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MCP Treatment Facility

By MarkNorth

The following is a fictional tale centered on an actual stay at “Men’s Central Prison” in Southern California in early July. The storyline is part of the fantasy role-play that encompassed the visit; but all of the bondage scenes described are real. The Officers at MCP are well-versed and well-equipped in bondage and role-play, which allowed me to drift into the desired “headspace” rather easily. Thank you to Bind, Hawk, and Rob for a great trip!

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Look who got locked up at Mens Central Prison

Reports are coming in from those who have been to the Mens Central Prison. Just within the past month, longtime Metalbond contributor MarkNorth has gone there. So has Pisslurper.

Who else has been there or is planning to go? Let me know!

MCP_MarkNorth_1 MCP_Pisslurper


For more information on this facility and the types of activities that happen there, you can visit the official Mens Central Prison website.


PLUS … Marknorth has written a fictionalized account of his true incarceration roleplay experience at the Mens Central Prison. Watch for his write-up, which includes plenty of photographs, to appear very soon in the Metalbond Prison Library.


And for those who want to learn even MORE about what goes on at Mens Central Prison, you can view numerous behind-the-scenes videos at Serious Male Bondage, a subscription-based site.

It takes a lot of metal to chain up this guy!

Check out the pictures and information below from Bind:

bind-to-sleep-2 bind-to-sleep-3

Bind writes,

I was locked in 200 feet of chain, 50 padlocks, 15 slave shackles, and then welded into the cage for the day. We made a humorous bondage video where I was put this way so that I could sleep. The funny thing about it is that there is a lot of truth to it. I sleep better confined than free. Yes, I really did fall asleep while this was being videotaped, too.

Be sure to check the videos about Mens Central Prison over at Serious Male Bondage

More videos from Mens Central Prison available online

For those who are attracted to prisons, jail cells, institutional incarceration and psychiatric hospital wards and gear, the Mens Central Prison is for you. Check out this video clip:

In addition to the “teaser” video above, you can see more of the Mens Central Prison over at Serious Male Bondage. They are offering a video tour, and they just added three more videos from this place!

MCP_SMBOf course, if you are REALLY brave you can go there yourself for a one-of-a-kind prison roleplay experience, with a stay of one day to one week or more.

To see videos shot at this facility, click for Serious Male Bondage

Sadly, the Mens Central Prison is closed.

Mens Central Prison


This is for those who are attracted to prisons, jail cells, institutional incarceration, and psychiatric hospital wards and gear. Mark of Serious Male Bondage shot a complete tour and interview with the guys behind this unusual facility. They built a complete jail cell facility with 6 cells, solitary confinement and a psyche evaluation room. Their facility is as close to real as it gets.

To learn more about this facility, click for Serious Male Bondage