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Show me your verification code

Check this out. It’s a security verification code generator for remote BDSM and chastity play that Chris Mitchell – The Sneaker Boy has created:



Chris writes:

Dear Metal,

I’ve just finished the primary work on my security photo Verification Code Generator, so it’s now ready if some people want to try using it. It’s similar to code generators on LockedMen and similar sites, except that it keeps a running log and allows for more detailed verification of the authenticity of the code.

The general idea is the following:

  1. Sub is locked into some sort of bondage (or chastity).
  2. Dom generates a code, which dom and sub both receive a copy of.
  3. Sub takes a photo showing the bondage and the code (on a card, phone or its body).
  4. Photo is sent to dom for verification.

If guys want some additional features I’m open to adding those as well. This is a project I originally completed for my dom, Master Matthew, but we have now decided to expand it and share it with other guys who might benefit from it.


Thanks, Chris, for the picture and information! I have a feeling lots of guys will want to test drive this!

Click here.