The Art Show

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 videosMatt and his buddy TJ stood awkwardly by the big steel door of the warehouse. Matt instinctively covering his flaccid penis with one hand, while TJ didn’t even bother trying to cover his big package. He swung his arms idly as they waited for some sort of instruction.

“We ain’t too early, are we?” TJ asked Matt. Matt shook his head.

“No, we’re right on time. And exactly where we were told to be. They must be running late.” Matt finished with a slight hint of annoyance.

“It’s cool, man.” TJ shrugged. “You know how civilians are. They can’t help it.”

Matt nodded. Of course TJ was right. Adjusting to life after years of structured army life had been difficult for both of them. Matt was glad TJ was always so chill.

“C’mon, lighten up!” TJ clapped his friend on the back. “It’s only an art show, ya gotta relax. It’ll be fun! Tell you what, you drop and give me 150. I promise they’ll be ready for us before you finish!”

Matt half-smiled as he knelt to the floor and started his push-ups.

“Yeahh, that’s it!” TJ goaded. “Keep up that form, c’mon!” TJ watched Matt’s first 30 reps, admiring his bud’s shoulders and back as they flexed and pumped. He’s really not too bad for a white dude, he smiled to himself.

“Oh, you must be the models!” A hurried-looking man in his mid thirties came swishing up in his skinny jeans and painted converse. “So glad you’re here, thank you so much for volunteering. I’m Chris, we texted.”

“Sure man! I’m TJ, and this is Matt.” TJ held up his fist for a bump, but Chris just leaned in and hugged him.

“You guys are the best!” Chris greeted Matt with a similar hug as soon as he’d stood. “Oh. My god. I can’t even tell you… You guys are literally saving my life here. Now, have either of you fine gentlemen modeled before?”

Matt stifled a chuckle. This Chris guy was so gay!

“Yeah,” Matt said. “There were some dumb impromptu poses with machine guns and tanks that we took when we were in Afghanistan, you know… Actually saving your life-” TJ elbowed him in the stomach, laughing heartily over Matt’s words.

“Naw man, but we cool.” TJ gestured to the gallery in front of them. “But what exactly are we supposed to do? You said we were sculptures or something?”

“Oh yes,” Chris said, snapping out of the trance he’d fallen into while admiring the two naked hunks in front of him. “Well you see, the gallery is having a live show and auction. You two will be featured as what The Artist calls-”

“Living. Art.” The Artist had appeared next to Chris, a short slender man wearing a suit and a beret. He peered at Matt and TJ over his glasses for a quick moment. “To reveal the beauty we see and breathe every day. Not just some old painting in a gilded frame on a wall, eck! No no! Hmmm… Let me see here…” The Artist inspected TJ and Matt, circling them each in turn. His unblinking beady eyes taking in each muscle and curve.

The Artist paused on seeing the matching brands on the models’ left shoulders. Chris stammered.

“Uhhh, I’m sure makeup will-”

“No. It’s perfect! This is what makes Living. Art. So compelling! The plans that change midcourse! Yes…” The Artist ran a pointer over Matt’s shoulder. “Real army men to play with. We should paint you green and have you stand by the door. Perhaps paper mache or plaster…” He prodded TJ’s semi-hard cock with the pointer. “Next time. How do-”


The Artist rolled his eyes. “Must I do everything!?” He hurried away.

Chris sighed. “A visionary. Such a brilliant mind, surrounded by absolute incompetence… Well then, let’s get started on the photoshoot! Right this way please, gentlemen.” Chris lead the buff nude studs to a small stage where a five-man team was waiting.

“Alright, the models are here!” Chris announced. “Let the art begin!”

The men swarmed up to Matt and TJ, armed with bottles of lotion, coils of rope, and a booklet of detailed instructions.

“Woah!” TJ raised his arms as a handful of lotion was slopped on his shoulders, and another hand began to rub it down his back.

“This is an oil-based lotion,” Chris explained. “It provides a satin sheen, and locks in moisture under the lights. It also helps protect your skin from any ropeburn.”

“Oh yeah,” TJ nodded. “Smells nice too.” He kept his eyes looking ahead as his body was thoroughly rubbed and massaged with the lotion. TJ felt hands everywhere, the soles of his feet, his armpits, face, and even under his balls! But the lotion felt really good, almost tingly as it soaked into his skin. His cock swelled from the sensual physical contact and the luxurious product being so generously applied over it.

“Mmmmm…” Not too bad, TJ closed his eyes for a moment. Not too bad at all.

