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A cocky businessman gets chained to the urinals


This is from Bound Gods. Rikk York is some hotshot prick with a million-dollar deal on the line, so he’s gotta make the next flight. Boarding started fifteen minutes ago; he doesn’t care about some dumb janitor saying the bathroom’s closed. Big mistake. Jessie Colter, the janitor on duty, busts through the stall and chains the smug jackass to the urinals.

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Jessie_Colter_Rikk_York_gay_bondage_02 Jessie_Colter_Rikk_York_gay_bondage_03

Jessie gets a taste of Rikk’s huge cock before returning the favor, stuffing Rikk’s face full of dick. Jessie commands Rikk to crawl through mousetraps and present his ass. Rikk’s asshole gets filled with an electric buttplug, sending painful shocks through his whole body. Jessie hogties Rikk’s body over a sawhorse and fits clothespins between each of Rikk’s toes before plowing his ass with a fucksaw. With Rikk’s hole readied by the fucksaw, Jessie goes deep and hard into Rikk. Jessie covers Rikk’s ass in hot cum and smears the load onto his face. Rikk gets edged multiple times before Jessie milks a load from the stud and punishes his senstive cock. As he struggles against his ropes, Jessie leaves Rikk for security to handle.

Jessie_Colter_Rikk_York_gay_bondage_04 Jessie_Colter_Rikk_York_gay_bondage_05

Title of this vid: Rude Businessman’s Airport Bathroom Nightmare

Models in this video: Jessie Colter, Rikk York

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Jail sex with Killian Knox, Rikk York and Jake Morgan

sucking off the prison guard

At Raw Dads, inmate Jake Morgan will do anything to get the reprieve he needs and you can bet that warden Killian Knox is happy to help him out in exchange for his hot mouth and hairy hole on his hard cock. He’s not the only needing release, when guard Rikk York stops by his own long and stiff baton is soon joining the fun and Jake finds himself having to serve double time on their dripping tools! With the three back at his cell, he takes each in his raw hole and even submits to a cramming DP fucking from the two before their loads are spewing over his hole and being fucked deep inside.

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Worshipping feet behind bars

Chad Tyler is facing a lonely first night in his prison cell when his guard Rikk York comes in to make a deal. Chad will take care of Rikk’s feet and Rikk will give him some extra perks and protection. Rikk has to gauge Chad’s foot worship skills, so he has the prisoner take off his boots and socks. The guard sticks his stinky feet in Chad’s face to lick off. Rikk is impressed. He knows he will be back here again and again to get foot pleasure from his new inmate.

Chad Tyler is facing a lonely first night in his prison cell when his guard Rikk York comes in

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Title of this video: Prison Guard Rikk Worshiped

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Rikk York gets chained, flogged and fucked by Trenton Ducati

Rikk York expects his day to end with a quick fuck from the massive hunk he just met. What Rikk fails to realize is that this hunk is Trenton Ducati, and he likes to play rough.

Rikk_York_and_Trenton_Ducati_gay_bondage_01 Rikk_York_and_Trenton_Ducati_gay_bondage_02 Rikk_York_and_Trenton_Ducati_gay_bondage_03 Rikk_York_and_Trenton_Ducati_gay_bondage_04 Rikk_York_and_Trenton_Ducati_gay_bondage_05


Trenton takes Rikk to a nice secluded spot and quickly tears away all his clothes. He then chains Rikk against a pillar and viciously flogs every inch of his body. Trenton takes a moment to let Rikk rest, by chaining Rikk to the wall and filling his mouth with Trenton’s massive cock. Trenton holds Rikk’s mouth against his cock while repeatedly pummeling him with a crop. Rikk can’t help but want more. Trenton presents his boot to his fuck slave, and tells him to start cleaning. Rikk runs his salivating tongue across Trenton’s thick black boots until they glisten in the daylight. His master is pleased. Trenton rewards him by bending him over and tongue fucking his ass before shoving his throbbing cock inside. Rikk is in ecstasy as his arms and legs are chained to the wall, while Trenton continues to fuck his tight ass. Trenton grips Rikk’s dick and starts stroking. Cum flies from Rikk’s cock and covers his chest. Trenton wants his fuck toy to be drenched in cum, so he pulls his cock out of Rikk’s ass and blows his load across his bearded face.

Rikk_York_and_Trenton_Ducati_gay_bondage_06 Rikk_York_and_Trenton_Ducati_gay_bondage_07 Rikk_York_and_Trenton_Ducati_gay_bondage_08 Rikk_York_and_Trenton_Ducati_gay_bondage_09 Rikk_York_and_Trenton_Ducati_gay_bondage_10


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Title of this shoot: Rikk York Loves to Lick Leather while being Chained and Flogged

Models in this shoot: Rikk York and Trenton Ducati

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