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No escape. No exit.

These are pictures from a video by Bound Gods called CELL. Locked up with no exit and no hope, a prisoner serves the desires of his sadistic guard.

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Seamus O’Reilly paces his cell. Time no longer means Monday, Tuesday, one o’clock, two o’clock. In this cell, time warps into a hellish eternal void only punctuated by the visits of cruel guards. Mr. Marx is a wannabe police officer. “Officer Marx” arrives to interrupt Seamus’ trance. Before he can eat, Seamus knows he must service his guard. Officer Marx thrusts his hard cock into Seamus’ mouth and shoves the prisoner down to clean his boots. He chains Seamus to the wall and punishes him with a flogger. Each strike only makes the guard’s cock harder. Officer Marx loves his job. From the comfort of his plush bed, he watches the cell security feed with a stiff dick in hand. Seamus’ desperation drives Marx wild as he jerks off. At night, Marx returns to the cell with ropes and a mattress. He rewards Seamus’ good behavior with a hogtied fucking. As Officer Marx plows into his prisoner, he milks a load from the pathetic whore. Seamus catches his breath and receives the privilege of Officer Marx’s hot cum shot into his mouth. Marx unwraps Seamus and leaves the cell. Alone again. No escape. No exit.

Jonah_Marx_Seamus_OReilly_gay_bondage_01 Jonah_Marx_Seamus_OReilly_gay_bondage_02 Jonah_Marx_Seamus_OReilly_gay_bondage_03

Models in this shoot: Jonah Marx, Seamus O’Reilly

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Jonah Marx in tight bondage is relentlessly edged by pervy handyman

At Men On Edge, Jonah Marx is cruising the bathroom and notices someone in the stall next to him. Eager to blow his load, Jonah offers his cock to his neighbor but just before he blows his load he’s taken down and hoisted up by his wrists.

Jonah_Marx_gay_bondage_01 Jonah_Marx_gay_bondage_02

Blindfolded with a gag in mouth, Jonah’s clothes are torn away as the pervy handyman has his way. Against his will, Jonah is brought to the edge of orgasm over and over before he’s denied any pleasure. Bent over in the stalls, he’s fucked from behind with a machine before receiving a foot job. A cascade of cum shoots from Jonah’s aching cock before he’s tormented with a severe apple polishing to drive him wild.

Jonah_Marx_gay_bondage_03 Jonah_Marx_gay_bondage_04 Jonah_Marx_gay_bondage_05 Jonah_Marx_gay_bondage_06

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Jonah_Marx_gay_bondage_vert Jonah_Marx_gay_bondage_vert2 Jonah_Marx_gay_bondage_z_ad

Seamus O’Reilly experiences torments and pleasures while trying to escape his confinement


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In this shoot from Bound Gods:

Officer Marx’s relentless torment has left his captive, Seamus O’Reilly, disoriented but not yet broken. Seamus desperately seeks to escape from his secret confinement, but Officer Marx fills his day with constant torment. Officer Marx spends his morning making Seamus swallow his cock in exchange for breakfast. So Seamus decides its time to make a last ditch effort for freedom, only to be brutally paddled and flogged by his ever-watching captor. After the flogging, Seamus is fully willing to submit to Officer Marx, so Officer Marx decides it’s time to give him a just reward. Jonah gives Seamus a new piece of furniture: an electric chair. Jonah hooks electricity into Seamus’ hard cock, nipples and balls, before shoving an electrified butt plug up Seamus’ tight ass. The intensity of the electrified butt plug stretches open Seamus’ hole until Officer Marx can’t contain himself and gives Seamus a taste of the real thing. Jonah fucks Seamus and strokes his cock until Seamus gushes cum. Officer Marx then pulls Seamus to the floor and unleashes a hurricane of cum across his fuck slave’s face.

Jonah_Marx_Seamus_OReilly_gay_bondage_Cell_2_03 Jonah_Marx_Seamus_OReilly_gay_bondage_Cell_2_04 Jonah_Marx_Seamus_OReilly_gay_bondage_Cell_2_05 Jonah_Marx_Seamus_OReilly_gay_bondage_Cell_2_06


Models in this shoot: Jonah Marx, Seamus O’Reilly

Title: CELL 2

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