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The Gay Mafia in the paint shop

Straight stud Hayden Russo gets humiliated in a paint shop as the Gay Mafia violates his precious hole


Obnoxious straight dude Hayden Russo stumbles into a paint shop in the Castro. He wants some paintballs, but the shopkeeper explains to him nicely that it’s something they don’t carry. Hayden yells nasty remarks, and the Gay Mafia is called in to save the day. They take him down hard and slap the handcuffs on him at lightning speed. All the mean things he called out earlier, the Gay Mafia makes him do exactly that. They strip him naked and discover that he has a 10-inch cock! Nick Moretti slaps the cock and balls until he yells for mercy. Nick gives Hayden’s cock to everyone in the shop to enjoy. Van shoots him a couple of times with the paintballs and sprays paint all over his body as the crowd cheers and laughs. The Gay Mafia makes Hayden suck cocks, and Tristan Jaxx fucks his hairy hole. Everyone takes turn fucking and cumming on the miserable bastard.

gay_mafia_hayden_russo_02 gay_mafia_hayden_russo_03 gay_mafia_hayden_russo_04 gay_mafia_hayden_russo_05


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Male BDSM Porn: Stud with a 10-inch cock gets tied up for the first time

Hayden Russo gets bound for the first time at Bound Gods:

MetalbondNYC_01_10843_p_12 MetalbondNYC_02_10843_p_00

In this vintage shoot, Hayden Russo shows up with a 10-inch cock, and he wants to dom on Bound Gods. He’s new to BDSM, so it’s a good idea to tie him up and give him an intro to bondage and some corporal. Respect for the bondage sets in when he feels the numbness within minutes of getting tied up. Slave Matthew Singer comes in and gives head while Hayden receives a nice flogging. Both studs get tied up — and the first one to break free will fuck the hell out of the other one in tight bondage!

MetalbondNYC_03_10843_p_14 MetalbondNYC_04_10843_p_16 MetalbondNYC_05_10843_p_17

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