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Pictures and video: Bryan Cole tied up at Roped Studs


Muscle stud Bryan Cole is roped back against the cage, ass hovering above the boy seat in anticipation, waiting for his Master to return. Rope man J.J. moves in to get a piece of his stud. Bryan has a choice: Get that thick metal ball in his ass, or get whipped! Bryan is ‘forced’ over and over to fit that thick metal ball in his ass, all the while J.J. whipping him relentlessly each time Bryan rises to seek relief. Up … Down … Up … Down … Finally, the muscle stud is tied down tight, ball in ass, attempting to move and twist to ‘get comfortable.’ He can’t, but J.J. has an idea to make him more ‘comfortable’ — he works Bryan’s already semi-engorged cock until it spits a thick load of cum. It doesn’t get much better!

Bryan_Cole_Roped_Studs_02 Bryan_Cole_Roped_Studs_03

Here is a video clip:


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Video: Bryan Cole gets the full Roped Studs treatment

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What a site to behold: BDSM porn god Bryan Cole gets tied expertly against the steel cage, his amazing body covered with beautiful whip marks, every muscle flexing and contorting as electric current flows into the steel plug shoved up his ass. Then rope man J.J. whips him some more while he gyrates, his asshole burning. And, as if that wasn’t good enough, we flip Bryan around and bind him against the cage again so you can see his gorgeous abs, pecs and cock. Get your lube out.

Here’s a free video preview — and be sure to click to watch in full screen mode:


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Video: Frat boy Thomas is roped to a bondage chair

In this free preview from the men of Roped Studs, frat boy Thomas is roped to a bondage chair, arms up high over his head, knees bent back. Tight hemp rope digs into his abs, pressing him tight against the chair rails. Thomas pulls on the ropes, but he can’t escape. He is trapped, and rope man J.J. can do anything he wants to his body. So J.J. gets busy, first with a whip, than with a razor-sharp pinwheel:


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