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The jail and solitary cells at EdgeDungeon

The men from Serious Male Bondage filmed some videos showing Bind locked up in the jail and solitary cells at EdgeDungeon before they had to close due to fire damage, as well NoEscapeSlave locked in shackles and being confined in a metal box for the night.

jail and solitary cells at EdgeDungeon

There are TWO videos in this recent update available at Serious Male Bondage


gay bondage in jail cell

Serious Male Bondage to start filming at a new playroom in Las Vegas

Mark from Serious Male Bondage sent the information and pictures below about a new facility called “NED” or No Escape Dungeon, designed by NoEscapeSlave in Las Vegas!

No Escape Dungeon in Las Vegas


Mark writes:

“My friend NoEscapeSlave (Recon) is building a new playroom in the basement of his house in Las Vegas. He calls the facility ‘NED’ or No Escape Dungeon, a takeoff on his Recon name.

“The equipment in his new playroom is a combination of gear from his own collection, along with gear from SeriousMaleBondage.com, and some of his anonymous friends. As you can see in the photos, No Escape Dungeon looks like the Mr S store on steroids. Here’s Mark in the bondage chair:

NoEscapeSlave in Las Vegas

Mark continues,

“It’s my opinion that a generation of kinksters who have been collecting gear over the years are now scaling back and consolidating. This is certainly not the case with NED. The result is a combined assortment of gear which spans a wide range of kinks, including e-stim, leather bondage, heavy rubber, cages, isolation boxes, bondage chairs, hundreds of hoods and handcuffs, etc.

“This new Vegas playroom is still under construction, but in the future, SeriousMaleBondage.com will be shooting at NED instead of shooting at the old ‘SeriousBondage Institute’ location in San Francisco.”

The equipment in his new playroom is a combination of gear from his own collection

For more information about the “No Escape Dungeon,” contact NoEscapeSlave on Recon.

Thanks to Mark for the pictures and information!