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Pictures and video: Jared is racked and whipped

It just keeps getting better and better at Dream Boy Bondage. See below for a free, high-def video clip of Jared, who is hot as fuck. In this shoot, Jared is stretched to the max on the rack as his back and ass are brutally flogged, every muscle taut and bulging:

dream_boy_bondage_jared_01 dream_boy_bondage_jared_02 dream_boy_bondage_jared_03 dream_boy_bondage_jared_04


After hours on his back, his balls stretched almost to the ripping point, with electric current running through his lean body for minutes at a time, Jared is now laid on the rack, face down, his beautiful ass and back vulnerable and ready for the whip. He knows he will be brutally flogged. He knows he will be stretched to his breaking point. What he doesn’t know is that he will be whipped and stretched at the same time – and then left in total agony overnight.

Here is a free video clip — and be sure to click to watch this in hi-res mode:


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Racked and Tickled

By Jack

Have you ever been tied and stretched on a medieval torture rack?

It is one of the most painfully intense tortures you can experience.

The further you are stretched, the more painful it becomes. It can also be extremely dangerous, too. Shoulders can be dislocated, lungs can collapse, muscles and tendons can be sprained and snapped. You would definitely want to avoid being stretched out too far.

This type of torture was standard in interrogations. The victim was usually stretched painfully and then asked questions, or made to confess to heinous crimes against the church or state. With every wrong answer or refusal to talk, the cylindrical drum at the top of the rack was turned another notch, and the body was stretched more and more, inch by inch. Even after obtaining a confession, often the stretching continued until the victim passed out. Or worse. The victim usually had no control over how far his body was stretched.

But what if you found yourself tied to such a device?

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Riley is stretched taut on the rack

At Dream Boy Bondage, Riley moans in agony, stretched taut on the rack, completely naked and vulnerable, cum drying on his abs from being jerked off, when Jared re-enters the torture chamber.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_free_video_preview_Riley_01 Dream_Boy_Bondage_free_video_preview_Riley_02 Dream_Boy_Bondage_free_video_preview_Riley_03


“Please, just let me go,” Riley says. “You look great stretched out like that,” Jared replies, caressing his captive’s quivering body, then turning the crank on the rack several more turns, taking Riley’s agony to the next level. “Agggggg,” the prisoner screams; the pain is unbelievable. Jared just walks away, snickering, letting his captive moan. He returns an hour later and unchains Riley’s legs, raising them up high and spreading them wide, stretching his captive’s ass. You guessed it: Riley is brutally fucked with a huge, tapered dildo.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_free_video_preview_Riley_04 Dream_Boy_Bondage_free_video_preview_Riley_05 Dream_Boy_Bondage_free_video_preview_Riley_06

Here’s a video preview:


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Dream_Boy_Bondage_free_video_preview_Riley_07 Dream_Boy_Bondage_latest_updates_ad_05