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Prisoner Chad gets tickled

At My Friends Feet , Chad Tyler is a hairy blond hunk with a furry chest and a Southern drawl who has gotten into a bit of trouble. Now behind bars, Chad wakes up strapped to his cot. Someone must have told Rikk how ticklish Chad is, because Rikk tickles Chad while he is strapped down until it makes him go insane. His feet, armpits and sides are crazy ticklish. It makes Chad worry about what’s going to happen the next night! And the night after that…

male tickle torture

See the VIDEO at My Friends Feet

Title of this shoot: Prisoner Chad Tickled

male bondage tickling

Pictures: How to build a jail cell in your basement

Check out these pictures from roopurt (of FetLife) who built a jail cell in his basement, complete with a toilet, shower fixtures and even an under-the-floor cage! He posted more about this impressive do-it-yourself project on Reddit

jail cell in basement


Reddit post is available here.

Metal would like to thank roopurt for sharing these pictures, which are posted here with his permission.