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Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 15

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 15: Crime and Punishment

Here’s the way it was.  Every new slap had to spend at least 30 days being “trained.”  The idea was that if you spend 30 days in the Chicken Coop, you find out what you are, an you be a good slappie, resta you life.  “Good” meaning all slappie and nothing else.  After that, the Program looked around for somebody to sell you to—I mean, somebody to take a lease on your labor service.  Every few days, clients were invited to the Show Room and slap boys were displayed.

Sometime in my distant past, Major Timmons had explained it all.  Then it had seemed less personal—much less personal than when it was discussed in the Scrum Room.

“They even got a catlog, dude.  They be seein YOU, an you bare ASS, right in they laptop dude.”

“While they jerkin, I guess.”

“They jerkin for ME, anyways.  Doan know for you, dude.”

When you were sold, you left the Coop and you were never seen again, unless you turned up working down the block from some other slap that trained with you.  Then maybe you would meet him and share your happy memories.

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Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 06

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 6: An Environment Planned for Your Security

We walked back along the slab, and he pointed to something I hadn’t noticed on my quick walk to the loading area.

“Here,” he said, turning toward a strip of shade cast by one of the buildings, “is the pillory.”

That’s what it was, all right—a pillory, looking just like they do in pictures: a wooden upright and a wooden crosspiece, fitted with three round holes, one for your head and two for your hands.  You put them in, the top of the crosspiece is lowered onto them, and now you’re locked in the holes.  You have to stand there, maybe forever.

“Amazing!” I said.  “And after the first one, two more!”

“Yes, we have three pillories.  In the beginning, slappies have a great need for punishment.  And any serious problem usually arises out of a combination among them.  One of them gets an idea; then the others get it.  So before any trouble starts, we punish the troublemakers.”

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Video: Jared has Curtis locked in the pillory

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Young Curtis is bent over and locked in the pillory, completely naked and terrified. He knows he is going to be hurt; he just doesn’t know how. Then Jared appears, wearing nothing but skin-tight athletic briefs. He holds a short, leather strap – a device made to beat a captive’s ass. Jared spanks Curtis hard, then shows him a huge, rigid dildo. Curtis can’t believe his eyes: The thing must be a foot long! The poor, helpless prisoner screams and moans as Jared fucks him for an hour. Curtis thinks his ordeal might be over, that the ass-fucking was the climax. He couldn’t be more wrong. Jared puts a steel ring around the base of his balls, then attaches two electrodes. “What are you doing?” Curtis asks, on the verge of panic. Then the first shock hits. There are many more to come.

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Title of this shoot: Curtis – Torture Twink – Part 5

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Dream Boy Bondage: Mark, Custom Order

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dream_boy_bondage_mark_01 dream_boy_bondage_mark_02 dream_boy_bondage_mark_03 dream_boy_bondage_mark_04

Jared continues to bullwhip Mark’s muscular back and ass, making the young man shriek in pain – especially when a thin midst of alcohol is applied to create an extra level of agony. Mark is 100 percent straight. His fine, supple ass has never been fucked – until now. Jared’s master wants this prisoner totally humiliated and orders Jared to not simply fuck him, but to fuck his virgin ass with a rigid, unbending “punishment dildo.” Marks screams as he’s violated. Then, as Mark’s final humiliation, his faceless master orders him removed from the pillory only after he agrees to pump out another load of cum, right after his brutal fucking. Mark does not disappoint.

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