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Male BDSM: Trenton Ducati turns his captive stud into a sex slave


Meanwhile at Bound Gods, Trenton Ducati holds Jordan Foster captive in his padded cell, turning him into his personal sex slave


Trenton Ducati picks up Jordan Foster from the gas station and brings him back to his place. Trenton pounces and tears his clothes off to bind and gag him. The bound stud has clothespins clamped across his chest as Trenton teases his cock. So turned on, Trenton takes out his hard cock and fucks Jordan’s ass as he screams for help. Trenton drags Jordan back to his hidden padded cell and locks him up in chains. When Trenton discovers that Jordan has escaped his restraints, he torments him with the zapper before shoving his cock down Jordan’s throat. Jordan’s arms are tied up to the ceiling as Trenton flogs him all over. Back in Trenton’s bedroom, Jordan is mummified with his cock exposed as Trenton teases his captive’s cock. The muscled pervert teases Jordan’s nipples before tearing a hole on Jordan’s ass, ready for a fucking. Trenton rams his cock up his ass before milking all the cum out of his cock. Jordan’s finished off with Trenton’s cum all over his face before he’s carried off back to the padded cell.

34015_8 34015_12 34015_27

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Trenton Ducati gay porn

Male BDSM: Jordan Foster endures The Pit, The Chair, and The Gimp Room

Check out these shots from 30 Minutes Of Torment:


The Pit – Jordan Foster stands with his hands bound behind his back as Van cuts away the his jock. Once his cock is rock hard, Jordan endures a beating and a heavy flogging before he’s taken to the chair. The Chair – With a ball gag in his mouth, heavy weights are added to Jordan’s balls as clothespins are attached all across his torso. One by one Van crops the clothespins off and torments the captive’s nipples as he screams in pain. The Gimp Room – Jordan is bound with his feet in the air for a caning. His torment continues as he’s suspended in the air until the Gimp is ready with his hard cock. Jordan is relentlessly fucked in mid-air as Van torments him with the zapper. Finally, a rope is tied around his neck as Jordan rides the Gimp’s hard cock, enduring one last flogging as he’s challenged to blow his load.

34783_0 34783_1 34783_9 34783_10

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Southern stud gets fucked and showered with cum in front of 100 men!

Jordan Foster gets gang fucked and covered in cum for Bound In Public’s Pre-Dore Alley Party

gay bondage

Over a hundred horny men show up for Bound In Public’s Pre-Dore Alley Party to kick off the weekend, and hot southern stud Jordan Foster is the main attraction. Jordan is completely blindfolded as they pass him around for everyone to grope. He’s so aroused from all the attention that the guys notice his pre-cum already soaking through his underwear. The crowd gets busy and starts tearing away his clothes. After Jordan is beaten red with the flogger, they have him crawling on his hands and knees, whipping out as many cocks as he can find. The crowd shoves three cocks in his mouth as his ass gets fucked for the whole party to see. Bound on a net of chains, Jordan screams in pain as clothespins are attached all over his body before having every single one smacked off with the crop. With his body sore from the clothespins, the whole party jumps up and rubs a million hands all over him, giving him the mixture of pain and pleasure. After the guys take turns fucking his hole to the sounds of the cheering crowd, everyone lines up their cocks to cover the greedy whore with their loads. Cum dripping down his face, Jordan crawls to the back room where the party’s just getting started.

gay bondage 33175_5 33175_6 33175_9 33175_16

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Tied face down with ass pointed in the air

Bound jock Jordan Foster is tied up face down with his ass pointed in the air. Sexy, uncut stud Wolfie Blue enters and goes straight for the helpless jock’s exposed butt-hole.


Wolfie gives it a generous rimming before taking his stiff, uncut cock and slamming it deep into Jordan’s tight little ass. Wolfie plows the bound jock with wild abandon until he just can’t hold it back any longer and explodes his warm, white cum all over the jock’s back!

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_Bound_Jocks_01 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_Bound_Jocks_03


Models in this shoot: Jordan Foster, Wolfie Blue

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Wolfie Blue and Jordan Foster in action at Bound Jocks

Here’s more from Bound Jocks:


Bound jock Jordan Foster is tied with his arms to the ceiling and his balls to his ankles when bully boy Wolfie Blue comes in and starts harassing him. Wolfie makes the bound jock smell his pits and suck his hard uncut cock. He then pulls out Jordan’s hefty piece of meat and starts sucking it himself, bringing the captive to the edge of exploding.



Models in this shoot: Wolfie Blue, Jordan Foster

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Mr. Kristofer ties up Jordan Foster at Bound Jocks

Scene Update: At Bound Jocks, Jordan Foster is tied down to the metal table in a yellow jock strap. Mr. Kristofer hovers over his bound body and quickly discovers this eager jock is extremely ticklish!


Mr. Kristofer lightly touches Jordan’s pits, causing the captive to desperately try to squirm away, but he cannot. The jock is now raging hard, and Mr. Kristofer ties a 10-pound weight to Jordan’s balls and lets it hang over the edge of the table. This forces the helpless stud’s hard dick straight into the air. Mr. Kristofer slowly strokes the jock’s dick until he is just about ready to blow and then stops right on the edge of climax. Mr. Kristofer repeats this process 5 or 6 times until Jordan is begging him through his gag to cum!

56424_06 56424_09

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Three different shoots from Men On Edge (photos and links)

Check out these updates from the men of Men On Edge (clicking on the pictures will take you to free video previews of each):

John Smith, a straight dude who’s under the impression he’s showing up for an underwear photo shoot:

34196_18When John least expects it, he’s pounced on from behind and finds himself bound and blindfolded. With his arms and legs bound, John’s underwear is cut from his body and tied around his mouth to gag him with


Brandon Moore is tied to the metal cross.

34011_14They take his clothes off and tie him down nice and tight while playing with his cock.


Jordan Foster, who has been kept prisoner for days, with the keys hidden in the kitchen.

34013_11Before letting him go, Van and Sebastian decide to have some mischief with Jordan.

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