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Twelve States of Bondage: Part 02

By BondageChallengeGames

Leave your freedom at the door

When you arrive strip and put on the gear I have left for you. Save the blindfold for last. Once you have the blindfold on, say loudly ‘I’m ready sir.’”

Sir Nguyen, or Jon Nguyen as he’d introduced himself to me in our ‘intro to geology’ throwaway class back in college, had a very one-track mind when it came to kink. Sir Nguyen was obsessed with inescapable bondage, and when it was time to play a scene that was the only thing he was obsessed with. When he got you locked up he didn’t care much for fucking you, or hurting you, or pushing you to the limit, or humiliating you, or letting you cum, he just wanted you immobile and with no hope of escape. The only thing Sir Nguyen would do once he got you restrained was use an electro violet wand on you, not for pleasure or pain, but to make you jump and test your restraints. Once he was sure you couldn’t escape, he would simply leave you restrained until he decided to tie you up a different way.

This wasn’t to say Jon didn’t like sex. We’d sucked each-other off and fucked plenty of times back in college, probably more often than we’d do a bondage scene. Jon Nguyen was a great partner: caring, fun, able to not take himself too seriously, and always eager to reciprocate. Sir Nguyen was a completely different person.

And Sir Nguyen, not Jon, was the one I that would meet me at the door.

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Twelve States of Bondage: Part 01

By BondageChallengeGames

A great sendoff

Normally it’s a 12 hour drive from Kansas City to Atlanta, but I decided to stretch it out a little bit, and make my move into a bdsm-filled roadtrip. I had a couple weeks between finishing my old job and when I had to be moved in and ready to go in Atlanta for my new job, and I decided to use this opportunity to meet up with as many old kinky friends as I could along my journey. Over the course of two weeks I would get tied up by a number of old friends, spend a night in a cage, force men into submission, deliver a sub to his new dom, be put on display naked and defenseless, and spent many hours in inescapable bondage.

My first stop was a short drive from my old apartment. After packing my car and turning in my apartment keys, I drove a little over 20 minutes to my friend Riley’s apartment in the outskirts of Kansas City. I’d spent many nights and a weekends tied up at Riley’s while I’d been living in Kansas City, and I couldn’t think of a better place to start my kinky roadtrip.

I arrived at Riley’s and was greeted by a big bear hug and his smiling face. Riley invited me in, and we sat on his couch and talked for a little bit.

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Simple Torture Game

By BondageChallengeGames

My friend Riley and I have started adding little torture/interrogation games into our bondage sessions that have proved to very fun, and I thought I pass some of them along! While most of my kinky relationships keep any power imbalances or sub/dom dynamics specific to a short-term scene, I’m sure those of you in longer-term scenes, or in dedicated 24/7 D/s relationships could use these as well.

While we’ve tried a few variations, all the games have had the same core. The sub sets their phone lockscreen passcode to some four digit number and gives their phone to the dom. The sub is restrained however the dom sees fit, and then the dom proceeds to torture the sub until the sub breaks and tells the dom their passcode. Once the dom has gotten into the subs phone the game is over. The (true) passcode acts as an instant stop to the torture.

Back in early February I got to be a test dummy for this game. My friend Riley stripped me naked and tied me to a chair in his kitchen. After about 15 minutes of nipple torture, hot wax, and electric shocks to my thighs and stomach I broke and gave him the password. He unlocked my phone, took a picture of me to send to himself, removed the nipple clamps from me, took off the electrodes, and left me tied to the chair for a good thirty minutes to rest before returning to face fuck me.

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Roommate Bondage Arrangement – Part 02

By BondageChallengeGames

I lay there, fully naked, bent over a metal cage, my legs tied to the bottom back corners, my arms tied out and toward the top front corners of the cage, my neck locked in a collar clipped to the cage, my whole body still aching from the past hour. I saw my roommate and captor Bryan, out of the corner of my eye, in the kitchen preheating the oven.

“Is pizza good?” He asked me, as if I had any control of the situation whatsoever.

“Yeah man,” I said, “thanks.”

Bryan walked over to me and ran his hands through my hair. He ran his fingers down my spine, sending a tingle through my body. He slid his hand along my ass and lightly tickled my taint before passing me to walk down the hall, out of my very limited view.

A few minutes later I heard him walking back. He sat something on the table behind me, and walked over in front of me. In the time he’d been gone he’d stripped down to a black speedo. Whether he’d changed into that or been wearing it under his clothes all day was anyone’s’ guess. He knelt down in front of me, to be at face level, and pulled an open mouth spider gag from behind his back. It was one of our other roommate Jordan’s toys; they don’t do a great job keeping you quiet, but they do make anything you say complete gibberish, and more importantly keeps your mouth open so a dom can use your throat however they choose. I opened my mouth and obediently let Bryan strap it on me.

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Roommate Bondage Arrangement – Part 01

By BondageChallengeGames

Either Bryan or I was getting tied up tonight, and if everything went as planned, it wouldn’t be me. I sent my other roommate, Jordan, a text, double checking we were on the same page for tonight, and when he replied with a thumbs up, I got out of my car and walked into my apartment.

My roommates and I have an arrangement. The three of us are gay, fairly kinky, and very open about what we are into. When we realized these facts early on into our lease we decided to make the best of it, and we set up a system so that there’s no shortage of bondage in our home. The system is simple: in the kitchen of our apartment there is a calendar where any of us can write our own name under whichever dates we choose. Any date that your name is written under is a day you have consented to be held prisoner by one or both other roommates. On weekdays this capture could begin any time after you walk in the door after work, and on weekends the time you can be put in bondage begins at 7am. You are freed at midnight, unless you write ‘o.n’ next to your name, which indicates you consent to overnight bondage and won’t be released until 5am the next morning.

Of course, just because your name is written on the calendar for a certain date doesn’t necessarily mean you will spend the night tied up at your roommates’ mercy, it just means you could spend the night tied up at your roommates’ mercy. Often any or all of us will sign up as willing for a particular date with the full intention of trying to fight our way out of bondage, resist each other, or get our other roommates locked up before they can lock us up. The hard and fast rule is that only people whose names appear under a day’s date can be tied up on that day, but beyond that it’s anyone’s game.

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