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Video: Thomas at Roped Studs

Check out Thomas at Roped Studs — and be sure to click the full screen view for this high-def video clip:


In this shoot, muscular frat boy Thomas is roped on his back, ankles pulled up over his head and roped to a steel cage. His wrists are roped to the cage, too, making him totally vulnerable. So rope man J.J. jams a nasty butt plug right up the straight frat boy’s tight ass, then beats his firm, round ass and the soles of his feet with a riding crop.

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thomas05RS_1 thomas05RS_3 thomas05RS_5 thomas05RS_6

Roped Studs

Video: Thomas in ‘Four Years Later Part 2’

Check out what happen to Thomas at DreamBoyBondage — and be sure to click to see this high-quality video clip in full-screen mode:

Muscular frat boy Thomas is spread-eagled on a horizontal X-cross. His sucked-in abs and well-defined chest are brutally flogged, then beaten with a hard-rubber truncheon. Then, in an extra bit of nastiness, they clamp the captive’s huge cock and dangling balls with two spring-loaded glue clamps.

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