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‘Reflected Glory’ by Hooder

Hooder is one of the most prolific male BDSM fiction authors. He’s posted 165 stories (and counting!) over at Telmachus, a site filled with awesome artwork, stories and much more. One of Hooder’s most recent titles is “Reflected Glory,” which I found genuinely moving. Click the image directly below to read it:

Hooder male bdsm stories

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The complete Telemachus Story Archive is here

You can also find Hooder on Recon


Jotto – gay erotic bondage artist

jotto a

jotto jotto-r jotto_jungle_boy_punished jotto gh

You can see many more works by Jotto at the Telemachus site.

Jotto has a number of illustrated stories available here.

Many of Jotto’s works are authorized collaborations with Kalabro

You can learn even more about these artists at the Mitchmen blog. Click for Mitchmen’s entry about Jotto by clicking here and Kalabro by clicking here.

Also see the official Kalabro blog

New story posted today on Telemachus: ‘He-Man and the Secret of the Sword’

To read this story, ‘He-Man and the Secret of the Sword,’ by Wolfpeck, with illustrations by Herodotus, click the image directly below:



Herodotus is a longtime friend of the Metalbond site. You can find him and many other gay erotic artists on the main Telemachus site. (A site, by the way, that actually links back to Metalbond — thanks, guys for being NICE and doing that!)