He looked over his shoulder to check on Matt.

Matt watched wide-eyed as TJ was molested and caressed. The oil-rich lotion made TJ’s body glow like a refinished mahogany chest. The five men soon turned toward Matt.

While Matt was being oiled up, the work began on TJ’s bondage. Thick, bone-white rope was layed over TJ’s muscular body. Around and around, over and under, creating an elegant and very flattering harness for his powerful shoulders and chest. TJ’s arms were tied above the small of his back, pushing his huge sculpted chest out even more. Another tangle of rope soon wound down his thic body, around his hips, and circling his massive package. TJ’s hard mantool throbbed as the rope was knotted firmly under his ballsack, and brought up to his waist between his asscheeks. Three knots rubbed at his pleasure spots along his taint, eliciting an involuntary gasp of arousal.

Throughout the process, Chris and The Artist stepped in to take photographs. Particularly of the crotch ropes and TJ’s brand. “We mustn’t cover that up,” The Artist would say.

“Alright, open up.” A big white ball gag was held up to TJ’s mouth. TJ grunted as the huge ball was shoved between his teeth. He had a big mouth, but this ball was enormous! TJ started drooling immediately, thin streams flowing from the corners of his stuffed mouth, even before the strap was buckled behind his head.

“Beautiful.” The Artist praised, camera at the ready. “Puff that chest out… Arch your back… Lean forward a little…” Click click “Look up… Yes, that’s it…” Click click click. “Now look down at that big boner of yours, it’s a baseball bat. Try to flick some of that drool over your shoulder with it… Like a fucking goal or point or whatever they do in that dreadfully boring sportsball event… Perfect…” Click click.

While TJ was posing and slobbering all over himself, Matt was getting tied up.

His ropework was identical to TJ’s, only he was being bound with black rope. Matt had been tied up plenty of times before, and he liked it. As the ropes were snaked around his body, he relished the sensation of helplessness, the way a new rope slid into place over his oiled skin, and how the bonds accented his muscles. He focussed on how hard his cock was, and the knots on his pleasure spots. He was also turned on by the sight of his buddy all trussed up too, posing for the camera, looking hotter than fire.

Matt was brought back to the present when his gag was stuffed in his mouth. “Hmmph!!”

It was a jaw-breakingly large ball gag with very little give. Matt bit down on it, working it with his tongue. Unable to swallow with his mouth propped open, Matt started drooling heavily on himself just like TJ. The Artist seemed content taking pictures of Matt’s struggle, silently snapping pictures without any comment.

The riggers finished the initial ropework, and guided the bound and drooling military studs shoulder to shoulder while they prepared the next sequence of rope. Chris and The Artist changed the lights, and took several more rounds of pictures, this time of TJ and Matt side by side, then back to back, then front to front.

“Closer…” The Artist said with a slight tease in his voice. “Closer…” Matt inched closer to TJ, until their knees were touching. “Good, now arch those backs, and lean in…” The buddies leaned closer to each other until their chests were almost touching.

“Hmmphh mhmm?” TJ inquired. His words were drowned by camera clicks as a long splatter of drool crashed to the floor from his chin like a water fountain.


Matt carefully nudged his left knee against TJ’s groin, a move that TJ mirrored. Matt shivered as he watched TJ’s wet gleaming cock bouncing and flexing less than an inch from his own.


TJ widened his stance, shifting slightly as he and Matt were almost nose-to nose… And tip-to-tip… He instinctively leaned forward to give their cocks more clearance. They had to arch their backs even more to keep their balance. TJ frowned in uncertainty as he felt Matt’s thick copious slobber falling onto his cockhead. At least they were buddies and not strangers…

“Stay. Just. Like. That…” Click click click click. “Good. Now gaze longingly into eachothers eyes like… Like lovers, yes.”

Matt stared at his own reflection deep in TJ’s eyes. Things were really hot, but maybe it was just the lights? A small whimper escaped his stuffed mouth. TJ moaned quietly back, a mild blush softening his stone-chiseled face.

“Look at me,” The Artist continued. “There… “ Click click. “Picture perfect… Now for the fun part!”

The Artist clapped his hands twice, and the swarm of riggers descended upon the stage like bees. More rope was produced, and TJ and Matt were hoisted up by their harnesses on pulleys. The riggers now tied their ankles, pulling TJ and Matt into tight hogties suspended five feet in the air. The supporting ropes were on swivels, causing the bound men to slowly turn in place independently of each other. Almost as quickly as they’d appeared, the riggers disappeared. The Artist resumed his photography, wordlessly catching every angle of each new bead of sweat, and every twitch and flex the hogtied models made.

