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Muscle bondage and tickling on the cross

Jeremiah Cruze is an incredibly handsome ginger with a great physique, ticklish upper body, and adorable laugh.  Being tied with his arms above his head, he has no choice but to giggle and laugh while Heath Halo tickles every inch of his upper body.  Only three minutes in, and Jeremiah is already saying he can’t take anymore.  Sucks to suck my friend.  Heath seems to be having way too much fun to stop now!

Muscle bondage and tickling on the cross

Muscle bondage and tickling on the cross


VIDEO at My Friends Feet

Models: Jeremiah Cruze and Heath Halo

Title of this video: Jeremiah Cruze Tickled

Muscle bondage and tickling on the cross

VIDEO at My Friends Feet

Rough dungeon sex with Jack Vidra and Cain Marko

While Cain Marko is restrained to a St Andrew’s Cross, Jack Vidra grabs his flogger and whips Cain’s backside. Cain takes it like a champ and gets turned on by Jack’s beat down, so Jack turns Cain around and starts sucking on his hard cock while playing with Cain’s balls. Jack releases his sub from the cross and bends him over to eat his scruffy hole. After tasting Cain’s hole, Jack slides his raw cock in the eager stud and fucks him deep and bareback. If his cock wasn’t enough, Jack works a series of increasing larger plugs and dildos into Cain’s hole, seeing just how much he can take. Now that Cain’s hole is stretched to the max, he stays bent over to receive Jack’s cock in his crack again. Cain takes a well-earned pounding from Jack, until Jack shoots a thick load that covers Cain’s spent hole.

Rough dungeon sex with Jack Vidra and Cain Marko

Cain Marko is restrained to a St Andrew's Cross


Video at Fisting Inferno


Actors: Jack Vidra, Cain Marko

Rough dungeon sex with Jack Vidra and Cain Marko

Tied up hard and strict

Lester knows how to punish a badass like Justen, roping him up to the wall after making him strip naked. The lithe man is soon secured in place, his floppy cock and balls swinging around while Lester uses the riding crop to torment him. If Justen thought that was bad, just wait until the flogger is revealed!

gay bondage video Tied up hard and strict

Video at Bad Boy Bondage

Scene Title: Justen Moore & Lester Braxston

Scene Short Description: Bad Sub Boy Gets A Lesson

gay bondage video VIDEO at Bad Boy Bondage

gagged at Tied up hard and strict

Brian Bonds is tied naked at Dore Alley Street Fair

In this video from Kink Men,  Brian Bonds endures the cattle prod before he’s gang fucked at Dore Alley Street Fair


At the Dore Alley Street Fair, Brian Bonds is the center of attention. He’s bound to the cross with his balls tied up as the doms carry him through the crowd. After an intense flogging scene to get the crowd going, Brian is suspended on a fence with a zipper going down his thighs. The crowd cheers him on as Brian takes a shock from the cattle prod before the zipper is ripped off his legs. The BIP crew takes the naked stud back to a sex shop to have their way with him.

33186_2 33186_17

Video here

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Master Dillon Diaz has Johnny Hill tied up

Master Dillon Diaz has Johnny Hill tied up

Johnny Hill is bound in a St. Andrews Cross with his mouth gagged by a bridle, anxiously awaiting his fate. Master Dillon Diaz takes gazes at the collection of toys to use on his slave and settles on a flogger. With Johnny still gagged and bound, Dillon flogs the tatted hunk until he begs for mercy. When Dillon feels that Johnny has earned it, he lays down the flogger and pulls down Johnny’s jockstrap and sucks his growing cock. With every part of Johnny’s body at Dillon’s disposal, he backs up on Johnny’s hard cock and fills his ass with it. Johnny can’t do anything except enjoy Dillon’s hole around his cock. Dillon keeps edging Johnny with his hole until Johnny begs to cum, which gets Dillon on his knees to fill up his mouth with Johnny’s load.

Master Dillon Diaz has Johnny Hill tied up gay porn


See the video HERE

Title: No Limits

Actors: Johnny Hill, Dillon Diaz

Site: Raging Stallion

Master Dillon Diaz has Johnny Hill tied up

The man behind the Saint Andrews Cross

Check out Saint Andrew himself, on The St. Andrews Cross!

There really was a Saint Andrew, and when he was sent to be crucified (before electric chairs and lethal injections were invented) he requested the X-shaped cross. Because he felt he was not worthy to be crucified on a cross-shaped cross like Jesus. I learned this from the nuns when I was in Catholic school. Another explanation is that he was a kinky fucker. If he were alive today perhaps Saint Andrew would be starring in gay bondage porn, like the guys below:

Images above are from Titan, Men On Edge, Bound Gods, Roped Studs and various other sites. The painting is “Crucifixion of St. Andrew,” by the 16th century Spanish painter Juan Correa de Vivar.  Another painting available here.

Video: Noah at Roped Studs

Check him out. Noah is roped to the X-cross on his back, blindfolded, arms overhead, legs spread, wearing a cut-off A-shirt and see-through undies. Additional rope binds his exposed stomach to the cross. He is the perfect young man: blond and smooth and nicely built, lean, with just the right amount of definition. Rope man J.J. strokes his prize, inspecting him like a piece of meat, caressing his skin and rubbing his cock and balls.

Gay_Bondage_Roped_Studs_Noah_01 Gay_Bondage_Roped_Studs_Noah_02


Noah is terrified but moans with sexual pleasure, especially when J.J. rips open his shirt and tweaks his nipples. He moans in pain when J.J. slices his flawless, creamy skin with a small horsewhip, leaving several nasty welts. A little more cock rubbing and Noah is rock hard, his cock bursting out of those sheer briefs, pointing straight up to the ceiling. This is going to be fun.




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