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Dungeon equipment: Hanging slings

Mr. S hanging slings are the finest slings available. They come in several styles. Click through using the pictures and links below for further information on each of these slings as well as pricing and ordering information.

Deluxe Solid Sling

Deluxe solid sling male fucking


Deluxe Web Sling

webbed leather fuck sling


Five Point Sling with Stirrups

fucked in a leather sling


Heavy Duty Portable Sling Frame

portable fuck sling frame


Deluxe Portable Sling

portable leather sling for ass play


Tri Sling Frame 

stand alone frame for leather sling


All of these are available from Mr S

Terry Miller leather stud

Dungeon sex with Casey Everett and Devin Franco

leather bondage sex

Casey Everett is blindfolded in a sling and his hole is pulsating at the anticipation of Master Devin Franco’s cock. Devin teases the outside of Casey’s hole with the head of his cock before falling to his knees and sliding hefty anal beads inside Casey. As Devin keeps pushing, each bead disappears slowly into Casey’s hungry hole. After the beads come out, Devin’s cock goes in and Casey takes every bareback inch his master delivers. Devin grabs onto Casey’s hard rod and pounds his hole with abandon. The hardcore sling-fucking continues until Casey shoots his load onto his abs and Devin covers Casey’s hole with cum that he licks up.

Devin Franco bondage porn gay


See the video HERE

Title: No Limits

Actors: Devin Franco, Casey Everett

Site: Raging Stallion

hot gay leather bondage slave

Sling sex with bondage and a duct tape gag

Submissive twink Tyler Tanner waits in a sling, clad in all the requisite leather gear a captive like him should wear: nothing but a collar and black jockstrap. His hands are bound by taut leather cuffs at one end while his ankles are locked in stirrups at the other. His mouth is duct-taped shut and his cock bounces with excitement as he waits for his dominant twink top, Andrew Bolt. He needs Andrew. He needs him in this dimly lit dungeon. He needs to be used and abused. Andrew makes his way in wearing a sinister red-lined leather harness. He taunts, teases, and titillates Tyler by stroking the sub’s rigid dick. The bound prisoner can only respond with pleasured moans muffled and lost by the duct tape sealing his mouth.

Submissive twink Tyler Tanner waits in a sling


After he’s had enough of teasing his plaything, Andrew moves to the sub’s hole and prods it with his tongue, fingers, and a toy. Eventually, though, the top tires of these games, and needs to pump and unload. He slides his cock into Tyler’s starving chute, and pumps his rock-hard meat in and out of Tyler’s hungry hole. Soon his balls tighten, and his cock spews another load into his muffled bottom. He leaves Tyler there, dangling, dripping. When he’s ready, he’ll use him again.

clad in all the requisite leather gear a captive like him should wear


VIDEO at BoundTwinks.com

Title: Tyler Tanner & Andrew Bolt Encounter 3

Andrew moves to the sub's hole and prods it with his tongue

Scenes from ‘Prowl 4’ at Titan

In Prowl 4, take a trip with blond muscle god Trey Rexx into a leatherman fantasy as he jerks his horsecock and conjures up one hot stud after another, beginning with sizzling muscular leatherman Anthony LaFont. After Anthony pins Trey in a wrestling match, he plunges his fat cock deep into Trey’s guts until they both spray the place with spooge. Cute hard-bodied Bobby Williams appears buck naked and chained to a hobby horse and Trey nails his ass good. And in the final scene, piggy Rhet Hengst gets fucked ferociously in a sling by one stud after another, including Marco Paris, Mike Grant, Arpad Miklos (of blessed memory) and Trey; they nearly split him in two, spearing his ass with their big dicks and spraying him with gobs of sticky spunk.

muscle god Trey Rexx into a leatherman fantasy as he jerks his horsecock and conjures up one hot stud after another

See the video here

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Tickle torture sling

Here’s another VIDEO from My Friends Feet. Amone knows what it’s like to be in the sling waiting for his tickling torment to start. Amone is in the driver seat now, and AJ is acting all tough before it begins. AJ will not be so chipper by the end of his tickling ordeal today! In fact, Amone seems to really piss AJ off by tickling him and making him squirm and laugh so much. AJ’s upper body is the most ticklish, but his gorgeous feet are sensitive too. He seems to frighten Amone more and more as the action moves on!

AJ Tickled In The Sling

VIDEO at My Friends Feet

Scene Title: AJ

Scene Short Description: AJ Tickled In The Sling

male bondage tickle torture