The lights were beginning to feel hot, and Matt was really beginning to sweat. He hung his head, and watched a bead of sweat fall from his nose, joining the streams of drool and pre in the lake below him. He was unbelievably horny, and even his years of diligent army training was being put to a test now. He gave a frustrated huff through his gag, and looked over at TJ, who returned an encouraging look. By now, they’d both tuned out the incessant clicking of the two cameras.

It may have been minutes or hours later, when The Artist finally nodded and stepped away. Chris approached the suspended soldiers on the stage, carefully avoiding the puddles of spit, sweat, and pre pooled on the floor.

“Ah, great job you guys!” He said. “We’re very happy with the pictures so far, and we think we’ll be able to use all of them! So now, while those photos are processed, we have a couple hours before the show begins. I’ll have the crew come by to let you stretch, get you rehydrated, and ready for the next part. In the meantime, you guys can just hang out haha.” Chris turned and quickly tiptoed away.

Finally! Matt was ready to be untied. His shoulders were sore, and he could use a bathroom break…

It was suddenly clear that they’d been forgotten! Matt’s eyes widened. He looked at TJ, who rolled his eyes and shrugged. Matt watched his cock throb and dribble pre in a long slow circle on the floor. He and TJ were mostly being ignored now as they watched the crews race around setting up for the art show. Their bodies swung and turned slowly and out of sync. Matt could see TJ’s magnificent bound body still gleaming from the oil and drops of sweat sparkling like diamonds. His huge cock was still hard and a thin thread of pre trailed to the ground. Occasionally he would flex in his hogtie, trying to relieve some of the ache. The view would gradually change as Matt’s body turned, forcing his gaze away.

TJ would also take a good look at Matt whenever he was within view. He could see Matt’s cock leaking and throbbing, his shoulders flexing. These hogties were not uncomfortable, but they were getting a little stir-crazy and stiff. Poor Matt also seemed to be struggling with his gag, judging by the way he was working his jaw and groaning every now and then. The gags were really fucking big, TJ sympathized. Even his jaw was aching from the size of the ball, and he knew his mouth was bigger than Matt’s. They both drooled freely and copiously, like a couple of fountains. TJ bucked, making his body swing around so he and Matt could face each other.

“UURGHHHH!” Matt moaned wetly, his spit frothing at the edges of the ball gag.

“HUURK UGH!” TJ barked encouragingly, expectorating his saliva in an arc several inches with his powerful diaphragm. “AGHH RGGUUH!”

“YUH HUR!” Matt barked back, sputtering through the foam dripping down his chin. He nodded at his army pal.

TJ winked back, and the two buddies continued to grunt and moan with each other, watching the drool and their gleaming muscular bodies sway. The knots dug pleasurably under their nut sacks and massaged their taints with every move.

“Oh dear!” Chris suddenly hurried over. “I’m afraid we don’t have time now to untie you guys for a real stretch break. I’m so sorry.” Chris had the riggers lower Matt and TJ back to the ground on their knees.

“AHHHHHH…!” Matt sighed with relief as his gag was removed. He worked his jaw for a moment.

TJ spat out a big mouthful of spit. “Naw, it’s cool man.” He assured Chris. “We’re tough here.” He nudged Matt with his shoulder. Matt nodded.

“Good to hear,” Chris said. “We’ve got some Gatorades and granola bars for you.”

One of the riggers held up the Gatorade bottles to the models’ mouths. They gulped the refreshments down quickly, while Chris explained what would happen next.

“The doors open in half an hour, and guests will have 90 minutes to browse the galleries. You will be displayed as living art, surrounded by the enlarged photos taken earlier. Then while the guests are having dinner, you will be placed in a new position with different ropes, and will be part of the live auction demo while the winner’s prints are prepared. After dessert, there will be another hour or so of gallery time after which you’ll be untied, there will be refreshments, pizza, and of course your payment.”

Matt and TJ balked for a moment. How many more hours of these ropes and gags could they really stand? Matt nodded at TJ, who finally answered.

“Yeah, sounds good. We’re happy t-” TJ’s ball gag was quickly buckled back into place.

“Excellent. You guys are the best!” Chris gave instructions to the riggers, and then flounced away.

