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Colby Tucker is kept on the edge

At Men on Edge, Colby Tucker is bound, hooded and hard. He hasn’t cum in at least three days, and he is so eager for it that he’s moaning before he is even touched. Teased by both Sebastian Keys and Dominic Pacifico, this slave’s got a long day.

men on edge male bdsm

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Colby Tucker male bdsm

The bondage afterglow

Check out these two. Look at how happy they are after a hot scene.

Yes, these are Bound Gods regulars Master Avery and Dominic Pacifico, who are featured in ‘Dominic Pacifico in Bondage Hell’ — a vintage shoot from Bound Gods:

Bound Gods regulars Master Avery and Dominic PacificoHe makes Dominic suck his cock, then flogs him hard, and fucks his assHe makes Dominic suck his cock, then flogs him hard, and fucks his ass

Master Avery has a seasoned slave tied up in his dungeon. Gagged and blindfolded, Dominic Pacifico jerks and pulls against the ropes as he’s cropped. His cock gets hard and his balls get pulled causing the room to fill with his muffled screams. Avery means to test this captive today and to do so he hangs him from his back, arching it to an unbelievable degree. He makes Dominic suck his cock, then flogs him hard, and fucks his ass. Unsatisfied, Avery suspends him once more, this time in belts and shoves a fucking machine up his ass. With it put on full blast Dominic yells out for mercy. Avery takes the prisoner’s ass for himself again and cums all over his face through the head cage.

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Dominic Pacifico is tied up and fucked by machines

In this video from the Butt Machine Boys channel, The Ass Master has Dominic Pacifico chained up in his dirty prison cell.

After a long period, Dominic is ready to give in to the twisted Ass Master’s wishes. Dominic is made to stretch out his hole over the toilet with the metal balls and a huge black dildo. There’s nothing like having a Scorpion (machine) up the ass in prison. When Dominic’s hole is nice and wet, The Ass Master completely ties him up for the Annihilator machine. First, it fucks him doggie style. Then, it fucks him on his back with his cock and balls tied up. Will Dominic be set free after this torment or will the Ass Master keep him for more sick games?

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Rough pup play with Dominic Pacifico and Alex Hawk

At Bound Gods, Master Dominic Pacifico transforms his new slave Alex Hawk into his own personal pet, where he’s mercilessly beaten, fucked deep and covered in cum

Master Dominic Pacifico, clad in full leather, walks into the dungeon to find a sleeping slave lying naked in his cage. Alex Hawk is awoken and dragged out of his cage by his collar and ordered to worship Master Pacifico’s leather. The new slave pulls out his new master’s bulging cock and swallows it to the hilt as Master Pacifico beats his backside with a paddle. Dominic then transforms his eager slave into his personal pet, a puppy-tail butt plug shoved up his ass and latex mask to complete the puppy transformation. Bound on all fours, Alex swallows his master’s cock as the sting of the flogger whips against his exposed ass. Flipped over on his back, the bound pup has a series of clothespins clamped onto his aching balls as the flogger mercilessly beats him to a pulp, all while he’s ordered to howl like a beast. A violet wand replaces the puppy-tail plug, penetrating Alex’s tight hole as it electrocutes his insides. Master Pacifico then plunges his fat uncut cock into his pet’s ass, pounding away before bursting a geyser of cum all over the bound pup’s eager face.

Models in this shoot: Dominic Pacifico, Alex Hawk

Title: The Pup Master – Introducing: Master Pacifico

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Teddy Bryce gets tied up, locked down and edged

In this KinkMen video from the Men On Edge channel, Teddy Bryce gets tied up, locked down and edged hard

gay bondage Teddy Bryce

Muscle-bodied Teddy Bryce is ready to be completely restrained. Sebastian Keys and Dominic Pacifico work this heavily tattooed stud’s rock hard cock.

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Dominic Pacifico gets tied up and tickled naked

Having Dominic Pacifico around is always a lot of fun, but when he’s willing to be tied up and tickle tortured it makes for an even more hysterical time. The sexy hunk is driven insane by being tickled all over his naked body.

Dominic_Pacifico_tickled_gay_bondage_01 Dominic_Pacifico_tickled_gay_bondage_02

He is ticklish everywhere from his toes to his balls to his armpits. They didn’t miss a single spot.


Model Name: Dominic Pacifico

Dominic is a stunning, muscular guy who loves to have his toes sucked. He has size 10 feet that are very ticklish – as is the rest of his amazing body. He’s also the type of guy who loves to try new things.

Dominic_Pacifico_tickled_gay_bondage_04 Dominic_Pacifico_tickled_gay_bondage_05 Dominic_Pacifico_tickled_gay_bondage_06

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