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Dungeon sex with Casey Everett and Devin Franco

leather bondage sex

Casey Everett is blindfolded in a sling and his hole is pulsating at the anticipation of Master Devin Franco’s cock. Devin teases the outside of Casey’s hole with the head of his cock before falling to his knees and sliding hefty anal beads inside Casey. As Devin keeps pushing, each bead disappears slowly into Casey’s hungry hole. After the beads come out, Devin’s cock goes in and Casey takes every bareback inch his master delivers. Devin grabs onto Casey’s hard rod and pounds his hole with abandon. The hardcore sling-fucking continues until Casey shoots his load onto his abs and Devin covers Casey’s hole with cum that he licks up.

Devin Franco bondage porn gay


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Title: No Limits

Actors: Devin Franco, Casey Everett

Site: Raging Stallion

hot gay leather bondage slave

Maniacal doctor Chris Damned overpowers Devin Franco

Maniacal doctor Chris Damned overpowers Devin Franco

When Devin Franco arrives to the offices of “Maniacal” Doctor Chris Damned for treatment, the doc orders Devin to undress. The horny, psycho physician gets Devin laid back on the hospital bed in just his jock, so he can hike Devin’s legs up and eat his ass. The rimjob is an easy distraction for Devin as Chris ties him down with rope and uses a penis pump to swell Devin’s cock and an electro-shock wand to zap his balls. With Devin’s cock growing and his cries intensifying, Chris uses a ball gag to muffle Devin’s moans. Chris strokes Devin’s cock and slaps his balls, demanding total submission. Chris continues elevating his dominance as he works a sounding rod down into Devin’s throbbing cock, which Chris then strokes until all the kinky stimulation reaches a fevered pitch. The ecstasy gets so intense that Devin blasts off a thick load onto his abs.

Maniacal doctor Chris Damned overpowers Devin Franco


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Actors : Devin Franco, Chris Damned

Title: Maniacal

Site: Raging Stallion

gay porn Maniacal doctor Chris Damned overpowers Devin Franco

No Limits

Johnny Hill wants to have his way with Dillon Diaz

Johnny Hill wants to have his way with Dillon Diaz. Chained to a leather fuck bench, Dillon holds his legs up to give Johnny total access to his ass with his tongue. Johnny starts with a deep rimming and stroking Dillon’s cock before sliding in a silicone man-rammer into Dillon’s ass. After revving up Dillon’s ass with the hefty dong, Johnny slides his real pole deep inside Dillon’s ass. Stroke for stroke, Johnny takes his time stretching out Dillon’s hole with raw, bareback cock until he can’t hold back any longer and shoots his load on Dillon’s hole. With Dillon still chained down, Johnny shoves his cock back in and strokes Dillon’s cock until he erupts with thick ropes that land on his abs.

Chained to a leather fuck bench


Title of this video: No Limits

Actors: Johnny Hill, Dillon Diaz

Site: Raging Stallion

Chained to a leather fuck bench

Weekend at Garrett’s – Part 07

© 2023 Bostonleatherman

…“I see.”

You knew you’d need to spend the better part of the afternoon preparing a Bolognese for Garrett once you got home from the market with everything, so you’d better get going, you told yourself. You’ll need to be quick about your foray – you knew the sauce must simmer for a while once it’s prepared and you didn’t know what time Garrett wanted to eat. You didn’t need any more demerits by not having dinner ready when he wanted. Garrett awards you points that you can ask to redeem for various reasons – things like having a smoke, using the toilet, having restraints be removed for a time (or at least loosened), being allowed to eat at the table and not on the floor out of a dog bowl. Things like that.

The system is known only to Garrett. You never know what he’ll decide deserves some points and how many you’ll get, nor do you know when he’ll move some to the debit column for a reason that you didn’t know was under consideration. And his point value is fluid; sometimes a smoke will cost you two points, other times five. Once it was ten. Hence your desire to conserve where you can.

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Kirk Cummings gets duct taped to a bathroom stall

Kirk Cummings gets duct taped to a bathroom stall

When pervy janitor Jesse Zeppelin spots sexy stud Kirk Cummings walking alone, he ceases his opportunity and takes Kirk back to his compound. Once there, Jesse duct tapes his hostage to a bathroom stall and slowly starts whipping a bound and gagged Kirk. Terrified and helpless, Kirk screams out as Jesse has his way with the whip and an electric wand. Jesse decides to cut Kirk some slack and removes the tape so Kirk can suck on Jesse’s thick cock at the urinal. The janitor keeps using his mouth slave relentlessly until Kirk’s mouth gets filled with warm cum, direct from the tip of Jesse’s throbbing rod.

Kirk Cummings gets duct taped to a bathroom stall


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Title: Taken

Actors: Kirk Cummings, Jesse Zeppelin

Site: Raging Stallion

Kirk Cummings gets duct taped to a bathroom stall

Three Slaves – Part 04

By Practicerestraint

Number 502 headed towards the open wall of his cell and out into the corridor.

“Stay where you are, 502.  You’ll regret leaving your cell unescorted.”

He whipped around to see who spoke, but there was no one.  As the voice continued, however, he saw the speakers built into the ceiling.  He also noticed the cameras in each corner of the room, attached to the ceiling.

“Open the top drawer and put on the items inside.  Then read the documents on the desk.  Your orientation will begin in about an hour.”

Number 502 debated for a moment, and then turned to the set of drawers along the wall.  Stark naked in a strange building, he doubted that he would make much progress in terms of escape.  Disobedience didn’t seem like a good idea either, although he hadn’t opened the drawer or read the documents yet . . . .

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Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 10

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 10: So Long!

That was on a Friday, so maybe that’s why I didn’t hear from SLPOUTREACH until Monday.  Which is when I read:

“SLP Participant Barlow:  You have completed Step 4.  Permission to proceed to Step 5 will be transmitted within the next three weeks.”

I was all serious serious serious when I opened the email, cuz I expected to see some big heavy statement, and then I felt like, “Oh.  OK.  What do I do now?”  I didn’t really have anything to do except to keep going to school, which at least got me out of seeing my parents.  I read in a book about some guy that was gonna be executed, and they gave him X amount of time to “put his affairs in order.”  But I didn’t have any affairs; I just went back to school.

I knew that the SLP would come through with my orders, and I would do what they told me.  Maybe you’re wondering, hey, you’re an American, how could they, like, enforce this commitment you signed?  I mean, how could they come and get you, if you changed your mind?   You’re right—they couldn’t.  I had time on my hands, so I looked it up.  Under “extradition.”  The only way they could get me was if I actually went to St. B.  But that’s what I’d agreed to do.

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