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From Cop to Inmate 8001

By Inmate 8001

In this article, I recount my three-day experience as an inmate in Franklin County Historic Jail. My aim is to provide readers with a glimpse into life inside the facility. During my stay, I met some incredibly friendly individuals and engaged in various exciting activities and roleplaying. At the same time, I was also challenged by the loneliness and boredom within my cell. Every morning, as I sat alone on my bunk, watching the sky shift from darkness to light, I repeatedly prayed that for the next second, there will be the sound of footsteps and the commanding voice of a guard calling out, “On your feet, inmates!”

As someone who is into various kinks, including bondage, roleplay, uniforms, and humiliation, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time searching online for related information to satisfy my desires. It was roughly two years ago when I discovered Mark and his website, MenInChains. The jail roleplay sessions they hosted immediately piqued my interest, and it soon became a fantasy of mine to experience it myself. Due to my busy schedule and lack of courage, I never had the chance to make it come true. That’s why I couldn’t resist the allure of this experience when I stumbled upon an available session at the Franklin County Jail in February.

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Forlorn Hope – Part 04: The Road Ends Here

By DR754

male bondage stories Hampton JailToday is Monday, August 8, 1967.

So far, so good. In fact, I had a brainstorm about halfway through South Dakota – what if I changed into my uniform? It’d break the description they had of me from court, and even though I wasn’t law enforcement, what cop is even going to pull over, much less question, a man in a federal ranger outfit?

Working around the handcuffs made things just a bit awkward, but I felt comfortable, almost confident again wearing my greens. I made it all the way into Minnesota without spotting a single trooper, then turned south down Highway 65 at Albert Lea. Corn, corn, corn, and more corn – but I didn’t care about corn, I cared about cops, and there were none to see.

As I entered the one-horse burg of Sheffield about midnight, I glanced at the gas gauge – damned near E. A couple lights were still on at a Casey’s gas station, but how to pay for it? My wallet had been tapped out back around Sioux Falls.

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Intruder Alert

In a self-bondage video, JimmyUSMC describes a fantasy he’s had for years about sneaking into an abandoned jail or prison and locking himself up in chains and shackles — only to be discovered by someone who finds him, and takes away his keys so he can’t escape his own bondage!

See VIDEO of this at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: Intruder Alert

This was shot on location at Hampton Jail in Iowa, and the same video is also available on Men In Chains, under the title of “Jail Break In.”

Bind talks about living a bondage life

In a video available at Serious Male Bondage, Bind describes his new way of living. There are probably many other guys who are changing and discovering as well. Websites like Serious Male Bondage, Men in Chains and Metalbond can allow guys to consider making changes in their own lives.

male bondage videos

Watch Bind tell his story in a video at Serious Male Bondage

Title of the video: A Talk About Bondage

Also check out Bind’s site Men in Chains

Bind Men in chains video