Gagged once again with their face-breaking ball gags, Matt and TJ were hoisted back up into their suspended hogties. This time, the riggers connected several new ropes to the supporting beams out of sight. Additional lotion was rubbed carefully over their bodies.

The Artist stopped by for an inspection, and tutted his approval before continuing to the next gallery. Matt and TJ shared an unknowing glance, before shrugging and settling into their positions.

Suddenly, Matt felt himself moving! He looked up at the ropes holding him, and far up in the steel beams he could see gears and pulleys for some sort of mechanism. From the looks of it, he and TJ would be slowly raised, lowered, and turned to show off their every angle. All at once, Matt could see how he and TJ’s movements would be mirrored, and with their similar builds, matching brands, identical ropework and positions would reinforce that image. TJ seemed to have a similar epiphany, and he looked over at Matt with raised eyebrows. A long string of drool hung from TJ’s chin. It hit the floor with an echoed splatter, and Matt realised he must have had an identical stream hanging off his own chin. His cock twitched at the visual.

The guests began to arrive and wander through the gallery. Men in tuxedos sipping champagne stopped to behold each work in turn, quietly murmuring to each other.

TJ kept his eyes front; focused on a far away imaginary point on the floor. He was only peripherally aware of the gathering crowd of art connoisseurs.

“Exquisite,” He heard one man whisper.

“How refreshing to see such innovation. Living art, indeed.” Another voice said.

“It’s titled ‘Ebony and Ivory,’ hardly a subtle statement… Though I approve of the use of such fine looking men…”

The voices grew lusty as the night progressed. While TJ focussed on his imaginary focal point, Matt was more aware of the increasingly lewd chatter. Like TJ, he was keeping his eyes beyond the audience, but he wasn’t tuning out the remarks quite as well. Not that he minded, he and TJ were surely a sight to behold, but these naughty words were getting Matt really horny and worked up.

“Ouch, those cocks look hard enough to cut glass. I hope they get a break to let off some steam.”

“Oh I don’t. Those big dicks look best all desperate and needy.”

“Look at them leak! I bet they taste amazing. I know I’d bid high for a night with these two!”

“I’d keep them far longer than just a night… Ha ha ha!”

TJ shuddered and let out a long exhale when there was a break in the crowd. He was really wishing they’d gotten that break earlier, just to stretch and move around for a minute! He twisted and flexed in his hogtie. This was getting boring. Surely dinner was soon, and they’d get a new position…

“Well, looking good boys! Been a while…”

Matt and TJ froze. It was their old unit commander!

“Looking very good,” He took a sip of his wine. “I just might have to win these prints. What do you think, honey?”

The commander’s partner, wrapped around his arm like the luxury accessory he no doubt was, smiled approvingly.

“It’s settled then,” the former commander nodded his head to the bound pair. “Good to see you two again. Won’t be the last.”

A chill flashed up Matt’s spine. He respected their old commander, but he wasn’t sure about this context. He could see the couple talking with The Artist and Chris, with frequent glances and gestures in their direction. A checkbook was procured. Handshakes exchanged. Wicked smiles all around. Matt panicked.

“MMMM!” He grunted at TJ.

TJ couldn’t see the exchange, but he wasn’t about to lose his cool. He nodded at Matt, and gave him one of their old hand signals. Focus. There’s a job to do.

Matt reluctantly settled back down. He was nervous, but his stiff muscles and the constant pressure on his taint quickly redirected his attention. Oh well, he thought. It’s just pictures anyway…

“Great job guys, this is going so great!” Chris whispered excitedly as he walked up. “Almost dinner. Oh my God, fabulous news! That rich old vet just commissioned an entire custom collection of you! So we’ll shoot all that tonight after the show, since we have everyone here. Ohhhhh, I’m so excited! Thank you guys!” Chris giddily hurried away, leaving TJ and Matt to their ruminations.

10 hours later…

“Well I hope you had fun,” Matt muttered through his teeth as he pulled on his underwear.

TJ chuckled.

“Hey man, it’s cool. We got some serious cash for that shit!”

“And some cold pizza.”

TJ rolled his eyes at his friend. “I know you enjoyed it. Your dick’s still hard, ain’t it?”

“Yes!” Matt wailed in exasperation. “Dick’s still hard, jaw is killing me, my shoulders are on fire, and I’m exhausted.”


Matt sighed with a weary smile.

“But I’d do it again. Definitely.”

“Good man,” TJ clapped his bud on the back. “I got us booked for another art show here next month. Now let’s go get us somethin’ to eat. I’m starving!”

The End


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