternoon workout.

Trey sat on his bunk and unlaced the military boots he wore during the day. It felt good to slip off one boot, and then the other, and take a moment to sit on the edge of the bunk in his socks. He liked wearing the boots — they made him feel tough, like he could walk over anything, and he liked the way they gripped the ground, firmly anchoring his body so he could make full use of the strength if he needed to. And, to be honest, he thought the boots looked hot; sometimes he would look down at his own boots during the day and feel… sexy. In fact, before they locked the cage on his cock, sometimes he would drop his pants when he got back to his room and jack off looking down at the boots on his own feet. But while he liked the boots, they were also warm and heavy and made his feet sweat, and so it felt good to take them off and relax for a moment.

But it was time for the gym, so Trey pulled off his thick socks and the rest of his uniform. He walked naked across the room and grabbed his PT clothes from an open shelf, but he paused before putting them on. Standing naked reminded him of yesterday’s procedure in the medical room, and instead of getting dressed he sat down on his bunk and allowed himself to think about what happened.

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Stuffing a cock-hungry hole

As the fetishy hookup between thick black muscleman Micah Martinez and skinny pale slaveboy Benvi picks up steam, Micah slams his raw dick into Benvi’s cock-hungry hole. Benvi moans and begs through his mouth gag for more, and Micah slaps his butt in return. He grinds his booty back into Micah’s every thrust. Micah grabs Benvi’s latex singlet and plows in faster. He grabs Benvi by the scruff of his neck and decides to take the anal assault to the next level. Brandishing a large dildo, he stretches Benvi’s hole beyond belief, as the slave’s eyes roll back into his head. Micah drills in fast and deep and Benvi howls with pleasure. With a wicked smile, Micah pushes the footlong toy in, all the way past the knot. He steps around to face Benvi and squirts a massive wad into his captive’s face. “Mmm, yes Daddy!” Benvi groans as he nods his head yes.

Benvi and squirts a massive wad into his captive’s face


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Title: Micah Plows Benvi’s Hole

male bdsm video

Chained Sucker

Tough Bobby Ryker leads submissive bottom Zen Goken to a chain sling. Zen is cuffed and harnessed, begging for a rough hand slap across his firm round ass. Bobby can’t keep his mouth off that sweet hole, burrowing in to get a musky taste and lubing it up with a gob of spit. Opened up and ready to get his ass screwed, Goken kneels and gets a steaming piss shower from his merciless master. Zen climbs backward into the sling, drops his head to give Ryker free rein to fuck that piss-soaked cock down his hungry throat. Once he’s properly fed a hefty meal of musky dick, he gets plowed by Bobby’s stiff black dildo. His hole throbbing and twitching for more, he cries out for Ryker’s cock to fill the empty space. Grabbing the chains, Bobby pumps his raw tool deep into the wide-open butthole.

gay bondage Chained Sucker


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Site: FetishMen

Title: Chained Sucker

Chained Sucker male bdsm

Master Micah edges a bound captive

Meanwhile at Fetish Men, the relentless torment of Benvi in Micah Martinez’ dungeon takes a turn for the bizarre, as Master Micah, in a shiny PVC hood, keeps his captive stud bound motionless in a wrap of clear plastic. A breathing mask across his face, Benvi has to endure his feet tickled with no chance to resist. His thick cock, the only body part not wrapped in plastic, is Micah’s next target as he strokes it to a stiff erection, then lubes it for the next stage of domination. Micah slurps it down and flicks a talented tongue across the sensitive piss slit. Benvi’s engorged dick is slid into a large vacuum pump and Micah squeezes the trigger handle to pump it larger and thicker. Once it’s rosy and filling the pump, he takes it out and sucks the big sensitive pole. Micah wields a bulbous black vibrator, runs it along the head and shaft. Unable to make a move, Benvi feels a cum load welling up in his heavy nuts. His whole body spasms and contracts in orgasm, as a thick stream of sperm shoots out and onto the buzzing vibe.

Master Micah edges a bound captive


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Site: FetishMen

Title: Pumped, Masked and Wrapped in Plastic

gay bondage porn: Master Micah edges a bound captive

Nutsack torture

Benvi has not a chance against the hot kinky sex drive of thick muscle guy Micah Martinez, with shiny black tape bound over his mouth and cuffs taping his wrists to a steel hurricane fence. Micah is taking full advantage, clamping Benvi’s nips and turning him to whip his pretty white ass. But the hottest sex torture is yet to cum, as Micah carefully attaches clothespins in a perfect ring around Benvi’s tight smooth nutsack. Benvi’s cock rises stiff and hard to the occasion and Micah strokes it off with a wicked smile.

testicle torture


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Site: FetishMen

Title: Pinning Benvi’s Nuts

male bdsm video

Muscle bondage with a very small chastity cage

Derek Dillon and Derek Kage are not fooling around, with Derek cuffed to a hanging bar, ball gag keeping his mouth open. When Dillion yanks down Derek’s black shorts, he humiliates his bottom about the cage over his dickhead. He spits in Derek’s face. “Want this fuckin’ dick!? Before you get mine, I’m gonna torture this little one!” and he buzzes Derek’s crotch with a black vibe. “Didn’t know they even MADE chastities this small,” he says. He snaps a leather cuff over Derek’s balls and yanks the attached chains. Derek cries out from the sharp sensation. Dillon frees him from the bar, then unsnaps his harness. Derek kneels in submission before his Master, revels in a hot hard stream of piss into his face and down his muscled chest. “Ohh, thank you Sir!” he repeats gratefully, cowering.

Muscle bondage with a very small chastity cage

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Title of this shoot: Dillon’s Double D Dungeon

gay porn with chastity