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Video: The new Silencilicone gag


Mark from Serious Male Bondage shared the video above, and he sent this information:

“These silicone gags are a new generation of 3D printed mold products. We expect to see more of these inventive BDSM toys on the market inspired by new and emerging technologies.

“These gags are produced in Germany by a guy who wanted a more effective gag than the traditional ball gag. These gags are available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL. Additionally, there are a wide variety of models to choose from including breather gags.”

Thanks, Mark, for this video and for the information!

Check out Silencilicone the gag on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/Silencilicone

Silencilicone gags

Silencilicone gags

Over-the-top male bondage in a custom-made sarcophagus

As depicted in a video at Serious Male Bondage, Bind’s sarcophagus is medical fiberglass, with epoxy added to strengthen the shell. The walls of the shell are approximately a half inch thick and very rigid. It features a metal wire grill at the mouth. Would you dare to be encased inside like PupJake?

Over-the-top male bondage

See the VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title: Toss Him In

custom-made sarcophagus for male bondage